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Well it’s been a while…

In a couple of different ways.

We haven’t been posting much since our last event and that was soooo last year. Literally. And we’re not using that ironically either. It was back in December 2018 and since then we’ve had a fair bit of downtime. But now, it’s time for uptime. Or as we like to say, “Now is the go!”

It’s about time we announced our next event, well past that time really. So that’s what we’re doing. And where do we go next? We’re returning to St Richard’s Community Hall in Hangleton, where we hosted our second event, way back in September 2015. Like we said earlier, it’s been a while.

If you want to join us you can get tickets here. And if you need a little funding for a project you’re running, or a great idea for one you’d like to start – something that helps your local community – then submit an application here.

Hope you can make it.

And don’t forget, now is the go!

Team Soup

Autumn Soup @ All Saints

Hi all,

Well we finally pulled our finger out and sorted out another soup. Yay!

It will be on Friday 28th September at All Saints Parish Hall in Hove. A late September, Autumn soup. Though we’re hoping the glorious warm weather will hang around a little longer so we can have the garden doors open.

As usual, you can get tickets here and submit your own project here.

And if you know of any musician types that would be up for playing on the night, then do let us know :).

See you soon.

Team Soup
Creating. Community. Engagement.

Bookface, Tweeter, Monstagram & The Postmonkeys!

Hi Soupers!

Well the project submission deadline has passed and we’re be getting a team together to go through them and select who will be pitching at our next event @ St George’s in Hangleton. A great venue we had the pleasure of hosting in once before.

We’re busy getting organised. The chef’s have all signed on. As has our musical entertainment (which we’ll tell you about soon). Some very lovely raffle prizes are coming in. We can’t wait!

In the meantime, we have a request. We’re looking for a cheeky, creative volunteer (or two) to take on our social media. Someone savvy with bookface, tweeter and monstagram as well as these bloggy things and of course the postmonkeys. If you’re capable and fancy wrangling all these things (or some of them) – or you know someone who can, then please do get in touch. We’d love to have them make our soup lives so much easier :).

That’s all for now.


Team Soup

Thank you for being a friend (and sorry about the song)!

Hi Everyone!

“I wanna tell you right now, and tell you again, thank you for being a friend”

Well I’m really sorry if we just got that song stuck in your head, but it’s perfect for what we want to say.

We’re in our 4th year now (yeah, really) and that couldn’t have happened without the wondrous, gorgeous, beautiful group of people – past and present – that have made us look good: the volunteers!

In this week celebrating volunteers, we wanted to let everyone know that we couldn’t, really, really, couldn’t have done – and be continuing to do – this, without people giving their time and energy for nothing but the love of doing it. And maybe a fun night out every now and then.

You lovely people that: make lovely food for us, sing and play for us, give us prizes to raffle, or money to projects, stand up and tell us about your passions, help us reach out for help, hand out leaflets, walk streets, host stands, spend days and evenings doing paperwork or organising things, writing blogs and posts, helping on the night (sometimes very late at night), taking photos, serving food, washing and clearing up, support us with donations of food, vegetables, cakes, equipment, money, advice, encouragement, buy tickets, come early to help, stay late to clear tables and chairs, even sweep and hoover. If you helped once, or have done so continuously. There really are too many of you to list here, but you know who you are. We certainly do.

So to all of you volunteers, from the heart, we say thank you so very much.

Now, again, sorry about the song, but it’s what we want to say. Well except the bit about buying you a Cadillac. Apart from that..

And if you’re too young to know the song, here it is. Enjoy!

Thank you for being a Volunteer.

Team Soup

PS: And speaking of thank you, if you’re attending the Survivor’s Network’s ‘Thank You Day’ tomorrow then we hope to see you there. If you haven’t registered yet, there’s still time.

Return of the Dragon Slayer!

Hey Soupers!

We’re very happy to announce our next community funding event!

Catchy title, but there won’t actually be any dragon’s slain on the night – it’s not that kind of event. These dragon’s will be warm and friendly, rather than fiery and deadly. It’s just a cute (we think) reference to our next event venue.

We’re heading back to St George’s Community Hall in Hangleton, where we had a great time one very cold February. This time we expect it to be gloriously bright and sunny – yeah, okay, more like ‘hope’.

Tickets are now available, but more importantly, we’re open for submissions! So if you have something you’ve been thinking of starting, or need a little financial help to keep something going – then do apply. Even if you don’t win you get a chance to promote your project and meet friendly dragons wanting to help and support you. And eat some delicious soup too :).

