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BrightonSoup @ All Saints – Friday 28th June 2019

For our 18th BrightonSoup event, we’re back at All Saints Community Hall.

We list here everyone that organised, volunteered, cooked, entertained, provided prizes, decorations, pitched, won and basically helped make it all happen:

All Saints Church
Community Hall
The Drive

Thanks to Sarah for her help.

The Projects & Pitchers

A huge thanks to all the pitchers taking part on the night, we couldn’t do it without you!

Chris De Banks pitched and won £505.52 in donations for his We Are Not Saints project, helping to we give musicians in recovery a new lease of life.

Chris and his big cheque.

We also heard from previoius winner, Jess Bailey, who won £441.80 at St George’s in Hangleton in July last year. She gave us an update on her Social & Therapeutic Horticulture Project that helpsyounger people at risk of isolation or experiencing mental health issues to connect using structured social activities in an allotment/nature-rich setting.

Jess , giving us a project update.

As always, the other projects are still looking for help and support. If you can help, then please get in touch with them directly (details below) or use our contact form.

1 – Blossom & Grace Flower Therapy

From personal experience, I have experienced what neuroscience teaches us, about the therapeutic benefit of being in nature, and working with flowers. I would like to run a project this summer, facilitating other women needing headspace to grow flowers from seed, nurture them, and then teach them to make simple floral arrangements.

We have been offered space at Rock Farm in Steyning to grow, and a stall at Florence Road Farmers’ Market in Brighton to sell what we make. We will run free sessions at the farm once a week from July – October during 2019.  

This project gives women an easily accessible way of engaging in gentle therapy, by growing flowers, being with peers, learning and practicing mindfulness, and having a supportive space to ‘just be.’  By partnering with Rock Farm, we are able to link with their existing growing projects, and provide support to eachother’s areas of the farm.

Blossom & Grace Flower Therapy is a project by Release Counselling & Therapy for Women

Pitching & Contact:

Ellen Baldwin
07954 216 995


2We Are Not Saints Presents… (Winner)

We Are Not Saints is the first ever record label and events company in the world working exclusively with musicians in recovery from alcoholism and addiction. Based in the city of Brighton & Hove we work across the cities 6000 strong recovery community finding the finest musical talent on offer.

Musicians in recovery face significant barriers in the simplest of steps that everyday musicians find normal practice such as playing live and securing rehearsal and recording space. By hosting live events in sober spaces and offering opportunities to record and release their music we give musicians in recovery a new lease of life.

By releasing music from our artists and holding all inclusive live nights we are helping to break down barriers, fight marginalisation of musicians in recovery and helping to dispel the myth that a life of sobriety is a life free from fun!

We Are Not Saints Presents… is a project by We Are Not Saints

Pitching & Contact:

Chris De Banks


3Pride Parade 2019

We will have a float take part in the Brighton 2019 pride parade which has been produced over the season of activities. Our project is a season of activities designed to combat social isolation, encourage engagement and address discrimination. Over the period the project is running we would hope to work with around 15 – 30 clients a week.

Client Groups

  • Young People at risk of homelessness
  • Mental Health
  • Recovery
  • LD

What will we be using the funding for

  • Art supplies for the workshops
  • Sewing machines and fabrics for the costume workshops
  • Supporting volunteers who will be providing services and workshops FOC
  • Equipment and supplies for the day

Pride Parade 2019 is a project by Brighton and Hove Foyer

Pitching & Contact:

Alison Bennett
01273 242700


4Fresh Youth Perspectives

We are a parental forum helping families where there are youth wellbeing and health challenges. We aim to help young people stay in education with mentoring support.

We advocate and support parents navigating services. We campaign for aspirational youth outcomes locally here in Brighton and Hove and surrounding area.

Parental membership is open and free.

You’re welcome to click on our website for more information!

Pitching: Caroline (in red)



Music – The Brighton Soup Band

A big thanks to Phil Nye, Chris Hookway, Alan Andrews & inspirational roadie/supporter, Theseus Gerard, for putting a band together for us this evening. Talented regulars from the Neptunes Open Mic Night, we were unofficially calling them Musiciand to the Rescue, but on the night decided to go with The Brighton Soup Band.

Chris on bass, Alan on Drums and Phil on guitar and vocals.

They played some great covers from Elton John, David Gray and a personal favourite – a laid back, almost country version of Led Zeppelins’ Rock & Roll. Loved it.

Phil and Chris recently formed the band Burning Skies and you can see them play some tracks from their debut gig here.

Soup and Food

These souper stars provided a delicious menu of 5 tasty soups to all of our guests – vegetarian, vegan, gluten free – something for everyone.

A big thanks to Jim Gray for once again baking some of his delicious freshly made bread, even though he couldn’t attend!

And to everyone else that brought food to share.

Decorations, Donations & Raffle Prizes

These are the local people and businesses (and some national) that supported us with some amazing raffle prizes. These contributions often cover the cost of hosting the event so that all the ticket income and donations can go to the winner.

We raised £284 so a HUGE thank you!

Maria @ About Balance
Susan @ ARTBOX
Victoria @ Brighton & Hove Buses
Cindy @ Brighton Toy & Model Museum
Sara @ Fitbods
John & Scott @ GBK
Hugo @ Headmasters Brighton
Julian @ Intenso Cafe
Emily @ Komedia / Duke of York’s
David @ Pavillion Garden Cafe
Faye @ Phase Photography
Izzy & Nicholas @ Polpo
Tracy @ Tesco Hove
Michele @ The Grand Brighton


  • Olivia Canham for helping host the selection meeting, and Tom Chadd, Shelley Brown, Jon Keene and Alex Keene for arguing over who pitched at this event.
  • Lizzie Batten for more lovely soup and spending the evening serving people.
  • To Stefania Rosso for arranging Italian student volunteers Alissa Bonavia and Arianna Selleri to help us set up and then spend the evening helping serve food and helping clean up; Also, Lorenzo, Giuseppe and Andrea who stayed late to help us clear up, along with Stefania and Richard.
  • Alex Keene for the super photography.
  • And a massive big thank you to everyone who helped clear up on the night, especially putting all the chairs away. That was amazing!

What a fantastic bunch of people you all are!

Please forgive us if we missed anyone out, we usually do. So please let us know so we can update the page.

Check out the event photos here.

Until next time!

Team Soup

We are very grateful have received funding from these souper people:

Musicians to the Rescue!

Hi Soupers,

With just a few weeks to go and no band booked to play at our Summer Soup event, enter stage right some Brighton musicians to the rescue. Three talented regulars from the Neptune’s Open Mic Nights have banded together to save the day and give us a special performance. Fellow band members Phil (singer/guitar) and Chris (Bass) are joined by mate Alan (Drums) in a band put together especially for soup. How cool is that!

Phil and Chris recently formed the band Burning Skies and you can see them play some tracks from their debut gig here. For our entertainment they will be playing a couple of band tracks along with some covers. These guys, along with drummer Alan, have been part of the Brighton music scene for a long time so we’re expecting a real treat.

Phil and Chris playing their recent debut debut gig at The Neptune.

Well now the entertainment is sorted, what about the rest?

The chefs are no doubt carefully planning what deliciousness they will bring on the night, though some may just knock out a masterpiece with what they have available the night before. Our raffle wrangler is out and about collecting some very special prizes, even for us. And the projects to pitch were all selected over the weekend. I think we’re good to go!

So who’s coming?

Team Soup