Purple Winner Update

At our last soup event, we caught up with our first Soup winner, Ann Menhinick from Purple People Kitchen, who gave everyone a quick update on how their community garden project has been getting on since winning the money back in June.

“Many things have happened and we have met some wonderful people who are anxious to help us.” Ann happily announced to a packed hall in Hangleton.

Among those mentioned in her speech was Barry Hutton, Head of Construction Studies at Crawley College, who after hearing Ann’s presentation at the first BrightonSoup event in June volunteered some of his students to help construct storage sheds, compost bins, picnic tables and raised beds for disabled users. Anne plans on using the money her project won to stock up on the equipment needed to work and maintain the garden.

Since work has started on the community garden, volunteers have been flooding in from all over; pupils from St. Nicholas who want to help develop a pond on the plot, a tree surgeon who aims to help with some of the heavy work, and many more who recognise the good that the Purple People Plot can do for the local community.

Many of those using using the garden will be the families of those visiting the Food Bank on Fridays to get a hot meal and supplies. They’re averaging 86 meals a week at the moment, that’s a lot of people being helped. In good weather they’ll be able to sit out and enjoy the garden and look after it.

Since pitching at Soup back in June, it seems things been moving quite quickly! Ann says “The Soup event gave us a spur to get going and we greatly appreciate the support and encouragement we have received.”

As always, if you want to get involved, then get in touch – Call Ann on 07789 765 933

Keep up the great work, Ann.

Team Soup

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