Souper times – what a year ! Reflections of a Business Connector

This last year we’ve had the pleasure of working with Mike Wardill, our local Business Connector with Business in the Community. Mike’s been a great soup supporter helping us and introducing us to some lovely  people in our city. His secondment is over so we invited him to tell us about his year:

“My year is nearly up as a Business Connector with BITC and so very different from my role in my seconding organisation Lloyds Banking Group.  

I have met some truly great people over the past year and a common theme amongst those people is a passion for the community and getting things done ! Will and Karin are two such people who I met early on in my year after I saw posters around Kemp Town for BrightonSoup at St Georges.

Caz O’Kane introduced me (a long time supporter with kids in tow at all of the Soups !) and was taken with the great concept to come out of Detroit USA. How simple it is and makes such a difference…

In this role I have met lots of people from both the business and the community world and during the course of my secondment when an opportunity came up; I connected these organisations, business to business, business to community and community to community. ‘How can I help ?’ I asked Will and KarIn.

‘We would love to have a Soup over in Moulsecoomb, a part of the City we haven’t been to yet’ they said. And so we took it to The Bridge…

The lovely Sam Courtney at The Bridge Community Centre kindly agreed to host Soup 7 and last September a great night was had by all – both soup and pitches. How you chose the winner from all the great stories but the winner was – The Hummingbird Project helping local people to adopt migrant children from Calais.

Soup 8 at Community Base in Brighton was another great evening and brilliant to spend some time with Caroline Lucas, another Soup fan. Great soup, great pitches, great music from Birte Paulsen & Paul Diello, and the winners were Rohan and Chloe from SPEAKOUT with their pop quiz on the issues people with learning disabilities face.


It was fun to sit on the pitch selection committee for Soup 9 recently – what a difficult job that was. Lots of discussion – only wish we could get them all on ! Am sure it will be another great evening!

Been great to spread the word around the BITC Connector teams across the country which has inspired and got some other Soups started. The Soup is spilt and  word spreads…

So now I am hooked on Soup ! The journey is not over…

Look forward to many more Soups.”

Mike Wardill

Thanks, Mike, we’ll miss you!


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