Round up

Round Up

Well first off, less than 2 weeks until our next soup and over half the tickets are gone. So if you’re planning on joining us best get a ticket (PayPal) soon as we had to turn people away last time. If you prefer to use a debit/credit card you can pay via EventBrite but the fees are higher.

We now have our 4 projects selected for the 19th and it was not an easy task – and it’s not going to be any easier on the night. They’ll be doing some pitch training this morning courtesy of Brighton Students Union Community Organisers (thanks again :)). That should make their projects even more compelling.

We have a couple of new chefs this time offering up their delights for you. Sam Redfern, from The Real Junk Food Project Brighton has wanted to help for a while, but the dates clashed. This time the stars are aligned and he will be bringing some tasty soup on the night. And Aldina Paiva – who you may already know from the Street Diner or her restaurant in York Place, Dina’s Kitchen.  Sadly she can’t be there as she will be busy cooking, but she will be sending some Portuguese deliciousness along for us all to try. And don’t worry though, your fave regulars, Tom Chadd – of The Soup Dept fame – and Lizzie Batten are cooking for us again too.

We had the first guest on our community radio show with Mike Willis last week. Susannah from Adventure Unlimited, who pitched at our 2nd event, dropped in to talk about how outdoor activities can help kids develop confidence and self-esteem – and how AU helps under-privileged children access that. She also spoke about what it’s like to pitch at BrightonSoup. Susannah was a great guest and we’re very glad she dropped in to chat (Thanks! :)).

And Mike then turned the tables on our own Nikki when, without warning, he got her to interview him! She was very calm and did a great job, but she did mention later that it was very scary. It was also very entertaining, well done Nikki and thanks for a great show, Mike.

We’ll let you all know when the show is posted up in case want to hear it for yourselves. In the meantime we have some other great guests coming up on the show.

So that’s a quick BrightonSoup round up, hope you’re having a good week and looking forward to seeing you on the 19th.

Team Soup

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