School’s Out!

You probably noticed we’ve taken a little break, then again it seems everyone else did too. Just saying. Well schools out and the weather’s just been too good.

We can’t stay away for too long though, so we’re pleased to let you know our next event will be on Friday 29th September @ St Luke’s Church, Brighton – near Seven Dials. If you haven’t been it’s a lovely place and currently undergoing renovations to make it even nicer for us. Well, not specifically for us, but we shall benefit from them :).

So if you interested in attending you can get tickets as usual, and we’re open for project submissions until Wed 6th Sept.

Hope to see you there!

Team Soup


Postponed, Reunited and Very Lovely People

Well first off we have to postpone our BHASVIC event on Friday 21st July :(. Who knew holding an event just as the summer holidays began would be difficult?! We usually avoid August, but thought July would be fine. ​But what do we know? So, apologies to all that were able and planning to attend. We will be arranging our next event for September and will let you know the date as soon as we can.

So after that downer we were instantly perked up by an email from one of our regular souper families. They were sad they couldn’t attend this event, so wanted to donate the money they would have spent on tickets. They didn’t know we were postponing. How lovely is that! Now hopefully they can make it to the next one. There are some very lovely awesome people out there.

BrightonSoup has brought lots of these awesome people together who help do lots of ​great things. This time though soup was able to re-unite someone with their lost camera. We were contacted by Dave from Community Works who said a camera on a bus had been dropped it in to them. Turns out the camera ​was filled with happy soup memories from our last event​! So we contacted everyone we knew who attended and within hours the camera and owner had been reunited. ​Obviously she was ​souper happy and declared  “Doesn’t it all go to show Community Works!”. It really ​does​.

​So for those of you thinking of coming along this month, again sorry, but we hope you enjoy the summer and can make it to the next one.

Team Soup

An Interview with Soup Regulars

We get a lot of feedback after our events, from people that attend, the people pitching and those getting involved and helping out. At a previous Soup event I had the chance to chat with a couple of regular soup attendees, Matt Brabner and Lisa Curne, and ask what they thought …

What first attracted you to Brighton Soup?

Matt: I can’t remember where I had read about it but my first introduction to Soup was actually reading about Stoneham Bakehouse [previous winners promoting baking as therapy] and their success; from there I read more about Brighton Soup, having been familiar with the concept hearing about Detroit Soup, and I just found the website and thought “right its only £4, lets go!”. Lisa came along and we brought a few other friends with us; it was the event at the Emmaus in the summer, just a gorgeous night. In fact I think it was the week after Brexit and everyone was a little fed up and we just came away thinking how lovely it was.

Lisa: Absolutely, just a really nice evening; great to see something good happening while everything else seemed a bit glum.

What do you enjoy most?

Matt: For me its the pitches; I mean even if its quite tough topics to listen to its all really positive which what they’re trying to achieve.

Lisa: Its really nice to know what’s going on in your community. As we mentioned before; in amongst the Brexit stuff it really restores my faith in people; there are extraordinary people out there doing amazing things for the good of other people.

There are extraordinary people out there doing amazing things for the good of other people”

Any really memorable pitches?

Lisa: The one that always sticks out in my mind is the Free university Brighton. I wondered how they were able to do something that wonderful for nothing haha. It was also a very different pitch in terms of goals and what they were trying to achieve.

Matt: What sticks out for me isn’t just the pitches but the fact that its not huge sums of money going to these people but about £400 odd; very much unlike the big national charities, and through that you get a real sense of how much they need this money and how much good it will do.

Now, important question, if you could be any soup what would you be?

Matt: Oh now I’m not sure; I’ve never been asked what soup I’d be haha. I certainly know what soup I like but I don’t know if that’s the soup I’d be. I’m a bit partial to Heinz with a nice bit of white toast. a good old Saturday afternoon comfort soup.

Great answer!

And you know what, I feel hungry now for a good serving of soup and toast too! Well thank you Matt and Lisa, I’m sure we’ll see you again soon!

If you think a Brighton Soup evening sounds like something for you then get yourself a ticket, we’d love to see you there!

That’s all from me, but have a great week everyone and stay hearty Brighton!

(Leek & Potato)

Feeling hot, hot, hot!

Well what a fun evening that was! A beautiful venue – made even more glorious by the late evening spring sunshine (yeah, it was probably designed to be like that) – with great food, music and company – a real community spirit.

