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Chuffed to be back!

We’re absolutely chuffed to have been invited back to Community Base to host another BrightonSoup event! So we’ll be there on Friday 19th February 2016 with more passionate projects, super soups, masterful musicians and a roomful of lovely people having a great time! Too much? Sorry, we’re very excited, it’s almost Christmas :).

If you’re thinking of pitching, now is the time to submit. You don’t have to be a group or charity – and you don’t need a business plan. It can be just you and a great idea to do something you think will benefit the people in our lovely city. That could be enough to persuade a room full of people to pick your project to fund. So get on it, the deadline to submit for this event is midday on Friday 29th January 2016.

Tickets will be available next year, but for now we just wanted to give you a heads up before the festive break. So you can set an alarm on your phone. Or make a note in your diary. Or old school a piece of string round your finger. Whatever works.

Hope you can make it!

Team Soup



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