One Hell of a Souper Time

One of our newbie turned regulars Jessie, gives us a little taster of why she loves Soup.

“I have attended two BrightonSoup events now, both of which have offered completely different pitches, different vibes and of course… different soups. If I could use one word to sum up my BrightonSoup experience so far it would be ‘Inspirational’.


I was a little apprehensive before I went to my first Soup; I did not know what to expect. The concept sounded super interesting, however part of me felt slightly daunted about attending something completely unknown. How wrong could I have been? From the moment I stepped foot through the door I was immediately consumed by the hub of noise and energy that filled the room. A room full of strangers, sat shoulder to shoulder supporting their community, eagerly awaiting the first pitch to begin. There was also live music and food provided – what more could you want??

“By the end of the first event, there was no doubt in my mind that I would be going to the next one.”


My second BrightonSoup was even more amazing (although I am a little disappointed that I didn’t buy the first ticket to get the free box of chocolates). The pitches tugged on my heart strings, and I may have even shed a tear. You will be surprised at how much you can relate to people’s stories and how being in that room can leave you feeling completely and utterly overwhelmed.

The hard work, commitment and sheer passion which goes into creating and running the evenings is absolutely incredible.”


2 thoughts on “One Hell of a Souper Time

  1. Michael White

    That’s a lovely account Jessie. I don’t find myself in Brighton very often but I’d like to attend one of these events. Are they open to more casual visitors or do we have to be regular attendees of Brighton Soup?

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    1. Jess roberts

      Hi Michael, well the answer is, that Brighton Soup is open to absolutely anybody. You certainly not have to be a regular attendee or even a local. If you want to get involved then you will be welcomed with open arms (and lots of soup). The evenings are wonderful. A variety of different people coming together to share ideas and sit together for an incredible cause. And it’s your opportunity to feel like a Dragon when voting for your favourite pitch! I houpe this answers your question and I sincerely hope you come along to a Brighton Soup in the future! Jess.

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