We know it was it a few weeks ago now (we’ve had a little break), but for those that didn’t make it we’d like to share…

One Church, Gloucester Road is a big venue – not without challenges for the team – but we ended up perfectly laid out within this beautiful old church in the heart of Brighton. And it turned out to be to be a very hot night.

We started with a few opening words from Eugenie Teasley, CEO of The Goodall Foundation and the energy behind Any Other Business Brighton, a group of people and organizations that spent the week showcasing the progressive social character of our diverse, vibrant, colourful city. It seemed fitting as this was the last event of the AOB week.

And then we were off with the pitches…

First Lucy McGrath & Sonia Mangan spoke about their Caritas Meal at All Saints Church, a monthly Sunday meal for people who are homeless, vulnerably housed or on the periphery of Society. Jenny Skelton pitched for the first ever Disability Pride Brighton event. Laura Harling was pitching for Found In Translation, a theatrical project that actively involves and engages those living with dementia. And Mary-Anne Weaver spoke of teaching young people to develop and practice manicuring skills as a way of tackling youth engagement and isolation.

You can get details on all the projects here.

Pitches over it was voting and feasting time – and it was a real foodie night. So many people brought food to share (very well received :)) and for the first time all 6 of our delicious soups were gluten free! And as always with vegetarian/vegan options. All courtesy of our Souper Chefs: Tom Chadd, Sam Redfern, Lizzie Batten, Joe Gray and newcomers Ros Morris and Team Soup member, Martin Pritchard. Thanks!

It was such a hot night someone asked if we had a gazpacho!

We also had a super delivery of 10 delicious Papa John’s Pizzas, a company that has given us much support over the last two years. If that wasn’t enough food focus we had more in the raffle with prizes from Nandos, GBKMOD Pizza, Big Beach Café, Pottery Café and more.

There was even real coffee instead of the usual instant stuff, a first for BrightonSoup. This was kindly provided by Ben and Donna from Pro Baristas. We weren’t sure how many people would ask for coffee in the evening, but it was so delicious and in so much demand that we just couldn’t make it fast enough!

We had a fantastic raffle with some great prizes, raising £243 for BrightonSoup, thank you so much everyone!. We’d like to ask the lucky winners if they could post photos of them using their prizes up on our facebook page so we could tag the contributors as a thank you. Although one of the prizes was some of Ayten Gasson’s Luxury Silk Lingerie so maybe in this instance just a thank you would do :).

When it’s time to count votes, it’s also music time – and for the first time at soup we had a band! The superb 4 piece Scandomando blew away the post-feasting slump with a blast of upbeat punk folk renditions of some classic songs. ‘Wanna Be LIke You’ got some soupers on their feet and dancing – don’t recall seeing that at soup before. One of our guests filmed them performing ‘Word Up’ and you can check that out here.

We had Rohan and Chloe from the Brighton & Hove Speak Out team return – winners of our Community Base event back in December – to give us an update on their film project. As a special treat we were able to debut the completed film to our guests – how cool was that! Another first for soupers, to see the end result of something they voted and put funds towards. Okay, there was a little technical delay, but a few jokes filled the time (bat joke anyone?). They had the film certificated as it will be screening at the Duke of York’s Cinema all next week before the showing of Churchill. If you can’t wait for that you can see the film here.

Finally it was time for the winner, and it was Jenny pitching that took the vote and the £505.70 in tickets and donations for Disability Pride Brighton. If you want to attend it’s being held next month on 9th July at New Road, Brighton..

As an AOB special we also had £500 of match funding graciously donated by Chris Llewellyn on behalf of The CriSeren Foundation. £200 of this went to Disability Pride bringing the winning funds to £705.70. The balance of £300 was split equally amongst the other projects. So everybody got a little funding this evening!

Finally, after many thanks you’s, goodbyes and lots of help clearing up, it was time to go out into the very warm night and head home – or onwards if you were so inclined. Or young :).

We hope you enjoyed yourselves, feasted deliciously, chatted to lovely people doing great things in your community, maybe got involved yourself, made new friends, tapped your feet to the delightful music and maybe even danced a little. Not a bad way to spend a hot Friday night in May.

Thanks for coming!

Team Soup

You can check out the full event details here and photos here.

Our next event is at BHASVIC on Friday 21st July and you can get tickets here.


