BrightonSoup @Community Base 25 March 2022


It was sooooo good to be back live and in-person again! There was such a buzz as both regular and new Soupers gathered at Community Base and the projects got ready for their pitches.

The kitchen was busy with soup being prepared and raffle tickets were selling like hot cakes! And we were free of zoom! Read on for how the evening went and who won the prize fund…

The Main Event

After a warm welcome we kicked straight off into the pitches from:

  • Carolynn and Ruth from The Brighton Book Festival
  • Jean and Benji from Buschcraft Heroes
  • Kitty from Carousel TV
  • Mr Venus and Zack from NoAgEnDeR

Pitching can be nerve wracking but soupers are a warm and friendly audience, full of great questions so everyone was fully informed after the presentations. And then had the unenviable task of voting for their favourites! All over a bowl of soup of course, from our very talented volunteer soup chefs.

One of the best bits about being back in a room together was the time after the pitches. BrightonSoup is more than just raising money. The connections made between the projects, and with audience members, are so valuable too. Many people can offer advice and practical support as well and many pitchers end up finding links with what they all do. So the chatting and mingling over soup was wonderful to be part of.

We then had music from the amazing Charlie Anjos, who as well as being a talented musician, stepped in with moments to spare after our booked performer had to cancel last minute. Thank you Charlie for getting to us and for a great set!

Then to the legendary raffle – 11 amazing prizes from our lovely supporters – meant many Soupers went home with a great array of gifts, and money was raised towards BrightonSoup running costs.

Another thing we love to do is invite back previous winners to update us on how they have been doing. So Rachel from The Cravenvale Honey Collective came back, complete with young people in beekeeping suits purchased with the BrightonSoup funds, and told us with great relish about developments and how delicious the first honey crop tastes!

And then the finale – the winner! Our super generous soupers raised a whopping £929.81 for the prize fund! To gasps and happy tears, the winner was announced and the cheque presented to Carolyn and Ruth of The Brighton Book Festival.

Carolynn delivered the winning pitch on behalf of The Brighton Book Festival – a grassroots festival run and hosted by Afrori Books and The Feminist Bookshop, that will run for the people of Brighton and Hove from 24th- 26th June.

The festival intends to spotlight local writers from all backgrounds, with emerging and established writers, and deliver events accessible to all. The £929.81 in prize funds will enable more events and offer tickets to families who would not normally be able to attend.

So a massive thank you to everyone who bought tickets, pitched and helped in numerous ways.

Scroll down for details of all the pitches. You can also donate support or funds to BrightonSoup or any of the projects using the Donate button below.

Donate Button

To keep in touch and hear about the next events you can join our mailing list.

The Projects & Pitchers

A huge thanks to all the pitchers taking part on the night!

As always, these projects are still looking for support. Not just money, but time, equipment and hands on help. If you can assist in any way, then please get in touch with them directly (details below), donate via Paypal or use our contact form to offer equipment, volunteer or any other support you can.

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Brighton Book Festival

Our project is to create Brighton Book Festival – a grassroots festival run and hosted by Afrori Books, The Feminist Bookshop and our volunteer team from 24th- 26th June.

We want to create a festival for the people of Brighton & Hove that will:

  • spotlight incredible local writers from all backgrounds
  • put emerging writers on platforms alongside bestselling authors
  • partner with local charities to deliver events for our local communities, especially young people

We are raising money to help us make the festival as accessible as possible, offering concessionary/free ticket options while ensuring creatives and partners are all paid

We especially need to raise funds for the family festival which includes craft activities, live readings, hair education on styling Afro-Caribbean hair and a panel discussion about representation in children’s books.

Support from Brighton Soup would allow us to fund the events and offer tickets to families who might not otherwise be able to attend.

Contact: Carolynn Bain



Donate Button


Bushcraft Heroes

Bushcraft Heroes is all about creating free wilderness experiences for urban kids and their grown-ups. We aim to teach bushcraft and survival skills, as well as environmental education in the safe environment of our Sussex woodland.

Did you know, that there are so many kids who’ve never experienced the wonders of the woodland? The experience encourages outdoor play, family connection and enjoying the natural environment which boosts well being. Every donation enables us to keep these experiences completely free of charge.

Contact: Jean Seevaraj

Phone: 07394 442528



Donate Button

Carousel TV

Carousel TV is a new show aired on Latest TV and Carousel’s youtube channel it gives learning disabled artists a platform to share their creative talent, their voices and their unique perspectives.

The show is delivered by a team of young learning disabled film makers who are learning a range of skills in design, production and presentation to bring musicians, film makers, poets, comedians and writers to a wide audience packaged into a quirky and original 22 minute show.

Building on a successful pilot first series, we are now planning season 2.

Contact: Kitty Wallace

Phone: 01273 234734



Donate Button

NoAgEnDeR – Tell Me Why Live Show

Tell Me Why is a stunning and provocative show celebrating our right to be authentic without judgement or apology.

We are who we are – we are NoAgEnDeR. You will experience an emotional rollercoaster centred on injustices and prevailing struggles we have lived through, Queer history of the last 50 years highlighting challenges we have faced which now we collectively ask for true equality for all.

Featuring original musical masterpieces by Ashleigh April and other cast members and the use of bold visuals to create a timeline our performance is in a comfortable immersive space filled with set pieces and incredible costumes designed and handmade by Mr Venus bursting with the full spectrum of colours with the addition of UV and neon splatters illuminating the darkness of negative issues.

We are individuals-homosapians but also a collective designing a better future for all to live and thrive in.

Contact: Mr Venus

Phone: 07915248898


Donate Button


Music – Charlie Anjos

Charlie saved the day and dropped everything to come along at very late notice, battled a broken guitar strap and still performed an amazing set for us! Thank you Charlie!


Our chefs were back and Soupers could enjoy a glorious selection of soups whilst debating how to vote and chatting with the projects. Thank you to all our chefs; Lizzie Batten, Tom Chadd, Joe Gray, Sam, Redfern and Sara Sanders for cooking up a superb selection.

Raffle Donations

The raffle returned! We had amazing support from sponsors who donated some brilliant prizes! Thank you to Debbie for being a very busy ticket seller and Isabella and Esme for being the prize callers!

The money raised would helps us cover the cost of hosting our events so that all the ticket income and donations can go to the winner.


A big thanks to: 

  • Our volunteer chefs: Lizzie Batten, Sam Redfern, Tom Chadd, Sara Sanders and Joe Gray.
  • Denise Morton, Debbie Manship and Darren Menezes for help setting up, services to the raffle, ticket folding and door duties!
  • Lizzie Batten, Sara Sanders and Sam Redfern for running the kitchen, serving soup and the big clean up operation.
  • Olivia Canham and Community Base for being the perfect hosts! Sam Redfern and Jennifer Tulloch for joining the project selection committee.
  • Ian Copestake for coming along to take the photos (all shown here), he has captured the night perfectly!
  • Sophia George for doing some brilliant pitch training.
  • Camille Pierson for coming along to be our reserve project on the night – see you again in June!
  • Andy the electrician for checking all our equipment.
  • Everyone else who helped, with technical set up, advice and moral support!

Forgive us if we missed anyone out. Just let us know so we can update the page.

Team Soup

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