Postponed, Reunited and Very Lovely People

Well first off we have to postpone our BHASVIC event on Friday 21st July :(. Who knew holding an event just as the summer holidays began would be difficult?! We usually avoid August, but thought July would be fine. ​But what do we know? So, apologies to all that were able and planning to attend. We will be arranging our next event for September and will let you know the date as soon as we can.

So after that downer we were instantly perked up by an email from one of our regular souper families. They were sad they couldn’t attend this event, so wanted to donate the money they would have spent on tickets. They didn’t know we were postponing. How lovely is that! Now hopefully they can make it to the next one. There are some very lovely awesome people out there.

BrightonSoup has brought lots of these awesome people together who help do lots of ​great things. This time though soup was able to re-unite someone with their lost camera. We were contacted by Dave from Community Works who said a camera on a bus had been dropped it in to them. Turns out the camera ​was filled with happy soup memories from our last event​! So we contacted everyone we knew who attended and within hours the camera and owner had been reunited. ​Obviously she was ​souper happy and declared  “Doesn’t it all go to show Community Works!”. It really ​does​.

​So for those of you thinking of coming along this month, again sorry, but we hope you enjoy the summer and can make it to the next one.

Team Soup

1 thought on “Postponed, Reunited and Very Lovely People

  1. Jenny


    I was just about to put your date on my Facebook page.

    When you know the next date, please let me know.

    Jenny Chair Disability Pride Brighton

    Sent from my iPad




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