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BrightonSoup @ Community Base ~ Friday 8 December 2017

At our 12th Soup event, we returned to Community Base right in the town centre of Brighton.

We list here everyone that organised, volunteered, cooked, entertained, provided prizes, decorations, pitched, won and basically helped make it all happen:

The Venue

BrightonSoup @ Community Base
113 Queens Rd

Thank you to Olivia and Alison for their continued support and once again hosting our Christmas soup.

The Projects:

A huge thanks to all the pitchers taking part on the night, we couldn’t do it without you!

Caitlin pitched for the Survivor’s Network and won the vote on the night for their counselling rooms improvement. This means that they now can make essential changes to their counselling rooms for those who have suffered sexual abuse and violence.

They received £884 in donations, £384 raised from the tickets and a generous £500 donation from Dave Steell at One Church Brighton.

As always, we like to mention that the other projects are still looking for help and support. If you can help, then please get in touch with them directly (details below) or use our contact form.

1 – Kennedy Street CIC – Community Connections

All Kennedy Street’s programs help to build the resilience, wellbeing and employability skills of people in Recovery.

The community connections program – An Introduction to Social Enterprise –  helps by developing social enterprise opportunities that offer supportive, nurturing, employment & self employment opportunities.

Pitching: Clare Kennedy

Contact: Clare Kennedy 07775 737 314
twitter:        @kennedystcic


2 – The Washing Up – Cascade Creative Recovery

The Washing Up is a performance about an everyday activity that everyone can relate too. It is being created by artists and participants in addiction recovery and will include songs, storytelling, and finding out who does most of The Washing Up in Brighton!

We want to create something funny and thought provoking and have been programmed to perform at Your Place, part of Brighton Festival in 2018. Creativity is such an important part of addiction recovery and we want to give opportunities for people to participate, learn and grow. We are looking for support so we can reduce the barriers to participation by providing refreshments, helping with travel costs and finding accessible venues to rehearse in.

DSC_0260Pitching: Kate McCoy & Nou Ra

Contact: Kate McCoy 07786 068 462
twitter:        @katelodgemccoy

3 – The Survivors Network (Winner)

Survivors’ Network, the Rape Crisis Centre for Sussex, provides counselling among many other forms of support.

Our specialist therapists provide an amazing service but the counselling rooms on site are in need of some TLC. The lighting is stark and we don’t have the storage options for all of the creative materials used in our sessions with children, meaning the rooms can feel crowded. All survivors who come into our space need to feel safe and valued, and that starts with the feel of the building and the care put into our spaces. We’d like to invest in 5 nice floor lamps and some attractive storage options – these simple changes would make a huge difference to our clients’ experience of the service. With your help we hope to have counselling rooms we can be truly proud of and that feel safe and comfortable for survivors.

Pitching: Caitlin Hayward-Tapp

Contact: Caitlin 01273 203 380
twitter:        @SurvivorsnetBtn


4 – St Luke’s Advice Service

We are a free service for people in Brighton & Hove which aims to provide practical help, advice and guidance to people in need. We assist over 300 people a year with debt and welfare benefits, and demand for our service continues to rise. Our project is for our home visits, to enable us to reach clients where they are, and to do this we need a new mobile phone. We also offer advice work in different, more accessible locations and our adviser in the field needs a smartphone with accessible technology to enable her to best serve our clients.

Pitching: Katie Love

Contact:     01227 557 772




A BIG thank you to the wonderful Megan Lara Mae for coming along to entertain us with some great original tunes, and a terrific cover of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.





 Soup and Food

These souper-stars provided 5 delicious soups to all of our guests – fish, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free – something for everyone.

Tom Chadd @ The Soup Dept

  • Spiced Pumpkin

Lizzie Batten

  • Scotch Broth

Paul Tansley

  • Fish Chowder

Kate Dixon

  • Rustic Pea & Mint

Martin Pritchard

  • Spicy Red Pepper

Thanks to all our chefs and to everyone that brought food to share.

Decorations, Donations & Raffle Prizes

These are the local (and some national) businesses that supported us with donations and some amazing raffle prizes. Without these contributions we couldn’t afford to cover the cost of hosting the event so that all the ticket donations can go to the winner.

We raised £224 so a HUGE thank you!



The Volunteers

  • Thank you to Olivia Canham, Caz O’Kane, Chris Llewelyn and Ahmed El Dessouki for joining our project selection team for this event.
  • Thanks to Lizzie for not only making soup, but spending the evening serving it and then helping clear up.
  • All of our lovely Team Soup volunteers for once again helping to put on a great event, and Martin & Kate for making soups.
  • And a massive big thank you to everyone who helped clear up on the night.
    Special mention to Ollie’s friends who cleaned and sorted the table cloths.
    And Megan Lara Mae who not only sang, but then vacuumed the entire room!