So, who wants to start something?

Team Soup


With a little Help from our Friends

If you’ve been to soup before then you know it’s attended by very lovely people. We know that from the help and support you’ve given us and our pitchers over the the last 3 years. And when we needed your help at our last event you really didn’t disappoint.

Coming up to our All Saints soup we knew were were going to be short on help as a few of our team couldn’t make it. So we turned to Helpful Peeps and connected with Maxine and Tenzin who offered to help setup, host and take down after. Still short the day before so emailed our guests and again our call was answered – Shelley and Pat offered to come along. We had more offers than we could cope with, especially from all you soupers at the end of the night – we managed to clear up and get home in record time. Thank you all so much!

And the awesomeness helpfulness on display didn’t stop there!

If you haven’t heard, Isha, Boudicca and Tom from Audi Active won the vote on the night to take £448 in ticket money and donations for their Young Women in Tech project. Trying to encourage young women to get involved in the technical side of the creative arts. It’s great project and the pitch was passionate, but then so were the others.

Shortly before announcing the results of the vote one of our soupers offered a secret donation of £250 to every project that pitched. Not only boosting Audio Active’s pot, but ensuring that Free University Brighton’s Projector, Fabrica’s Textile Flow and B&H Speakout’s Thumb’s Up projects all received some much needed funding. How wonderful was that!

Amongst all of this was the usual joyful food, soulful music and lovely company. Our chefs Tom, Lizzie, Sam, Joe and Martin again provided a variety of tastiness, with vegan and gluten free options. Laura and Adam of Hickory Signals entertained us with some very soulful and moving folk music. And you of course, provided the company.

Caitlin from Survivors Network returned to give us an update on her projects since winning the last event back in December. The work is almost finished and they plan to hold a special open day where soupers and funders can go along and see the finished work and meet some of the team. How cool!

We had another great raffle courtesy of all our wonderful contributors, helping us raise £222 for BrightonSoup – to help us do what we do. Thank you all so much. There are too many to list here, but we do on our event post and on social media. As always, we also ask the winners to let us all know how they enjoyed their prizes by posting photos here or in the usual online places.

So from being a little worried we would be overwhelmed before the event, turns out we have a lot of supporters out there. Thank you all so much for making it another great night – especially all those that helped or offered to – and congrats to all the pitchers.

We’ll be putting up the full event details shortly, all about the projects, the contributors, the chefs and their soups soups and everyone that made it happen. And you can see the photos here.

Oh, and by the way, have we said “Thanks!

Team Soup




Our 13th BrightonSoup, first time at All Saints Church in Hove.

We list here everyone that organised, volunteered, cooked, entertained, provided prizes, decorations, pitched, won and basically helped make it all happen:

BS13-event-bowl-all-saintsThe Venue 

All Saints Hove
The Drive

We love the spacious hall in heart of Hove. So did everyone. Thank you!

The Projects

A huge thanks to all the pitchers taking part on the night, we couldn’t do it without you!

Isha, Boudicca and Tom from Audio Active won the vote and £448.00 in ticket money for their Young Women Tech Group Project.

And a special thanks to the anonymous donor on the night who gave £250 to every project pitching!

As always, we like to mention that the other projects are still looking for help and support. If you can help, then please get in touch with them directly (details below) or use our contact form.

1 – Free University Brighton – Projector

Susie and Ali from Free University Brighton (FUB) went first, pitching for some funding for a projector.

FUB courses are for those who cannot afford university to get accreditation, and those who need attendance certificates for their training development like social workers and teachers, as well as people who simply wish to seek out knowledge from impassioned tutors.  It’s diverse and inclusive.

We desperately need a projector and good speakers for general use in the classroom. We recently had a situation where the tutor had to present his lecture from his laptop, which was just not satisfactory as he was forced to set things up from his wheelchair, and as a result students had great difficulty trying to see his presentation. We also hold film nights and recently showed Spider’s Web at Exeter St Community Hall, with the director staying afterwards for a question and answer session. Out of the 70 people in attendance, 60 stayed on for the Q&A.  Not having one ourselves, we were forced to borrow a projector and speakers for the event.

