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Under the Radar

Calling all bands, musicians and singer-songwriters!

As some of you know, BrightonSoup have a fortnightly radio show ‘Under the Influence‘ in partnership with the fantastic Mike Willis.

For Mike’s next show (on the 8th December) he’s going to be featuring some of the many many many talented creators of music that are just under the radar. Hurrah! So to take part please do the following;

  • Send Mike a private message via facebook with a link to download 1-2 songs
  • In that message tell Mike any interesting stories about the band or the song
  • Let him know if you’d be available to call in to the show

This special show is called Under the Radar and will be live from 1-3pm on 1BrightonFM on Thursday December 8th.

If you’re not a musician or band but know someone who might be interested, please share this post!

*Disclaimer – there is very little chance Mike will get to play everything that’s sent to him. If you don’t get chosen, it doesn’t mean he think’s you suck! It just means he has limited time to fill and he also may start to identify a theme. Oohhh… Regardless, Mike promises to listen to every thing that he is sent.

Thanks for listening!

Team Soup

This Weeks Radio Show

Well that went quickly, its that time again already?

Today on 1BrightonFM, Mike Willis will be leaning towards piano driven tunes.. sounds good hey.

And lucky for us, we’ll be getting another fantasticly talented artist on the show to play some songs and have a little chatter.

On another note though, this Friday (tomorrow) we will be manning our BrightonSoup stall at TEDxBrighton, so pop by and say hello!

But for now, tune in to 1BrightonFM from 1pm to 3pm today, and enjoy the show!

Mike Willis, Under The Influence – In partnership with BrightonSoup

This Weeks Radio Show – You Pick ‘Em

Happy Thursday all,

So today on 1BrightonFM our very own Mike Willis is letting you choose the songs. Yes, you can pick ’em! Any song suggestions you post up on Mike’s page he’ll play them for you. This could be interesting!

And of course, there’s all that talking he does in that cool, laid back and very mischievous accent of his. Who will he be talking to this week?


Tune in to 1BrightonFM from 1pm to 3pm today, and enjoy the show!

Mike Willis, Under The Influence – In partnership with BrightonSoup


Jennie & The Agoraphobic Cat

If you were listening to Under The Influence with Mike Willis back in March (every other Thursday on 1BrightonFM 🙂 you may have heard a young local singer-songwriter performing a fantastic live track about an agoraphobic cat. Well we’re so very pleased to tell you that super talented songstress, Jennie Moloney, has agreed to come and play for us in July!

Jennie’s musical style has progressed from the folky acoustic variety, when she first begun writing at fourteen, to some weird and wonderful eclectic mix of whatever happens to float past her fancy at the time. From rap, to jazz, to comedy to theatre, she is on an ever-expanding musical journey to the centre of the earth to discover what the orange bit in jaffa cakes is really made out of and write a song about it (her words).

You can listen to some of her work on SoundCloud. Or drop in to the open mic night she hosts every Monday at the Dorset Bar & Kitchen in Brighton. Better still, come along to BrightonSoup @ Emmaus on Friday 1st July and be entertained along with the rest of us. And you may get to hear more about the agoraphobic cat…

Have a great weekend!

Team Soup

Soup Love & Other Titbits

Love Soup – First Soup Dates

Some of you will be happily or unhappily coupled to the person of your dreams. Some of you will not have dated since it involved putting on your Spanx or lucky pants, slapping on some musk and heading out into the night to persuade that special someone that your sense of humour and dance moves are ‘unique’ and ‘loveable’.

If you’re one of these lucky people, modern day dating could seem bewildering to you. Modern love can be a whirlwind of truth-bending-profile-writing and phone swiping induced repetitive strain injury. However, whether love blossomed back when Sister Sledge was banging out disco or Bruno Mars is funking it up, that first date can be pivotal. So as a bunch of old romantics, imagine how delighted Team Soup were that the last event provided the venue for a first date!

Fans of BrightonSoup know our events offer the chance to be involved in a grass-roots movement that through shared experience, brings people closer together in a world that can often isolate. So next time you swipe right, think Share, Listen, Vote and come to BrightonSoup @ Emmaus on Friday 1st July. Love might be a bowl of soup away.

Other Titbits

Tomorrow on Under The Influence you can expect the usual delightful music selected by the inimitable Mike Willis. His BrightonSoup guest this week is Nick Cross from St John’s School & College who pitched at our last event. Nick was hoping to raise funds for their Reveals Festival and though they didn’t win the vote, they did get a lot of offers of support on the night. He’ll be joining Mike after 2pm to talk about it. So tune into 1BrightonFM @ 1pm tomorrow afternoon to hear how he gets on.

Lastly, if you’re interested in pitching at our next event then you have a couple of weeks left to apply – just complete the online form. It’s only a few simple questions about your exciting project/idea and before you know it you could be one of four people pitching to our lovely audience. And wondering which ones on a first date :). So apply now!

Hope you’re having a lovely day!

Team Soup

There probably won’t be a Dr in the house!

Well the pitchers for our Crypt event have been selected and will soon be getting themselves psyched and ready to take you on! Well, more likely wondering what they’re going to say to get you interested in voting for them, but that doesn’t sound so enthusiastic. 🙂 Help will be at hand though as our favourite Community Organisers will again be giving our hopefuls some valuable presentation training.

So pitchers sorted, chef’s lined up, everything is falling into place. We just need to tell you about the entertainment. We said we were changing it up this time and we are, but we hope in a good way. This time we are delighted to announce that the multi award winning, local legend, Dr David Bramwell, creator and host of Brighton’s famous Catalyst Club (now in its 12th year), will be amusing us.

