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Elephant to deliver Bread & Wellbeing

Friday night was Soup night – our 4th – and a really great night it was too. We sold out again and the room was full of familiar faces and lots of new ones too. It was a family event with kids, balloons and Lego all coming together. It was great to see kids asking questions during the pitch Q&A and then voting. The feedback we received was lovely and we’re all very grateful for your support. We’ll share the best feedback at some point.

If you haven’t heard, the winner was Simon Cobb from Stoneham Bakehouse. He won £352.20 to purchase an Elephant Bike to make it easier for Simon and his team to deliver breadmaking and wellbeing across the city.

It wasn’t an easy choice for our guests, as we were treated to 4 pitches from some passionate people with compelling ideas. Amy wanted help for her Chomp Lunch Club to feed hungry kids during school holidays; Carol and Diane from HeartVenture wanted to raise awareness for young disabled LBGT adults at Pride; Kat wants to start a structured Lego group – BLAST – for socially isolated autistic adults. I think we all struggled with who to vote for! Once again we heard people saying they had voted for one and were volunteering for another. You can see details on all the projects here and you’ll be hearing more from them in future posts.

We were also pleased to hear from not one, but TWO previous BrightonSoup winners! Tamsin Williams started Wide Berth to enable mums to have time to be free and honest about motherhood and mental health whilst engaging craft activities. She pitched @ Hangleton back in Sept to raise funds for a ‘taster day’ to engage mums teaching crafts to other mums. She came back to tell us how it was going and that her Make and Meet Craft Afternoon is being held at the Honeycroft Centre in Hove on March 11th. Check it out yourself or pass it along.

We also heard from Ruth Mason who gave us an update on the RISE Up Singing Choir. She pitched @ Community Base back in November and explained how without the funding the choir would have ended in December. Instead, they’re still going strong and performing on International Women’s Day at the Duke Box Theatre in Hove on March 8th. Well worth a listen.

As we’re on singing, while the votes were being counted the fabulous Mike Willis entertained everyone with his guitar and smooth Southern charm. He played some great original songs and was also very funny, especially doing the raffle. If you missed it (or just want to hear him sing again) you can find his previous recordings on iTunes Store. As a treat he has released his latest album – Pendulum Groove: A Revelation of the Heart – on Soundcloud for you to listen to and download. We heartily recommend it. You can also hear Mike every other Thursday afternoon on 1BrightonFM playing music and chatting.

bsoup tuscan beanOf course what would BrightonSoup be without the all-important soup? Five delicious varieties were served up along with various breads and cakes that our guests kindly brought along.

Once again Tom Chadd gave us a couple of his tasty soups even though he couldn’t join us (he was playing keyboards down at the Dome with his band the Willing Gales). Lizzie Batten was here again treating us to a gorgeous meaty broth. We also had a couple of newcomers: Sam Redfern and Dina Paiva cooking for us. We’ll be posting up bio’s on them soon, but you can see what they cooked for us here.

Once again we were treated by the lovely Ahmed from Papa John’s Pizza to some large and tasty pizzas. He only came to enjoy the evening, but couldn’t resist joining in. 🙂

As always though, it’s not just about the money. There’s was such a great atmosphere of community spirit in the room at BrightonSoup and lots of people offered to help out the projects in lots of ways. Whether that be money, resources or time it is all very much needed and very much welcomed – so please do check back to see if you can get involved in any way.

We’ll put up photos soon.

Lots of Love

Team Soup

BrightonSoup @ Community Base 19th Feb 2016

Our 4th BrightonSoup event once again in the heart of Brighton.

Everyone that organised, volunteered, cooked, entertained, provided prizes, decorations, pitched, won and basically helped make it all happen is listed below:

Simon Cobb from Stoneham Bakehouse won the vote and £352.20 in ticket money and donations for his Elephant Bike to Deliver Bread and Wellbeing project.

Previous winners Tamsin Williams from Wide Berth and Ruth Mason from RISE Up Singing gave us an update on their projects.