Pitching: Susie Oddball and Ali Ghanimi

Susi on 07568 358 165                                     

2 – Audio Active – Young Women in Tech (Winner)

Due to gender imbalance in music technology we hope to introduce female-led sessions for young women providing a safe space for young women to access music hardware and software. We would address issues raised by women we consulted, who don’t engage with our current open sessions for reasons including; intimidation, male dominance, lack of female role models and stigmatisation. We want to challenge the traditional notion that music tech is a male interest only. A female only session would empower and inspire, diversify the art form and tackle a skills shortage in the industry while strengthening our workforce.

Pitching: Isha Bailhache, Boudicca Pepper & Tom Hines                         

Tom Hines on 07765 467 143                        


3 – Fabrica – Textile Flow

The Textile Flow project aims to reduce isolation and improve wellbeing through a series of welcoming and supportive workshops for older people to make social connections, learn new textile skills and share their knowledge. These skills-based learning sessions will meet weekly, alternating between two venues, Fabrica Gallery and Leach Course (a residential housing scheme for senior citizens located in Kemptown).T his project will give participants a welcoming and supportive space to create positive new connections and experiences based on interest rather than need.

Pitching: Sally Bourner

Fabrica on 01273 778 646


BHSpeakout4 – Brighton &Hove Speak Out – Thumbs Up

The Thumbs Up card is a plastic card with the Thumbs Up logo, which can be used to ask for a little extra time, patience and support.

There are thought to be over 6000 people with learning disabilities in the city and they face extensive discrimination, poverty and barriers to community life. Communication difficulties often prevent people from accessing services, and we feel that showing a Thumbs Up card would be an easy way to alert people that the individual may have extra support needs without that person having to find the words to explain. Speak Out are constantly campaigning to raise awareness in Brighton and Hove about the needs of people with learning disabilities. We promote disability awareness and seek to educate businesses and organisations in the city about how to support people with learning disabilities.

Pitching: Liz Holmes with Deborah, Susan, Betty, Gregory and Peter.

Brighton & Hove Speak Out on 01273 421 921


The Contributors


A massive thank you to Laura and Adam – the Amazing folk duo Hickory Signalsfor coming along to entertain us with their beautiful music. And for hanging around to help us clear up :).

Soup and Food

These souper-stars provided a delicious menu of 5 tasty soups to all of our guests – fish, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free – something for everyone. We never get tired of thanking these awesome chefs!

Tom Chadd The Soup Dept
Cauliflower & Stilton

Lizzie Batten

Sam Redfern
Spring Green Vegetable Soup

Joanne Gray
Mediterranean Red Lentil & Courgette

Martin Pritchard Chu Chu Burmese
Spicy Red Lentil & Tomato

Decorations, Donations & Raffle Prizes

These are the local (and some national) businesses that supported us with donations and some amazing raffle prizes. Without these contributions we couldn’t afford to cover the cost of hosting the event so that all the ticket donations can go to the winner.

We raised £222 so a HUGE thank you!

The Volunteers 

  • Thank you to our Project Selection Team for doing the hard work of whittling down submissions to the final four. Regulars Olivia Canham and Caz O’Kane as well as guests for this event Stephen Chamberlain, Sam Hart, Chris Llewelyn and Sam Redfern.
  • Thanks again to Lizzie for spending the evening serving soup to people.
  • All of our lovely Team Soup volunteers for once again helping to put on a great event,
    and Martin who couldn’t make it, but still made soup for us.
  • To HelpfulPeeps Maxine Bradshaw and Tenzin, and soupers Shelley Jane Brown and Pat Mernagh for coming early to help get us ready and helping throughout.
  • And a massive big thank you to everyone who helped clear up on the night.

Please forgive us if we missed anyone out, please let us know so we can update the page.










Check out the event photos here.

Team Soup










Pitchers, Chefs & Hickory Signals!

Well hey soupers, our Spring event is fast approaching!

It’s a busy time all round. The pitchers have been selected and are putting pen to paper, no doubt practising their delivery in a mirror. They think you’re a scary bunch, but we know that’s not true. The soup crowd gives one of the warmest welcomes ever! Still, public speaking can be very scary. Would you do it?

Our team of volunteer chefs have once again committed to feasting you on the night, an aromatic range of deliciousness will once again be available – in all the usual veggie and dietary variations.

Tom, Lizzie, Sam, Joe & Martin – we salute you!


