A busy week

Well last week was a busy one, but a good one too.

We confirmed the venue/date and let the ticket site go live. We sold our first tickets, a great relief as it won’t be just us eating soup and pitching ideas to each other in a big empty room. We had a glitch when someone tried to buy a ticket and it wouldn’t accept cards – only PayPal. We ticked the “Paypal” option to give people more choice, but it seems Eventbrite doesn’t work that way. Most annoying.

Well we’re new to this and we knew it wouldn’t all go perfectly – we’ve learnt something for next time. So we’ve added options to pay by bank transfer or cheque. And you can always call and we’ll sort something out.

We’ve managed to get some major soup help too: Tom, who runs the awesome Soup Dept is making us a huge pot of soup on the night – you know it will be delicious :). We’re also talking to a local chef who may be helping too, with something hot and spicy. We’ve also had confirmation of attendees bringing some of their own food to share so we just might end up with variety of food for all different tastes. Fantastic!

And if that wasn’t enough to qualify for a good week, we’ve also received our first project submissions – and they are exactly the kind of ideas we want. We’re tempted to tell you about them now, but it’s probably best we wait until nearer the time if not the night itself.

So a really good week and only 6 more to go.

The BrightonSoup Team

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