BrightonSoup @ One Church 26th May 2017

Our 10th BrightonSoup event, this time at One Church, Florence Road

We list here everyone that organised, volunteered, cooked, entertained, provided prizes, decorations, pitched, won and basically helped make it all happen:

Any Other Business Brighton (AOB)

This was a special BrightonSoup event held alongside the Brighton Festival and part of the Any Other Business Brighton week of events reflecting the ‘Everyday Epic’ of Brighton.

Thanks to Sunetta Kiarie and Eugenie Teasly of The Goodall Foundation for inviting us to be part of this great week of events.

Thanks also to AOB Crew member, Chris Llewellyn, for £500 of match funding donated to the projects on behalf of the The CriSeren Foundation.

And thanks to the rest of the AOB Crew for their support.

Jenny Skelton pitched for her Disability Pride Brighton project and won the vote, getting £705.70 in donations for her event.

£505.70 of the winning funds was raised by tickets and donations from guests at the event, and £200 from the CriSeren matched funding.

The £300 balance of the matched funding was split £100 to each of the 3 runners up.


Thank you to Chloe & Rohan from Speak Out who came back to tell us how their film project went since winning at our BrightonSoup @ Community Base event back in December 2016.

As a special treat we were given the chance to debut the film that evening.


The Venue

BrightonSoup @ One Church
Florence Rd

Thank to Ben Szobody, Donna DeKoekkoek & Xavier Armani – also part of the AOB crew – for all their help.

The Projects

A huge thanks to all the pitchers taking part on the night, it’s not an easy task and we couldn’t do it without you!

There were 4 projects on the night and they are always looking for extra help and support. If you can help please get in touch with them directly or use our contact form.

1 – Caritas

The Caritas Meal is a monthly Sunday meal for people who are homeless or vulnerably housed and those who feel excluded or on the periphery of Society.

We have on average about 60 people coming each month and as well as providing a good quality hot cooked meal  (prepared on site by volunteers – usually 3 courses!) we also give people the opportunity to relax, chat, read a newspaper or just to be quiet.

The Caritas Meal started in 2013 at All Saints Church hall in Hove in  response to the fact that there are few services open on Sunday for those who are homeless, and on the streets Sundays have been referred to as “Suicide Sundays.”

We have a mixed team of over 50 volunteers from the community (some churchgoers and some not, of all faiths and none) who make this happen each month.

Pitching: Lucy McGrath & Sonia Mangan

Caritas Meal
07765 673 176



2 – Disability Pride Brighton (Winner)

I decided to start Disability Pride Brighton because one of my adopted children, Charlie, suffered a traumatic incident of disability discrimination last year during Pride weekend, and the Facebook post I subsequently wrote about it went viral.

I mentioned that we should have a Disability Pride event in Brighton and everyone thought it was a wonderful idea – so then I had to actually do it!.  The event will be in New Road (which will be closed for the day) and it will be a celebration of and for all people with disabilities.

It is the first Disability Pride in the country and will run on the same day as Disability Pride New York, Italy and Switzerland.  In order that people with the most severe disabilities are not excluded from the celebration, we would like to hire a changing places toilet with hoist for the day.

Pitching: Jenny & Charlie Skelton

Jenny Skelton
07973 774 691 Pride Brighton

Twitter: @dpridebrighton

3 – The Dot Collective / Found In Translation

Found In Translation is a theatrical project that actively involves and engages those living with dementia in care centres through one hour storytelling workshops, where the client will be encouraged to share ideas, write poetry and enjoy a theatrical environment.

The ideas will be developed by 2 professional playwrights into a series of short plays and rehearsed to performance standard. These workshops will provide social and mental stimulation for the clients.  The plays will then be performed by professional actors with all the sensory elements of a pop-up theatre, back to the clients with dementia as well as to the general public to raise awareness of the disease.

Pitching: Laura Harling

Laura Harling
07885 456 135



4 – The Nail Project

The Nail Project aims to link two of Brighton’s unique problems: Widespread youth unemployment and a shortage of skilled staff in a growing service industry. On the way, this innovative social project will use service industry skills to focus on the heart of the insecurities common to young people.

A weekly drop in, on a Monday for young people to practice new manicuring skills on friends, family or each other. We have industry professionals ready to offer time to demonstrate their area of expertise, including hand massage and nail art.

We will be affiliated with The Guild of Beauty Therapists, offering certificates in Manicure, enabling entry in to the nail industry.

