BrightonSoup ONLINE – Friday 15 October 2021


On Friday, for our latest BrightonSoup event we went online for the third time.

Since BrightonSoup first started in 2015 we have raised over £24,000 for local community projects, all thanks to you, the audience. So despite some uncertainty when first planning this, our 23rd BrightonSoup, we decided to go ahead with another Zoom event to ensure we could carry on raising money.

The decision paid off with everyone who replied to a quick quiz on Friday night answering that BrightonSoup is “the best feel-good event around – supporting community projects to do their thing in the community”

We had a wonderful mix of projects and a fabulous audience of regulars and newbies. 60% had been to a BrightonSoup before (a quarter were super loyal Soupers who have been to more than 6 before!). But just as brilliantly that meant 40% were brand new!

We know Zoom doesn’t fully recreate the warm and fuzzy interaction of a real-life event, but we do hope to be back in real life with real soup in 2022.

In the meantime read on for how our latest evening went…

The Main Event

We kicked off with a mini quiz whilst everyone was logging in.

Can you guess what soup everyone would be if they were a soup – or what the first recorded soup is, or how much Andy Warhol was paid for his Campbell’s Soup prints? Answers at the bottom.

Then we where all were present and correct we heard from Sue Hunter at The HIV Hour who won the funding at our last event in June. Then onto the pitches for the night:

  • Christian Holder and Jenny Moore from The Hove Public Living Room
  • Katy Wells of Small Acts of Friendship
  • Vannessa Crawford of The Crown Project
  • Rachel Clatworthy of CravenVale Honey Collective

All the projects did a wonderful 4 minute presentation and the audience all joined in quizzing the projects on their pitches before hitting the online voting.

A TikTok soup video followed and then some live music from The Mollies

Most importantly we raised £408.60 from ticket sales and prize fund donations and 100% of Zoom Soupers gave the evening A* or B+.

Rachel from The CravenVale Honey Collective delivered the winning pitch and received £408.60. The funds will enable the project to buy beekeeping suits for local children, engage more local people and develop their hives in north Kemptown further. They will also buy some honey extracting equipment. See below for more details of the project, and details of all the projects who took part in the event.

So a massive thank you to everyone who bought tickets, pitched and helped in numerous ways.

Scroll down for details of all the pitches, and watch the videos if you missed them. You can also donate to BrightonSoup or any of the projects using the Donate button below.

Donate Button

To keep in touch and hear about the next events you can join our mailing list.

Previous Winner

To set the scene and show how previous winners of BrightonSoup funding have used the money and support from Soupers, we heard from Sue Hunter from The HIV Hour who won in June.

The Projects & Pitchers

A huge thanks to all the pitchers taking part on the night, especially for pitching over zoom, we couldn’t do it without you!

As always, these projects are still looking for support. Not just money, but time, equipment and hands on help. If you can assist in any way, then please get in touch with them directly (details below), donate via Paypal or use our contact form to offer equipment, volunteer or any other support you can.

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Pitch 4 – CravenVale Honey Collective 

The CravenVale Honey Collective (CVHC) was founded in 2019 as a direct response to
climate change and the dramatic decline in bees. Presently we have one hive and nine
voluntary community beekeepers within the, densely populated mix of private and council houses, residential area of CravenVale (North Kemptown).

The initiative was to train volunteers, from the local area, into bee keepers. While alongside facilitate an educational community study group, during the winter months, for self directed learning. To plant and maintain bee friendly plants and herbs all around the estate, alongside facilitating educational children’s workshops on the habitats of bees and pollinators.

The project has been running for 2 years now but due to COVID we were only able to
receive our bees in April, so have enjoyed one summer of extreme beekeeping.

Watch the pitch

Contact: Rachel Clatworthy


Donate Button


Pitch 1 – Hove Public Living Room

Stay Up late and Hove Methodists Community hub are setting up a Public Living Room.  

A Public Living Room is a non-agenda space where the community can come together to celebrate diversity, meet others and make friendships with purpose.  

We have a small core group of People with a Learning Disability and/or Autism who are running the Living Room and working with local people to develop the project. 

Watch the pitch

Contacts: Christian Holder, Jenny Moore



Donate Button

Pitch 2 – Small Acts of Friendship

Small Acts of Friendship is a project launched by Friends of Brighton & Hove Hospitals in 2017 in partnership with the Elderly Care team at the Royal Sussex County Hospital. It is a programme of activities, ranging from hairdressing to music and poetry groups provided by both professionals and volunteers. These activities help patients keep a sense of dignity as well as physical and mental well-being in hospital, which means they are likely to recover more quickly and transition back to independence at home more easily.

Every Christmas we arrange for gifts to be taken to elderly patients who will be spending Christmas in hospital and we would like to extend this to the Respiratory Wards where there are also many younger patients.

Watch the pitch

Contact: Katy Wells



Donate Button

Pitch 3 – The Crown Project 

The BMEYPP aims to empower young people of colour from Black and Asian Minoritised communities aged 11 to 25. We provide safe spaces where young people can access information, support and advice through informal educational activities with youth workers and other positive role models.  

The Crown Project provides a space where young womxn share experiences of Black Hair Discrimination wherever it occurs. Youth workers use developmental group work arts activities and invite guest speakers which enable young people to discuss how to cope with and challenge these incidents. 

Working with local hair dressers, young people also learn about how to care for their beautiful black hair, and make their own  natural hair care products.  

Watch the pitch

Contact: Vannessa Crawford


Phone: 07918 621423  


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Music – Simon Leonard

A brilliant set from Simon Leonard and Corrine of The Mollies kept us all entertained after the pitches. There was much movement evident on all the zoom screens as everyone enjoyed the music whilst ruminating on their votes.


We normally have a choice of soups to choose on the night, but as we can’t dispense soup over the internet we sent out a delicious Soup recipe from Sam Redfern illustrated by Darren Menezes.

You can watch the video again or just download the recipe below.

Raffle Donations

We normally have a raffle on the evening, which helps raise money for the running of BrightonSoup, but that just isn’t possible online (yet!).

So if you would like to support us direct to help ensure we can have real-life Soups in the future you can donate to us here

Donate Button

The money raised would helps us cover the cost of hosting our events so that all the ticket income and donations can go to the winner.


A big thanks to: 

  • Denise Morton, Olivia Canham and Jennifer Tulloch for joining the project selection committee.
  • Sam Redfern for creating the soup and getting us to go all TikTok!
  • Darren Menezes for illustrating the soup recipe.
  • Sue Hunter at The HIV Hour for sharing the impact of winning Soup funding.
  • Simon Leonard and Corinne for the brilliant music.
  • Everyone else who helped, with technical set up, advice and moral support!

Forgive us if we missed anyone out. Just let us know so we can update the page.

Team Soup

Quiz Answers

37 % Leek and Potato
33% Mexican Bean
25% Chicken Noodle

What is believed to be the first kind of soup dating back to 6,000 BC?


How much was Andy Warhol paid for his 32 Campbell’s Soup screen prints?


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