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This Weeks Radio Show

Well that went quickly, its that time again already?

Today on 1BrightonFM, Mike Willis will be leaning towards piano driven tunes.. sounds good hey.

And lucky for us, we’ll be getting another fantasticly talented artist on the show to play some songs and have a little chatter.

On another note though, this Friday (tomorrow) we will be manning our BrightonSoup stall at TEDxBrighton, so pop by and say hello!

But for now, tune in to 1BrightonFM from 1pm to 3pm today, and enjoy the show!

Mike Willis, Under The Influence – In partnership with BrightonSoup

Interview with a Soup-er Family

Salutations once again Soupateers!

It’s been a few weeks now since we took it to the Bridge and what an event it was! Whilst there I had the pleasure of speaking to Saffron and her two boys, Liam (16) and Dylan (14), who we noticed have been attending Soup events since the very beginning. I sat down to ask them how they first got involved and what kept them coming back for seconds…

So I take it you’ve been to nearly every event; amazing, how did you first find Soup?

Saffron: So I’d seen a short TV piece on Detroit soup, which was probably about two or three years ago, and thought that would be something really enjoyable and really good to participate in. From that I think Facebook started to show me Soup related bits and this event popped up. I thought to myself “I wonder if that’s anything like the Detroit Soup” and after looking into it saw that it looked the same – that would be really good to go. The first one we went to was in Portslade; we actually live in Worthing, so obviously not that far and I just said to the boys lets give this thing a go, get some soup – they do like to eat you see.

So have you chaps been to every Soup as well?

Liam: I think we’ve each missed one or two you know when we’ve been away or, various reasons like that but every opportunity that its on and we’re free, we’ll come along.

What would you say you enjoyed most about it?

Liam: Well I think first of all its great to see the difference in the amount of people attending then to now; I mean the first event I went to had maybe 30-50 people there whereas now we’re seeing 100 plus so its nice to see how its growing. Really though we like hearing the pitches; its a really great environment as all the local projects come and pitch for their ideas and its nice to know that when you make your vote its going to make a real difference to that community. Of course we’re also quite passionate about food; we enjoy eating it, *haha* and Dylan enjoys cooking.

Saffron: I think as well you could all too easily pick up a leaflet and read something about events like these or you could watch something on Facebook or Twitter and think “oh yeah that’s good” but when you are listening with the pitchers in front of you and you know that whole room is actively listening to the same person at the same time it means a lot more. Especially when you know you have to make a choice; “Where’s my £5 going to go towards?”, “Who’s the one that I really want to support?”. Lots of times I think it’s a really tough decision when you wish you could give your money to all of them. It’s just a really nice environment to be in; I mean, I bring along my sister-in-law now and my mums come a few times; but even if you came alone you can talk so easily to the people at the tables with an immediate topic to talk about – “Who are you going to vote for?”, “Which did you like best?” even “How’s your soup?”.

Being a budding chef Dylan, do you think you’ll ever make a soup for Soup?
Bit of a loaded question I know!

Dylan: Well you know I hadn’t thought about it like that *haha*, but it would be a nice thing to do to help out and support for sure. Like everyone said I just love coming along and being here, hearing the great pitchers and being a part of the communities.

“We don’t have a lot of access to things like this either because of time or opportunity so everything about it just feels right”


So you told us how you first found Soup but brings you back time and time again?

Saffron: Some of it is the little rituals you create you know; for example we’ve all got our different ways of voting; its quite funny really, someone always prefers to vote just as the last persons finished talking, some like to keep it secret and others get upset when their vote never gets the win!

Liam: We always inevitably get to talking about who voted for who just to make sure we didn’t all vote for someone different so it cancels each other out.

Saffron: But I think we come because we don’t have a lot of access to things like this either because of time or opportunity so everything about it just feels right. I think the team make it too; they’re all so friendly and professional without being over professional you know.

Liam: Yeah, we’ve never gone to a BrightonSoup and thought “Oh that one wasn’t very good, shall we go next time or not?”, its sort of like every time you expect it to be good it is good and you get home and you see when the next one is and plan ahead; we’ve never considered not coming or skipping one.

Is there anything you’d say you take away from it all, still, having been so many times?

Saffron: You know, I think sometimes we forget how privileged our lives are and you can live what you think is a very normal life tucked away from what’s happening in the rest of the world, even what’s going on in your own back garden. So something like this to bring it home and show you how lucky you are but also what you can give back with these things people are doing, it could be a choice for you in your life and open up your eyes to it. We can all do more than we do.

Very true indeed. Now a very silly question to end, Saffron; if you could be any soup what soup would you be?

Saffron: Minestrone I think, variety, a good bit of everything. Yeah minestrone.

Great classic choice, brilliant stuff;
thank you Saffron, Liam and Dylan. 


Great to hear about our soup events from a different perspective. If you have an interesting take on our events or have a soup story you want to share then get in touch here. We’d love to hear you.

That’s all from me for now, but have a great week and don’t forget to stay hearty Brighton!

(Leek & Potato)

Team Soup