Under The Influence

It’s always a great moment for us when we tell you who will be playing at our next event. This time it’s an even bigger treat as they will be doing a bit more than playing on the night.

Firstly, we’re delighted to announce that Mike Willis, an American country singer will be playing for us @ Community Base on Feb 19th. Mike is originally from Atlanta, Georgia and spent time playing and recording in Nashville, Tennessee, before moving over here. He now makes his home on the south coast and gigs around Brighton. In fact, that’s how we met, when he was playing at The Brunswick. So he’ll now be playing his blend Country and R&B and influenced music for us and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed. You can check out his As I Am EP on Spotify.

We have more news though. Just before Christmas we were invited by Mickey Duke, DJ and founder of local digital radio station 1BrightonFM to do a music based community radio show. We’re big on music at BrightonSoup – it’s why we have bands play – and we really like idea of giving a voice to the people who support us: the local artists that play, the people that pitch, the chefs, contributors and volunteers. So a great idea, we just didn’t know who would host it.

As chance would have it, that’s when we met Mike and an idea grew. He hasn’t hosted a radio show before, but he has such an easy manner (and a great southern accent) that we thought he would do really well. So we struck up a partnership and we’re extra delighted to announce a new radio show on 1BrighonFM:

Under the Influence
with Mike Willis in partnership with BrightonSoup

It’s on every other Thursday afternoon from 1 to 3pm. You can listen online at 1BrightonFM or at TuneIn (or download the TuneIn app). You can also listen in on DAB. Every show Mike will be playing some of his fave music and talking to local artists. BrightonSoup will be there too giving an update on what we’re doing and bringing a guest from our events. We’re really excited to see how the show develops and the opportunity it presents for us. So tune in on Thu 4th Feb at 1pm and enjoy the show.

Now throw in LatestTV, the Sussex University Volunteers Fair and the project submission deadline closing and it’s been a busy few weeks for BrightonSoup. And today’s the day we find out which 4 projects will be pitching @ Community Base in a few weeks.

If you want find out who they are then join us on the 19th. We sold out last time so be sure to get yourself a ticket – especially if you want to hear Mike Willis playing. 🙂

Hope to see you next month!

Team Soup




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