Under the Radar

Calling all bands, musicians and singer-songwriters!

As some of you know, BrightonSoup have a fortnightly radio show ‘Under the Influence‘ in partnership with the fantastic Mike Willis.

For Mike’s next show (on the 8th December) he’s going to be featuring some of the many many many talented creators of music that are just under the radar. Hurrah! So to take part please do the following;

  • Send Mike a private message via facebook with a link to download 1-2 songs
  • In that message tell Mike any interesting stories about the band or the song
  • Let him know if you’d be available to call in to the show

This special show is called Under the Radar and will be live from 1-3pm on 1BrightonFM on Thursday December 8th.

If you’re not a musician or band but know someone who might be interested, please share this post!

*Disclaimer – there is very little chance Mike will get to play everything that’s sent to him. If you don’t get chosen, it doesn’t mean he think’s you suck! It just means he has limited time to fill and he also may start to identify a theme. Oohhh… Regardless, Mike promises to listen to every thing that he is sent.

Thanks for listening!

Team Soup

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