We are souper delighted to announce that Folk duo, Hickory Signals, will be performing on the night. Strong vocal melodies with guitar, shruti, flute and a variety of percussion, layering sounds carefully and minimally to atmospheric effect – both traditional and original songs. Laura Ward and Adam Ronchetti are a joy to listen to and we hope you enjoy it.

“Like stepping back into a bygone age, both in terms of musicality and atmosphere”
– FATEA Magazine

You can check out their music at and


This is a first for us: someone singing at soup that has previously pitched :). Some of you may recall Laura pitching on behalf of Brighton Oasis Project at our Emmaus event. Well now she’s back, but this time to sing and we’ve been looking forward to it.

Come and join us to hear those perfect pitches, taste scrummy food and enjoy the music. Only 2 weeks to go, but tickets are still available.

Hope you can join us.

Team Soup

Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018!

Happy New Year Soupers!

A bit of radio silence from us since our last soup, which seems ages – well it was last year :). A little down time, but we’re fully refreshed (sort of) and raring to go (almost). Much like everyone else we imagine. Hello 2018!

But before we leave 2017 behind we want to thank all of you for supporting us during the year: The souper chefs that deliciously tingled our taste buds * The glorious people and companies that donated prizes to the absolute delight of our guests, and helped cover our costs in the process * The superbly talented musicians that pleasured our ears (too much?)  and got our feet tapping * The little army of volunteers helping us prepare for the events, then turn up on the day to help make it all happen, and those staying late to help make it all unhappen – in time for bed * All of you wonderful adventurous people that come out to join us, even on the coldest, gloomy nights, buying the tickets that fund the projects and supporting  your community * Those that brought food to share, bought or baked * And of course the brave and passionate people that stand up in front of you all and pitch for their projects – the very heart of what we do. Thank you all sooooooo much!

Speaking of projects, if you were at our warm and festive Christmas soup @ Community Base on the 8th December, you would have seen Caitlin win the vote for the Survivors Network, who needed funds to make their much used counselling rooms welcoming and suitable for helping the many adults and children that have to use them at very difficult times. They were awarded £384 from your tickets and a generous £500 donation from Dave Steell at One Church Brighton.

One of the joys of our events is how people in the room come together to help the projects, and this event was no exception. A gentleman from ZeroDayLab Ltd spoke to Caitlin and donated another £500! It’s great result such a fantastic project and we know the money will be put to good use, but we would like to mention the other three equally compelling projects that pitched on that night.

We know that several other guests offered the other pitchers support that night, but we know they are still short of their targets. So we’d like to list mention them here in case some of you – or someone you know – can help them.

St Luke’s Advice Centre – Katie Love

St Luke’s free service provides help and support to people on debt and welfare benefits issues. Their volunteer advisers go out and meet clients to help them, but this involves lone working and one volunteer is registered blind. So they desperately need a smartphone because it’s accessibility features, email and maps will enable them to see more clients in accessible locations, have more regular contact and in a safer manner. They already see over 300 clients per year and expect that number to grow.

If you can help please contact them on 01227 557 772 or email

The Washing Up – Kate McCoy & Nou Ra

The Washing Up is a performance about an everyday activity that everyone can relate too. It is being created by artists and participants in addiction recovery and will include songs, storytelling,  and finding  out who does  most of The Washing Up in Brighton! We want to create something funny and thought provoking and we have been programmed to perform at Your Place, part of Brighton Festival in 2018. Creativity is such an important part of addiction recovery and we want to give opportunities for people to participate, learn and grow. We are looking for support so we can reduce the barriers to participation by providing refreshments, helping with travel costs and finding accessible venues to rehearse in.

If you can help please call Kate McCoy on 07786 068 462 or email

Kennedy Street CIC – Clare Kennedy

Kennedy Street help to build resilience, wellbeing and employability skills of people in Recovery. Their Community Connections program helps by developing social enterprise opportunities that offer supportive, nurturing, employment & self employment opportunities.They’re looking for funds to help them continue the great work they’re doing.

If you can help please call 07775 737 314 or email

Three great projects still looking for help and support. Pass it on!

As for us, we’ll be announcing our first 2018 event shortly, but in the meantime you can see full details on our Xmas event and check out our facebook album – tag yourself :).

Hope you’re having a cracking start to 2018.

Love & New Year Hugs.

Team Soup


A Tale of Two Projects

If you came along to our soup @ St Luke’s last week, then you know we had a good night. It was our first time at St Luke’s and Reverend Martin Poole made us feel very welcome. It was a shame the building work delays meant we didn’t get to use the fancy new ramped entrance and disabled toilets, but that didn’t stop us enjoying  the space. We weren’t sure that was going to be the case earlier in the day though.