The Venue

Community Base
113 Queens Road

Thanks to Alison and Olivia for once again inviting us to Community Base, in the heart of Brighton. It’s a great venue and it was a great night.

The Projects

Thank you to all the projects for taking part on the night, it’s a huge part of what makes a BrightonSoup event so memorable. And maybe the soup.

There were 4 people pitching projects on the night. And though only one could win the pot, they’re all great projects deserving of support. If you can help please get in touch with them directly or use our contact form.

1 – Chomp Lunch Club

Chomp supports families living in poverty by providing a free nutritional meal and engaging activities during the school holidays. For families that rely on free school meals during term time lunch simply disappears for the 13 weeks of the school holidays.

Across the UK, more than half of parents in poverty say they’ve cut back on food, and more than a quarter have skipped a meal in the past year. Chomp clubs are doing more than just feeding children in poverty; we’re creating a community for children and parents to increase confidence and social skills, providing a space for children to be active, creating a safe environment for children to try new foods and for parents to learn more about eating well on a budget and reducing costs. It’s also an opportunity for precious family time, to eat and chat together. We’re looking for funding to help cover costs and for help and support.

Pitching: Amy Goodwin

Amy Goodwin
07955 597 880

Facebook facebook/chompbrighton
Twitter @chompbrighton

2 – HeartVenture – Brighton Pride

Through our friendship and dating website and fortnightly events we have been working to eradicate & raise awareness of social isolation for adults with learning disabilities.

Now would now like to take it to the next level, we want adults with Learning disabilities to be proud of their sexuality and rightly take their place in the LGBT community if they so wish. At Heart venture we believe that Everyone has the right to be happy regardless of ability or sexuality. We’re looking for funding to take part in this year’s Pride.

Pitching: Carol Wakeford

Carol Wakeford & Diane Sharkey
01273 468 188

Facebook facebook/Heartventure
Twitter @HeartventureUK

3 – Elephant to Deliver Bread & Wellbeing (Winner)

As community bakers with no bakery we bake across the area, with flour, tins, and breads being transported to and from different venues. This often necessitates taking the bus or paying for parking so that we can provide baking for well-being sessions in parts of the neighbourhood. More affluent users are able to travel to venues, those who are more at risk are less inclined or able to travel. Getting to these groups gives them greater access.

A delivery bike would enable us to get to different venues; thus enable more people to benefit from the way breadmaking can support wellbeing. The particular bikes we want are ex-Post Office bikes, which have been reconditioned by Elephantbike. For each sale of a bike here, they will provide a bike to people in Malawi, where they enable Malawians to get to school, run businesses, even keep elephants safe from poachers. So help us help Elephants to deliver bread and wellbeing across Hove…and Malawi.

Pitching: Simon Cobb

Simon Cobb
07786 927 110

Twitter @stonehambake


BLAST is a new community group, entirely led by adults on the autism spectrum. The aims of the club are to reduce social isolation among adults with autism. We will have a regular meet up to build Lego together. This gives a great structure and a safe space in which to practice social skills.

All people over 18 who are on the autism spectrum are welcome (including if you are self-diagnosed). We need the funds to buy the Lego so that the club can start and a small part spent on getting a website ready.

Pitching: Kat Brown

Kat Brown

Twitter @mothersuncoverd


Soup & Food

These souper-stars provided 5 delicious soups (3 vegan and 4 gluten free) to all of our guests.

Tom Chadd @ The Soup Dept
Cauliflower & Cheddar Soup
Spicy Parsnip & Swede Soup

Lizzie Batten
Scotch Broth

Sam Redfern – Pop-Up Events & TRJFP Volunteer
Tuscan Bean Soup

Dina Paiva @ Dina’s Kitchen
Caldo Verde

A big thanks to Sarah at The Real Junk Food Project for food donations that ended up in our Soups, as well as the tasty bread.

To Simon from Stoneham Bakehouse who brought along some of his own bread to share. Another special mention to Papa John who once again sent us 5 very large tasty pizzas.

