There probably won’t be a Dr in the house!

Well the pitchers for our Crypt event have been selected and will soon be getting themselves psyched and ready to take you on! Well, more likely wondering what they’re going to say to get you interested in voting for them, but that doesn’t sound so enthusiastic. 🙂 Help will be at hand though as our favourite Community Organisers will again be giving our hopefuls some valuable presentation training.

So pitchers sorted, chef’s lined up, everything is falling into place. We just need to tell you about the entertainment. We said we were changing it up this time and we are, but we hope in a good way. This time we are delighted to announce that the multi award winning, local legend, Dr David Bramwell, creator and host of Brighton’s famous Catalyst Club (now in its 12th year), will be amusing us.

Performer, radio presenter, author, freelance writer, podcaster, lecturer, ex-teacher and musician:  is there nothing this man cannot do? Well, medical stuff, he’s not a real doctor. Apart from that it’s insane how much this one man does. You can find out more about the man and the legend here, but please be aware that he may have written some of the things there himself.

So if you want to see what projects we have this time, taste the delicious food and catch the entertainment, here’s the bit where gently remind you to get a ticket. Or nag you – depends on you’re mood today. We really hope you can make it.

DSCF8465And finally, if you were lucky enough to catch Georgia Lewis when she performed at our very first soup last year, then you know what a delightful voice she has. Well she’ll be guesting on this weeks radio spot and bringing her fiddle player Rowan along with her to perform a couple of tracks and chat. Tune in to 1BrightonFM on Thursday @ 1pm.

So not long now, have a fun week.

Team Soup

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