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10 things we learnt at our first Soup

With all the organising going on to get ready for our next soup, this seemed the perfect time to share a few things we learnt from our first one:

  • We need more than 30 minutes to set up.
    Yes, we really were that optimistic. Right up until the day before, when we panicked and gave ourselves 2 hours. Barely made it.
  • Check what other events are going on at the venue.
    Very important if there’s an upstairs. At first we weren’t sure if a dancing class was above us or if Stomp were performing for the hard of hearing. Either way it made things difficult.
  • Our small PA system isn’t good enough.
    Especially when competing with impromptu Stomp performances.
  • You can fit a large electric organ into a disabled toilet.
    Do with this what you will.
  • Using a cheap A4 Laminating machine can be strangely therapeutic.
    Seriously, if you have the time, try it for yourself!
  • Filming interviews indoors is almost impossible.
    With all the noise from excited Soupers it can be difficult to hear anything you record.
    It may be best to go somewhere quieter, like outdoors.
  • Filming interviews outdoors is almost impossible.
    Okay so with all the wind and potential traffic, outside may not actually be any better.
    We wonder what the professionals do!
  • We didn’t know folk music could be so rude and funny.
    We knew it could be beautiful, haunting and rousing. But not so very rude.
    Thanks to Georgia Lewis, we now know better!
  • People can be awesome.
    We all know people 
    can be, but it’s such a great feeling when you see so many people actually being it.
  • We possibly didn’t need as much soup as we had.
    Quite probably. Even though one chap had 8 bowls for himself. To be fair they 
    were delicious.
    Yes, most definitely, less soup next time.

It was a fun night and we aim to take this little bit of learning and make the next one even better. Hope you can join us.

Team Soup

Stop Soupers, what’s that sound?

Everybody look what’s going down.

Once again BrightonSoup has the absolute pleasure of announcing the musical performers for our upcoming Soup @ Hangleton. Delightfully talented acoustic duo Dare To Be Charlie will be blowing us away on the 18th September so be sure to book your tickets if you don’t want to miss out.

If you want to check out Daren and Charlie sooner then be sure to take a peek at

Hope to see you soon! 😀

Team Soup

Who’s ready for more soup?

Well, we’ve taken a nice long break in (mostly) glorious weather. And now we’re back and ready for some more soup. Who wants to join us?

We’ll be at St Richard’s Community Centre in Hangleton on Friday 19th Sept. We’re busy now getting the chefs, musicians and sponsors sorted (we’ve already got some great donations), but we’ll keep you informed as we go.

We’ve also started meeting the projects sent in so far and we don’t think you’ll be disappointed. The submission deadline isn’t until 31st August 2015 so there’s still time if you have a project in mind – just tell us what it is.

Lots to do yet.

In the meantime, and you know it’s coming, you can get your ticket here 🙂

Team Soup