Timing is everything.

With under a month to go this seems like a good time to tell you how (we hope) the evening will go:

Doors open 6pm, or thereabouts, depending on just how good our preparation has been. We aim to kick off around 6:30 pm with a brief intro and then get straight into the pitchers and their projects. Each gets a few minutes to explain their project and we get to ask a few questions – 3/4 at most as we don’t want to slow things down. Once all the pitches are over, hopefully around 7:15 pm, it’s time for food!

A selection of very yummy soups, with vegetarian and gluten free options. We will also have contributions that people are bringing along – so far we have promises of lasagne, quiche, cheesy scones and bread. The voting will now be open so those with quick minds (or impulses) can place their vote. The rest of us can mull it over while we eat and chat about the projects. You can even talk to the pitchers as they’ll be milling around. There will also be info posted up about the projects, contributors and BrightonSoup.

Around 8:30 pm we’ll give you notice that the voting is about to close. Then our guest band will play a couple of tracks to keep you entertained whilst we close the vote and do the counting.

We hope to announce the winning project at 9pm. After that we we get back to more music and socialising until we have to close the soup party at 10pm. Then that it’s that sad time of clearing up, and yes, if you really, really want to stay behind and help, you can. 🙂

Team Soup

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