Collaborating with a number of One Church Brighton projects, including Lifetimes, Chomp, Justlife and The Nurture Network, young people will be encouraged to offer manicures as a form of therapeutic interaction with some of the most isolated people in Brighton and Hove.

Pitching: Mary-Anne Clough

Mary-Anne Clough
07703 385 850




Soup & Food

These souper-stars provided 6 delicious soups to all of our guests – all gluten free with vegan/vegetarian options.

Tom Chadd @ The Soup Dept

  • Mushroom & Basil Pesto

Lizzie Batten

  • Clam Chowder

Sam Redfern – TRJFP Volunteer

  • Spring Minestrone

Joanna Gray

  • Spicy Bean

Ros Morris

  • Roasted Butternut Squash

Martin Pritchard

  • Spicy Red Pepper

Thanks to all our chefs and to everyone that brought food to share.

Special mentions Ahmed El Dessouki at Papa John’s Pizza Brighton for once again providing big delicious pizzas – 10 of them!

And to the Pro Baristas for providing us all with delicious coffee!




Thank you to the awesome Scandomando for taking time out from gigging to play for us.

Little Al, Big Tone, Baggy and The Kernel gave us a super blast of upbeat punk skiffle covers that got people on their feet.




Decorations, Donations & Raffle Prizes

These are the local (and some national) businesses that supported us with donations and some amazing raffle prizes. These contributions help us to cover the cost of hosting the event so that all the ticket donations can go to the winner.

We raised £243 so a HUGE thank you!

BSoup-Contributor-Intenso-#small bsoup-contributor-cove-hair

The Volunteers

Thanks to Olivia Canham, Kris Kristian, Colin Tribe and Sunetta Kiarie for being part of this events project selection team.

Thanks to Lizzie Batten, Sam Redfern for serving soupers and the awesome Olivia Canham and helping out in the kitchen.

Thanks to Richard Boll for doing the photography.

Thanks to all those that helped us clear up, with special mentions to Ros Morris and friend.

And the countless other people that we just rudely neglected to mention, but please forgive us for missing out. Just let us know who they are so we can update the page.

Check out the event photos.

Team Soup

Friday Feasts!

Don’t feel like cooking on Friday? Well #AOBBrighton has you covered, with a whole day of community and food related events on 26th May!

Start the day off right with the Good Business Breakfast at The Platform! A delicious breakfast provided by super chefs at The Big Fig and speciality coffee by the awesome Pro Baristas. And then a great chance to chat with local business leaders and entrepreneurs:
Eugenie Teasley from the Goodall Foundation
Will Jones, Founder/Director of Journeys by Design
Vicki Huges Founder/MD of Fugu PR
Konrad Brits, CEO of Falcon Coffees
Rebecca Harrison from African Mangement Initiative.

Then for lunch, head over to Friday Friends at The Bevy, a weekly event where senior residents of East Brighton are served lunch by a dedicated team of volunteers at the country’s only community pub on an estate. Join them for lunch to see how a community can pull together and brings out the ‘Everyday Epic‘.

There’s an exciting raffle to take part in and you can join a Q&A led by Barbara Gibbons, Founder of Friday Friends, to find out more about what it takes to organise and motivate such community work. Sounds great!

friday friends christmas 2016 (63)

And finally, head over to One Church to join us for soup! With Scandomando playing, community pitching and lots of different delicious soups to try, it’s sure to be a fab night, ending AOB Brighton week in style!

Hope to see you there!

Team Soup

Any Other Events Galore!

It’s an exciting and busy week for us as AOB Brighton starts this weekend, and our Soup is the following Friday! So we thought we’d tell you about a few more AOB events coming up soon…

community base logoOne of our favourite past Soup venues, Community Base, is hosting Act Now Change Tomorrow on 24th May. This event will be a great opportunity for meeting and networking with the great people and organisations working there – with tea and yummy cake too!

Get to hear speakers from different local organisations: Jo Ivens from Impetus, Martin Harris from Brighton & Hove Buses, Ceri Davies from Community Works and Eugenie Teasley from The Goodall Foundation (the inspiration behind AOB Brighton).

So, if you’re interested in getting involved in social action this event would be perfect!

Or do you have questions about apprenticeships, becoming a foster carer, adopting or other issues affecting young people? Then Young People, Parents and Carers Open Evening is the place to be! Pop in to their Regency Road office on Tuesday 23rd and meet staff, volunteers and service users – and get all your questions answered.

