BrightonSoup @ All Saints – Friday 27th Sept 2019

For our 19th BrightonSoup event we’re at All Saints Community Hall.

We list here everyone that organised, volunteered, cooked, entertained, provided prizes, decorations, pitched, won and basically helped make it all happen:

All Saints Church
Community Hall
The Drive

Thanks to Sarah for her help.

The Projects & Pitchers

A huge thanks to all the pitchers taking part on the night, we couldn’t do it without you!

A huge thanks to all the pitchers taking part on the night, we couldn’t do it without you! Rosie Linford pitched and won £323 in donations for the Saunders Park Edible Community Garden project, which is exactly what it says – and helps people come together to improve mental health and tackle loniliness and isolation.

We also heard from Jo Bates, who supported Evie Marin and Caitlin Smith whern they pitched for their Park Life Campaign in July 2018. Though they didn’t win the vote, they still came away with £441.80 in funding.

As always, the other projects are still looking for help and support. If you can help, then please get in touch with them directly (details below) or use our contact form.

1 – perfect too – move on with new skills

perfect too – moving on with new skills, has the vision of ending financial dependency for vulnerable women by nurturing their talents. The mission is to enhance chances of employment for women in Brighton by building up their confidence through learning and developing new skills, to enable them to move on, to lead an interdependent live.

Training topics are: Housekeeping and cleaning, Front of house and waiting at the table, Communication, Health and Safety. Knowledge is power, therefore learning and improving new skills empowers and creates new opportunities.

Sabine Dornbusch

Contact Info:

2Life Skills for Young People

YAC Brighton logo, white on red showing cartoon people talking by a signpost

YAC has been likened to the “Citizens Advice Bureau” for young people. YAC workers offer advice, support, guidance and expertise in a wide range of areas such as housing, sexual health, emotional & wellbeing, and debt and benefits advice. Our clients are aged 13-25 and many come to us in need of advice on managing life skills to help empower them to be prepared and manage the pressures of independent living.

Our workshop looks at the basic life skills needed to live and thrive independently and aims to address some of the questions we get such as:

“What is Council Tax” “What is a P45” ”How do I apply for universal credit” “ How do I budget so that I can afford to live on my own without getting into debt” “ How can I cook with the food I get from the foodbank” “How can I represent myself well at a job interview”

Josie Jeffery & Laura Clarke

Contact Info:
07793 438 197

Life Skills for Young People is a project by YAC Brighton

3 Saunders Park Edible Community Garden

B&H Food Partnetship logo, showing the words spelled out in grey with the word food in big letter with the letter o's replaced with cartoon round vegetables - a red tomato and a green apple.

Saunders Park on the Lewes Road is home to an Edible Community Garde, a green haven and beautiful shared space in an otherwise built up area. Creating the garden has transformed a previously neglected corner of the park from an unloved and anti-social hotspot into, a peaceful and fruitful space that locals now seek out to enjoy, rather than avoid.

The Food Partnership runs gardening sessions fortnightly to take care of the space. Many helpers at these sessions have experiences of mental health issues, loneliness and isolation, homelessness, recovery from addictions or health issues. All have found that helping to take care of the garden has had a therapeutic effect on their wellbeing.

The garden aims to be as sustainable as possible, using permaculture methods to improve soil quality, saving seeds and harvesting rainwater to fill the pond. Seedlings and seeds are brought from local seed swaps and local allotment holders also donate surplus to the project.

Rosie Linford

Contact Info:
Rosie Linford
07515 288 704


twitter: @btnhovefood
Instagram: @btnhovefood

Saunders Park Edible Community Garden is a project by the Brighton & Hove Food Partnership

4 – Fire & Feast

Fernee forest club written on a green background, with a cartoon green leaf and a brownish flying bird

Fire & Feast is a monthly family event run by Fernee Forest Club at Bevendean Community Garden and Woods; to encourage local people explore and enjoy nature on a Friday evening and share food around the fire. Children and their families take part in creative and adventurous play in the woods and share seasonal produce from the Community Garden. Everyone is welcome and we operate a ‘pay what you can afford’ policy to ensure the sessions are fully inclusive.

At Fire and Feast, we experiment with recipes; making things like blackberry jam and baked apples, bread dampers and soups over the fire. Children of different ages explore the woods together; they climb trees, learn how to make rope swings and build dens; they develop fire lighting skills, experiment with whittling and try other woodland crafts. They learn about native wildlife and different habitats.

Through positive experiences in nature; we highlight the value of the local green spaces in Bevendean and Moulsecoomb and show children how to care for them. Together we grow food and plant trees and flowers and improve the biodiversity over time. We support families experiencing different challenges; including financial hardship and food poverty. We welcome children with disabilities and/or specific learning needs. Importantly, people can take the sessions at their own pace.

These sessions actively support community wellbeing through encouraging people to relax in nature and to notice the changing seasons and light. We go for walks, forage, observe wildlife; pond dip and watch the stars and the bats come out. We gather around the fire, cook, chat, eat and listen to stories by local storytellers. People often tell us they feel great afterwards; that their families sleep well and that they are encouraged to play in the woods and enjoy the Community Garden at other times. Fire and Feast brings different families and generations together and establishes a sense of community, through shared fire, adventures and feasting.

Sara Fernee

Contact Info:
07748 140 486

Fire & Feast is a project by the Fernee Forest Club


Music – Seadog

A big thanks to Mark Benton, Tom Chadd and Lisa Osborne for playing for us on the night –  it was brilliant. We had so many great comments about their performance, the music and their “lovely voices”. They are welcome back any time.

Mark on guitar, Tom on keyboards and Lisa #…

With the rest of the band they are known as Seadog,and their debut album, Cabin Fever Blues, is out now and you can hear it on Spotify.

A special thanks to Tom for playing AND making soup!

Soup and Food

These souper stars provided a delicious menu of 5 tasty soups to all of our guests – vegetarian, vegan, gluten free – something for everyone.

A big thanks to Joe Gray for also baking some delicious freshly made bread!

And to everyone else that brought food to share.

Decorations, Donations & Raffle Prizes

These are the local people and businesses (and some national) that supported us with some amazing raffle prizes. These contributions often cover the cost of hosting the event so that all the ticket income and donations can go to the winner.

We raised £284 so a HUGE thank you!

Ellie for Berties Barbers
Victoria @ Brighton & Hove Buses
Cindy @ Brighton Toy & Model Museum
Anne @ Brighton Palace Pier
Lia @ Gunns Florist
Hugo @ Headmasters Brighton
Julian @ Intenso Cafe
Richard @ The Ivy in the Lanes
Emily @ Komedia / Duke of York’s
Izzy & Nicholas @ Polpo
David @ Pavillion Garden Cafe
Faye @ Phase Photography
Nicki @ Royal Pavillion
Jenny @ That Little Tea Shop in The Lanes
& Lynne for the bottle of wine


A big thanks to: 

  • Caz O’Kane, Sam Redfern, Natalie Edwards and Michael Keene for whittling down the submissions for pitching at this event.
  • Lizzie Batten, Sam Redfern and Claire Finn for spending the evening serving people.
  • Liz Soper and Amanda Waterfield for taking photos for us. Amanda especially for coming down from Suffolk to do it. Well okay, you were coming down any :).
  • Jon, Alex, Michael, Natalie and Grace for staying to help us clear up. And everyone elso who did, especially putting all the chairs away – that was so quick! What a souper bunch of people you all are!

Please forgive us if we missed anyone out, we usually do. So please let us know so we can update the page.

Check out the event photos here.

Team Soup

A very big, souper thank you to our funders.

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