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Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018!

Happy New Year Soupers!

A bit of radio silence from us since our last soup, which seems ages – well it was last year :). A little down time, but we’re fully refreshed (sort of) and raring to go (almost). Much like everyone else we imagine. Hello 2018!

But before we leave 2017 behind we want to thank all of you for supporting us during the year: The souper chefs that deliciously tingled our taste buds * The glorious people and companies that donated prizes to the absolute delight of our guests, and helped cover our costs in the process * The superbly talented musicians that pleasured our ears (too much?)  and got our feet tapping * The little army of volunteers helping us prepare for the events, then turn up on the day to help make it all happen, and those staying late to help make it all unhappen – in time for bed * All of you wonderful adventurous people that come out to join us, even on the coldest, gloomy nights, buying the tickets that fund the projects and supporting  your community * Those that brought food to share, bought or baked * And of course the brave and passionate people that stand up in front of you all and pitch for their projects – the very heart of what we do. Thank you all sooooooo much!

Speaking of projects, if you were at our warm and festive Christmas soup @ Community Base on the 8th December, you would have seen Caitlin win the vote for the Survivors Network, who needed funds to make their much used counselling rooms welcoming and suitable for helping the many adults and children that have to use them at very difficult times. They were awarded £384 from your tickets and a generous £500 donation from Dave Steell at One Church Brighton.

One of the joys of our events is how people in the room come together to help the projects, and this event was no exception. A gentleman from ZeroDayLab Ltd spoke to Caitlin and donated another £500! It’s great result such a fantastic project and we know the money will be put to good use, but we would like to mention the other three equally compelling projects that pitched on that night.

We know that several other guests offered the other pitchers support that night, but we know they are still short of their targets. So we’d like to list mention them here in case some of you – or someone you know – can help them.

St Luke’s Advice Centre – Katie Love

St Luke’s free service provides help and support to people on debt and welfare benefits issues. Their volunteer advisers go out and meet clients to help them, but this involves lone working and one volunteer is registered blind. So they desperately need a smartphone because it’s accessibility features, email and maps will enable them to see more clients in accessible locations, have more regular contact and in a safer manner. They already see over 300 clients per year and expect that number to grow.

If you can help please contact them on 01227 557 772 or email

The Washing Up – Kate McCoy & Nou Ra

The Washing Up is a performance about an everyday activity that everyone can relate too. It is being created by artists and participants in addiction recovery and will include songs, storytelling,  and finding  out who does  most of The Washing Up in Brighton! We want to create something funny and thought provoking and we have been programmed to perform at Your Place, part of Brighton Festival in 2018. Creativity is such an important part of addiction recovery and we want to give opportunities for people to participate, learn and grow. We are looking for support so we can reduce the barriers to participation by providing refreshments, helping with travel costs and finding accessible venues to rehearse in.

If you can help please call Kate McCoy on 07786 068 462 or email

Kennedy Street CIC – Clare Kennedy

Kennedy Street help to build resilience, wellbeing and employability skills of people in Recovery. Their Community Connections program helps by developing social enterprise opportunities that offer supportive, nurturing, employment & self employment opportunities.They’re looking for funds to help them continue the great work they’re doing.

If you can help please call 07775 737 314 or email

Three great projects still looking for help and support. Pass it on!

As for us, we’ll be announcing our first 2018 event shortly, but in the meantime you can see full details on our Xmas event and check out our facebook album – tag yourself :).

Hope you’re having a cracking start to 2018.

Love & New Year Hugs.

Team Soup