A few hours before doors open we had two of our pitchers cancel. We do get cancellations, which is why we have a reserve arrangement: a 5th pitcher stands by and if they don’t get to pitch on the night (everyone turns up), then they get a guaranteed spot next time. Sadly this time the reserve couldn’t make it either. WIth a couple of days notice we could have arranged something (as we have in the past) , but with only hours left we had no choice but to go ahead with just two.

We were worried that the limited selection would make it less enjoyable for the attendees, but we needn’t have. They still had two great projects to choose from and everything else was the same: the delicious and plentiful food, the buzz and clatter of eating and conversation, the super raffle prizes, the awesome musical entertainment and of course the delightful company. We think it went really well. So did you, judging by the feedback!

“I love how people connected in the room. We all shared one thing in common at the event; we turned up because we want something good to happen in our community. And it’s wonderfully uplifting!”

The positive community feel of how people can connect across this city happened before the doors opened. We had a call from the guys at Laing O’Rourke – the builders working up at the Royal Sussex – who had just finished a Macmillan coffee morningwith the NHS staff. They raised £700 – and could not eat another cake. Would we like them for our guests? How fantastic was that!

So a lot happened before we even started…

First up to pitch was Stephanie Lake pitching for the Brighton Women’s Centre who need computer equipment for their peer support drop-in groups. Then was Jon Bebb from Turning The Tide pitching for funds for their TREASURE project, to help take struggling families on uplifting weekend breaks. The one benefit to having two pitchers was they each got a little more time during the Q&A bit.


How many different ways can we thank the awesome chefs that give us our tasty selection? Once again Tom, Sam, Lizzie, Jo and our very own Martin delivered souper deliciousness. Tom couldnt make it (gigging in France again), but everyone else was there. Some of them may even have served you some soup – I hope you were on your best behaviour :).

So feasted, it was time to close the voting and whilst we counted votes and door money we had our raffle and entertainment. So a huge thanks to all of our contributors for giving us some great prizes: everything from more food and drink, clothes and pampering, stuff for the kids and some fun days out including a ride on the Brighton Zipwire and the i360! A special thanks to Tracy from Tesco who also came along to help out! You can get full details of everyone here. Thanks to them and all of our guests we raised £197.30 to help cover our costs. Thank you very much.

So raffle out the way, one of the highlight of the evening had to be Shauna Pentony‘s performance, a mix of original songs and covers on guitar, all delivered with her angelic and soulfull voice. Despite losing her voice earlier in the day, she still went on and absolutely delivered. Her quiet heartfelt song about her sister “Call My Name” and the closing rendition of Valerie are faves of ours. You can watch video here in case you missed it or want to enjoy it  again.

So just before we announced the evenings winner we had a quick update from last soup’s winner, Jenny Skelton and her daughter Charlie. The first ever Disability Pride Brighton event went perfectly and to say thanks to BrightonSoupers for the funding they received. The money was used to hire a Changing Places toilet which enabled people with the most severe disabilities to attend. They didn’t want to exclude anyone and your funding ensured they didn’t. The toilet hiring company said they had one of the busiest days they had ever had, which is a testament to the inclusive nature of the event.

So, then it was time to annouce who soupers had voted for this evening. A lot of people had a difficult choice, but in the end it was Stephanie who won the funds for her the Brighton Women’s Centre drop in suite computers. We saw a lot of people talking to both our projects on the night so we’re hoping they all got some much needed support. As ever, we’ll keep you posted.

So then thank you’s and clean up time, and it went a treat this time. For the first time we closed the kitchen to hot food/drinks after the voting and it gave us more time to clean up and we got to leave early.

And the cakes from the hospital? They went down a treat, but we still didn’t finish them, all. So at the end of the evening we added them to our food that we donated to the Stopover Team @ Impact Initiatives. They were expecting soup, bread and maybe some biscuits – they got a lot of cakes too :).

“One of the many thing I love about soup is how people just talk to each other. Love that the tables seat eight so people will sit with others whom they have never met before, and make connections they otherwise wouldn’t”

You can check out the event photos. Or get the full details on the pitchers, chefs, musician and contributors that supported us at BrightonSoup @ St Luke’s 29th September 2017

Team Soup