And if it’s music you’re into then there’s some awesome #aobBrighton musical events going on too. Open Strings Music’s Silver Strings Group are holding their 4th Birthday Performance at the Brighthelm Centre on 23rd May, with live music – and  the chance to try an instrument!

The musical fun continues with AudioActive on 25th May at The Basement. AudioActive are a local charity who do fantastic work with young people, helping create social change through music. With the chance to listen to performances and then a Q&A session on ‘How Can Music Create Stronger Communities?’, this sounds like a souper mix of music and community!

All of these events are free and you can find all the details and register for them at AOB Eventbrite.

And you can always come hear the brilliant Scandomando play at Soup! It’s not too late to get your tickets to BrightonSoup @ One Church, a fun finish to the AOB Brighton week of events!

Hope to see you there!

Team Soup

It’s Scandomando!

We first came across Scandomando way back in 2015, we heard them playing in Brighton and thought they would be a lot of fun to have at BrightonSoup!

Image may contain: 3 people

We tried to get them from our very first event, but they’re so busy gigging or we had too small a venue. So we haven’t been able to book them… until now!

So we are delighted to announce that they will be at our #AOBBrighton! Little Al, Big Tone, Baggy and The Kernel have kindly made time for us, and we have a perfect spot for them at One Church.

If you haven’t heard them play, Scandomando are a 4 piece skiffle band with a penchant for country punk interpretations of classic blues and pop covers, ranging from Dylan to the Specials. Full of energy, we can’t wait to hear them play!

Image may contain: 3 peopleFor a sneak peak of their awesome music, check them out on Facebook.

Don’t miss out on tickets for what’s sure to be a souper night filled with fantastic music and tasty food!

See you there

Team Soup


A Fun filled May!

We are all excited for our upcoming Soup at One Church on the 26th May and being part of the Any Other Business week of events, bringing together social and charitable organisations across our city. There’s plenty of fun community events – most of them free – so we thought we’d mention a couple.

Florence Road Farmer’s Market

The AOB week kicks off at 10 am on Saturday 20th May with the Florence Road Farmer’s Market, hosted by our friends at One Church. With a variety of delicious local foods to get stuck into: from fresh, ethical fish to sourdough breads, farm-direct meat and olive oil – as well as street food and speciality coffee.

The market helps build strong local relationships with weekly shoppers that keep the market going, and vulnerable people served by One Church Brighton who work within the market. This sounds right up our street, combining yummy food with community togetherness! A great way to start the AOB week.

Funding and Fundraising

If you’re interested in fund-raising advice, then Funding and Fundraising – hosted by Brighton Dome & Brighton Festival – could be perfect for you.

Can you think of one great piece of fundraising advice you’ve been given? Something that has really helped your cause. Or would you like to hear tips from others fundraisers? Well Chris Llewellyn of the CriSeren Foundation and Stephen Chamberlain from the Sussex Community Foundation will be there talking about working with supporters, raising money for the local community and working in partnership.

This sounds like a great event to gain knowledge and share experience in fundraising! Its at the The Basement, Kensington Street from 5pm – 6:30 pm. So come along, get some advice, give some advice and get connected.

For details and tickets to these and other AOB events visit AOB EventBrite. And you can get tickets for ours here.

We hope to see you at some of these wonderful events in May,  and at our next Soup!

Team Soup

Off Campus, on Florence Road & AOB Brighton

Well it’s been an interesting week.

We were sad to have to cancel Friday’s BrightonSoup @ Sussex SU event. Shame as it was a first collaboration between us and Sussex University Students’ Union. We’re still hopeful though, so watch this space. Not literally, that would be silly, we’ll just put another post up!

We do have some good news this week though: we’ve finally booked our next event and it will be at One Church, Florence Road on Friday 26th May. Yay!

It falls during the Brighton Festival and some great local organisations are hosting a week of special events under the banner AOB Brighton. Their idea is to showcase the work of charities, social enterprises, businesses and the public sector in our lovely city. And they invited us to close the week with our event. How souper cool is that 🙂

The festival theme is Everyday Epic and AOB Brighton want to show the epic character of social good this city has, but very few know about. There are some well loved groups involved: Community Base, The Bevy, One Church, The Platform and Brighton Bike Hub to name a few – so we’re delighted to be in that company. Check out AOB Brighton for the full list and see what events are on – most of them are free. And don’t forget to come along to ours too!

See you at Soup.

Team Soup