Ditzy & Tickets

Well this time next week the excitement will be over and we’ll all know how the pitchers did. Who did you vote for?

If you’ve already got a ticket we’ll be sending out some handy info to you later this week, good things to know before you come along. Especially if this is your first soup event or first time at this lovely venue.

We’re expecting a bumper crowd so if you haven’t got a ticket yet we do hope to have some on the door Friday. However we won’t know for sure until the online ticket office closes Thursday – so if you don’t want to risk missing out, please book your ticket Thursday latest.

Before we go though, we’d like to introduce you to Ditzy, the latest member of Team Soup. Technically she’s Angel’s, but she’s also our new unofficial mascot (and yeah, missed a trick not calling her Buffy). Ditzy is cute and and very small, but in the photo it’s a very big teacup. She’s already disrupted the pitch training session, but she’s still too little to come to a big noisy soup event.

We’re hoping she can come along to the next one. And that you can make it to this one.

Team Soup

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