The Proof is in the Soup

With less than 2 weeks before our next Soup, you may be wondering what delicious soups will be available. Seems like a good time to look back at what we were treated to last time!

We were delighted to welcome back Tom Chadd, owner/chef of The Soup Dept whose soup-mobile you may have seen around town. And also Ash & Shona Sharma from newly opened Cactus Cafe on Portland Road. They provided soups at our first event and were there again. Well, maybe not in person as they were busy this time, but most definitely in soup form.

Tom again provided two soups: Carrot & Coriander and Curried Chick Pea & Bean. If those sound as good to you as they tasted to us, keep in mind they have a takeaway option! You can often find Tom weekdays on Circus Street in central Brighton.

Ash and Shona graced us with another spicy soup, this time Pun Yam. It had a real kick to it and needless to say it wasn’t long before we ran out! They recently opened their Mexican Streetfood Cafe on Portland Road, so make sure to stop by when you have the chance.

We also had some newcomers: Lizzie Batten treated us to her gorgeous Clam Chowder and Paul Tansley gave us a fan favourite with his delicious Leek & Potato Soup. Neither of these two run a restaurant or own a soup van but they fed many a soup-goer with their fantastic dishes and we all thanked them for it!

So 5 delicious soups, all gluten free and apart from the Clam Chowder were all vegetarian/vegan. All topped with the free food that all the guests brought along, especially the homemade breads and and cakes.

Well if that gets your appetite going then join us as at our next soup in Brighton. We have returning chefs, a newcomer and a special treat from one of our sponsors. Don’t believe the hype? Come along and be proved wrong. This time the proof isn’t in the pudding, it’s in the soup. 🙂

Team Soup

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