Almost there…

We’ve been checking out venues in Portslade this week and designing our first leaflet – and both are almost ready. As all the donations taken on the door will go to the winning project, we must raise funds separately to cover other costs such as venue hire, so we need to be thrifty. 

We had our sights set on the Portslade Village Centre. Our kids have attended youth clubs there over the years and we used it for charity fund raising a long time ago. Its a lovely venue, but they’re unable to host new events there at the moment so we have to look elsewhere.

Portslade Town Hall is big with lots of character, but it’s out of our price range. You also pay extra for the kitchen – and we want warm food don’t we? It’s a really nice place, though.

We also looked at the Mile Oak Community Centre which is smaller, but with lots of windows. Be great for a daytime event. Its more affordable and they don’t charge for the kitchen. It does have a lot of very small chairs though. 🙂

So far the favourite is South Portslade Community Centre. It’s the least expensive of all with no kitchen charge – a real plus – and it’s a really nice building. Our first corporate donation will probably cover the rental. It’s available most Fridays so all we need to do is decide on a date.

As for the leaflet, we like it. We’ll put a copy up in the next couple of days and you can lets us know if you do.

More soon.

The BrightonSoup Team

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