Chomp & Tica

We tell people that pitching at BrightonSoup is not just about winning the money, but making connections with people. And it’s true. We’ve had 15 people pitch at our 4 events so far. Of the 11 that didn’t win the vote, most of them have told us they had offers of help and support directly from the guests: volunteers, donations of material or money, free services or training.chomp flyer Or people wanting to use the services being pitched or just wanting to help spread the word around.

And it’s not just for the people pitching, it’s for us too. People come up to us and offer raffle prizes, or to give funding application advice, or to make soup, bake cakes, help wash up or help us clear up at the end of the evening. One guest described the atmosphere at BrightonSoup as a “net of kindness” :).

At our last event, Ken George, who owns Tica, the watch & clock shop on Boundary Road, invited us to his shop to pick a raffle prize for our next event. Ken’s wife bakes bread with Simon from Stoneham Bakehouse so was clearly supporting him. But Ken voted for Chomp because he really loved what they were doing, and as they didn’t win he said he was going to help them. Well we heard this week that he got in touch with Amy and offered to match the winning funds as a donation to Chomp – £352.80. What a souperstar!

The funding will help Chomp to continue doing what they do for hungry kids and their families during the school holidays. They still need practical help though, people to help serve drinks, play with the kids, chat with parents, serve food.

They are holding training for volunteers on Monday 14th March at 7pm at St Peter’s Church, West Blatchington. It’s a chance find out more about Chomp Lunch Club, how they run and how you can get involved. So please encourage anyone who wants to know more to go along or get in touch at

Help them keep up the great work!

Team Soup


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