Performer, radio presenter, author, freelance writer, podcaster, lecturer, ex-teacher and musician:  is there nothing this man cannot do? Well, medical stuff, he’s not a real doctor. Apart from that it’s insane how much this one man does. You can find out more about the man and the legend here, but please be aware that he may have written some of the things there himself.

So if you want to see what projects we have this time, taste the delicious food and catch the entertainment, here’s the bit where gently remind you to get a ticket. Or nag you – depends on you’re mood today. We really hope you can make it.

DSCF8465And finally, if you were lucky enough to catch Georgia Lewis when she performed at our very first soup last year, then you know what a delightful voice she has. Well she’ll be guesting on this weeks radio spot and bringing her fiddle player Rowan along with her to perform a couple of tracks and chat. Tune in to 1BrightonFM on Thursday @ 1pm.

So not long now, have a fun week.

Team Soup

Photos, Junk Food & Little Green Pigs

It is World Book Day so it is fitting that today’s guest on Under the Influence with Mike Willis is Julie Watson from Little Green Pig. A charity that believes all young people can be writers. Julie pitched at BrightonSoup back in November and although she didn’t win she had lots of interest so she has some great things to say about the experience. To find out more, and to hear what Little Green Pig have been up to since the event tune in to 1BrightonFM at 1pm today. Hopefully there won’t be any acapella Queen. 🙂 No promises though.

We want to thank Sarah and all at The Real Junk Food Project for the veg donation which ended up in Tom’s Spicy Parsnip & Swede Soup – which was very popular. If you don’t know, TRJFP help eradicate food wastage by feeding it to people on a “pay as you feel” basis. Sam Redfern, one SCAN-20160303of their volunteer chefs who cooked a delicious Tuscan Bean Soup for our event said cooking at TRJFP was like “Ready, Steady, Cook”. What a great way to take what would be wasted and put it to delicious use.

You probably know TRJFP host a popup event at One Church in Gloucester place at 1pm every Friday, but did you know they host several events across Brighton & Hove?

St Lukes Church on Old Shoreham Road – Mon to Wed (open midday)
Hollingdean Community Centre – Thu (open 1 pm)
The Hive in Hove – 1st Wed of the month (open midday)

Plenty of opportunities to try them out across town and you can get the full details on their website. And if you can’t make it yourself then pass the info on.

If you haven’t spotted it yet, our event photos are up on bookface. A very special thanks to Natalie Duke for helping us out for the evening and giving us some great photos.

Happy World Book Day!

Team Soup

Not so magnifico…

Did you catch us on 1BrightonFM today? If you did, we’re really sorry! Mike had us all sing along to the accapela part in Bohemian Rhapsody and we’re fairly sure Freddie wouldn’t have been impressed. 😳 A bit unfair as Mike’s the one with the great voice as you’ll hear tomorrow evening if you’re coming. 

Fortunately our star guest on the show was Tamsin Williams from Wide Berth and she wasn’t fazed at all. Tamsin pitched at our second event in Hangleton and won the vote and money for her craft taster event. It’s on the 11th March and you can get more info about it here. Tamsin will be coming along tomorrow night to give us all an update on how it’s been since pitching at BrightonSoup.  

Speaking of tomorrow night, our online ticket sales have now closed but we have 5 tickets left which will be on the door. Doors open at 6pm so if you want one, don’t be late! If you’ve already bought a ticket but can’t make it for any reason,   please do let us know so that we can reallocate your spot. It’s shaping up to be a good evening. 

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Love & Hugs

Team Soup xx

Round up

Round Up

Well first off, less than 2 weeks until our next soup and over half the tickets are gone. So if you’re planning on joining us best get a ticket (PayPal) soon as we had to turn people away last time. If you prefer to use a debit/credit card you can pay via EventBrite but the fees are higher.

We now have our 4 projects selected for the 19th and it was not an easy task – and it’s not going to be any easier on the night. They’ll be doing some pitch training this morning courtesy of Brighton Students Union Community Organisers (thanks again :)). That should make their projects even more compelling.

We have a couple of new chefs this time offering up their delights for you. Sam Redfern, from The Real Junk Food Project Brighton has wanted to help for a while, but the dates clashed. This time the stars are aligned and he will be bringing some tasty soup on the night. And Aldina Paiva – who you may already know from the Street Diner or her restaurant in York Place, Dina’s Kitchen.  Sadly she can’t be there as she will be busy cooking, but she will be sending some Portuguese deliciousness along for us all to try. And don’t worry though, your fave regulars, Tom Chadd – of The Soup Dept fame – and Lizzie Batten are cooking for us again too.

We had the first guest on our community radio show with Mike Willis last week. Susannah from Adventure Unlimited, who pitched at our 2nd event, dropped in to talk about how outdoor activities can help kids develop confidence and self-esteem – and how AU helps under-privileged children access that. She also spoke about what it’s like to pitch at BrightonSoup. Susannah was a great guest and we’re very glad she dropped in to chat (Thanks! :)).

And Mike then turned the tables on our own Nikki when, without warning, he got her to interview him! She was very calm and did a great job, but she did mention later that it was very scary. It was also very entertaining, well done Nikki and thanks for a great show, Mike.

We’ll let you all know when the show is posted up in case want to hear it for yourselves. In the meantime we have some other great guests coming up on the show.

So that’s a quick BrightonSoup round up, hope you’re having a good week and looking forward to seeing you on the 19th.

Team Soup