Soup & Students

Last year one of our guests, Sarah Gibbons, asked us about doing a special BrightonSoup event at the Student’s Union at Sussex University. It was something we’d been thinking of and so jumped at the opportunity. We asked Sarah if she would talk about why this was important to her:

“My first Brighton Soup event was in February of 2016 at Community Base. A colleague of mine from Sussex University Student’s Union had told me about this wonderful community event and invited me to come along with her. I had a great evening and loved being part of an event that was bringing people together and making great things happen. The soup was delicious too!

Brighton Soup is a brilliant example of the power of communities and I always leave the events with a warm glow and a love of Brighton and all the people in it.

As Society and Citizenship Officer at the Students’ Union at Sussex University I am elected in order to represent students in matters relating to active citizenship, community engagement as well as ethical and environmental action. Approximately 15% of the community in Brighton are full-time students and we have a voice and a part to play in our community. The Students’ Union believes that the relationship between students and the community should be one of mutual respect, cooperation and learning, and students should be empowered to lead on activities to work with community partners to bring about positive change.

The idea of hosting a Brighton Soup on campus, with students pitching their ideas seemed a perfect way of bringing students and the local community together, especially as these two groups can often seem quite disjointed. As a students’ union our role is to facilitate opportunities and activities for students to represent themselves and participate in their community. By hosting this event we hope to be able to support students in their ideas and help them make Brighton and Hove a great place to live.

We’re hoping that this event will give students the platform to pitch their ideas as well as giving them the support from the SU to make their ideas happen. We believe students should feel themselves to be and to be seen by others as part of the community. We hope that it will provide an opportunity for students and residents to come together, learn from each other and build new relationships.

Thank you to Brighton Soup for these wonderful events and I can’t wait to see what comes from this special edition!”

Sarah Gibbons
Society and Citizenship Officer

You can find out details of the special event here.

And you can get more info on students in our city here:
Brighton and Hove Connected (2016). Brighton & Hove City Snapshot


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