What an awesome souper lovely bunch of people you all are!


Please forgive us if we missed anyone out, just let us know so we can update the page.

Check out the event photos here.

Happy Christmas!

Team Soup







Megan Lara Mae

We’re delighted to announce that the wonderful Megan Lara Mae is playing for us at the next Soup!

Megan is a singer songwriter, taking inspiration from artists such as Rae Morris, Oh Wonder, BANKS and Aurora. She skillfully fuses her classical and choral technicalities from her youth with ambience, soul and electronic production to create a soft melodic pop sound.

Writing from age 12 and performing from 15 she has played original songs at shows and festivals around the UK: The Great Escape, Smoked & Uncut and Glastonbury Festival. She has been on the radio too performing on the BBC Live Lounge and Tom Robinson’s Mixtape on BBC 6 Music. Things like “lamenting sound” and “beautiful voice” were said.

That’s what I call a talent for a 21 year old! 

You can listen to Megan’s latest single, ‘Mask’ here. Better still, come along to see her live performance at our Christmas Soup  @ Community Base on Friday 8th December. There’s still time to grab your tickets!

Team Soup

It’s All About the Connection – Interview with Nicola Allen

Hello Soupa peeps! 

At the last Soup night at St. Luke’s, I got chatting with Nicola who’s one of our soup regulars. I discovered that she’s now a public face of Action of Elder Abuse, having a photo of herself as part of Rejuvenation, a photography exhibition at Brighton Station. I went to find out more.

Tell me a bit about yourself. I can hear the accent.  

I live in Kemptown now but I’m actually from Manchester. I left there when I was 16, then I went travel and work around the world before settling down in Brighton. I’ve done all kinds of works. I’ve even been on the stage at the Theatre Royal! 

That must have been quite an amazing experience! How did you come across BrightonSoup?

A couple years ago, I’ve seen an advert in the newsagent’s window. It said “Do you like soup? Do you like people? Well, come to Brighton Soup!” And I like trying lots of different things. I thought I would just come see what it’s about. I’ve been to at least 6 BrightonSoups since. Each time I’ve brought loads of people with me. It’s cheap. it’s a great night out.

And The raffle prizes are worth going for alone! 

Didn’t your friend win a raffle prize from one of our regular chefs – a private dining experience?

Yes she did! The chef was Sam Redfern, who turned up and served 5 of us three courses dinner. We explained to him that we only had a tiny kitchen. So he said he would cook it at home and bring it to the house. He brought it all in tupperware,. Then he came to collect it after we finished. It was such a fantastic prize!

 What prompted you to get involved with the Elder Abuse Recovery Service (EARS)?

I went to BrightonSoup one night and this lady was doing a wonderful pitch. It was for a charity that was developing and piloting in Brighton. I wanted to find a charity that I could, hopefully make a difference and help it grow. Also I was drawn to a charity that helps the older generation. I think the elderly are amazing, but they’re brushed aside. 

What’s your role there and how has the experience has been for you?

I’m a Befriender. I take someone who has been financially abused out. And I integrate them back into the society. I give up my time to reach out to people who live quite far out like Eastbourne. It isn’t one-sided. When I started, I didn’t realise how much I’d get out of it. It’s making me view things completely different.  I have gained so much by sourcing out places to take people to. Salvation Army has brilliant activities, even provides a pick-up service. It  has given me a font of a knowledge. And I has met some truly amazing people – there was an old lady who was blind. She was 80 and a rug maker!

You’re also involved with the Rejuvenation community project, how did that happen?

It is part of an Older People’s Festival. The poster at the station is about people who are over 50 and their volunteer work. I wanted to raise the publicity for EARS and their works. We desperately need more volunteers. 

Before I let you go, can you describe BrightonSoup in 3 words?

Souptastic. Community. Inspire.

Well described, Nicola!

Well big thank you to Nicola for taking the time to speak to us, and I have to say I’m completely in awe of how passionate and dedicated she is in her volunteering role.

If you want to find out more about the groups she’s involved with check out Action of Elder Abuse, their Elder Abuse Recovery Service (EARS). Or contact Gail Shanahan directly on 07508 823 975 or Gail is their Volunteer Co-ordinator and the lady doing the wonderful pitch that inspired Nicola to get involved.

As an aside, if you check our event post A Festive BrightonSoup @ Community Base from last December you’ll see Nicola and friends all dressed up for Christmas!

You can also see more about the Rejuvenation photography exhibition at Brighton Station.

That’s all for now. I hope you to see you at our next soup @ Community Base on Dec 8th. Hope you can make it.

(Tom Khai Kai)