A big thanks as usual to all the people that brought food along to share.


The musical entertainment was provided by Mike Willis, a guitar playing US country singer/songwriter with a lot of southern charm.

Decorations, Donations & Raffle Prizes

These are local (and some national) businesses that supported us with donations and some amazing raffle prizes.


The Volunteers

Community Organisers, Jack, Hattie & Tracey for once again giving their time to help give our presenters some invaluable “pitch” training. We think it paid off.





Natalie from Dukes Photography for her photography and Gareth & Mark from The Real Media Company for filming the whole thing for us.

And finally a grateful thanks to all those lovely people that pitched in at the end to help us clear up: Lizzie, Hilary, Natalie, Gareth, Mark and anyone one else who we accidentally neglect to mention.



Peter, Karin, Charlie, Nikki, Louise, Angel, Lizzie, Will, Mark & Hilary.
And in the front row Mike Willis and his two children.

Thanks for making it a great night.

Check out the photos

Team Soup





Not so magnifico…

Did you catch us on 1BrightonFM today? If you did, we’re really sorry! Mike had us all sing along to the accapela part in Bohemian Rhapsody and we’re fairly sure Freddie wouldn’t have been impressed. 😳 A bit unfair as Mike’s the one with the great voice as you’ll hear tomorrow evening if you’re coming. 

Fortunately our star guest on the show was Tamsin Williams from Wide Berth and she wasn’t fazed at all. Tamsin pitched at our second event in Hangleton and won the vote and money for her craft taster event. It’s on the 11th March and you can get more info about it here. Tamsin will be coming along tomorrow night to give us all an update on how it’s been since pitching at BrightonSoup.  

Speaking of tomorrow night, our online ticket sales have now closed but we have 5 tickets left which will be on the door. Doors open at 6pm so if you want one, don’t be late! If you’ve already bought a ticket but can’t make it for any reason,   please do let us know so that we can reallocate your spot. It’s shaping up to be a good evening. 

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Love & Hugs

Team Soup xx

Round up

Round Up

Well first off, less than 2 weeks until our next soup and over half the tickets are gone. So if you’re planning on joining us best get a ticket (PayPal) soon as we had to turn people away last time. If you prefer to use a debit/credit card you can pay via EventBrite but the fees are higher.

We now have our 4 projects selected for the 19th and it was not an easy task – and it’s not going to be any easier on the night. They’ll be doing some pitch training this morning courtesy of Brighton Students Union Community Organisers (thanks again :)). That should make their projects even more compelling.

We have a couple of new chefs this time offering up their delights for you. Sam Redfern, from The Real Junk Food Project Brighton has wanted to help for a while, but the dates clashed. This time the stars are aligned and he will be bringing some tasty soup on the night. And Aldina Paiva – who you may already know from the Street Diner or her restaurant in York Place, Dina’s Kitchen.  Sadly she can’t be there as she will be busy cooking, but she will be sending some Portuguese deliciousness along for us all to try. And don’t worry though, your fave regulars, Tom Chadd – of The Soup Dept fame – and Lizzie Batten are cooking for us again too.

We had the first guest on our community radio show with Mike Willis last week. Susannah from Adventure Unlimited, who pitched at our 2nd event, dropped in to talk about how outdoor activities can help kids develop confidence and self-esteem – and how AU helps under-privileged children access that. She also spoke about what it’s like to pitch at BrightonSoup. Susannah was a great guest and we’re very glad she dropped in to chat (Thanks! :)).

And Mike then turned the tables on our own Nikki when, without warning, he got her to interview him! She was very calm and did a great job, but she did mention later that it was very scary. It was also very entertaining, well done Nikki and thanks for a great show, Mike.

We’ll let you all know when the show is posted up in case want to hear it for yourselves. In the meantime we have some other great guests coming up on the show.

So that’s a quick BrightonSoup round up, hope you’re having a good week and looking forward to seeing you on the 19th.

Team Soup