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We took it to The Bridge

Wow, I think we had another great Soup. The run up is always nerve-wracking; will all the guests turn up, how much will we raise, will any of the projects drop out, will the entertainer make it, will we run out of soup? We always worry, but it always seems to turn out well. It must be down to the ingredients.  Firstly the passionate people who pitch great projects, to the wonderfully enthusiastic people volunteering, and then topped with the awesome warm and generous people who attend our events.

Like Matt Brabner, who persuaded his boss and colleagues at Natural Balances to dedicate their Bright10 run to  previous pitchers, Rhythmix. How great is that, and completely in the spirit of BrightonSoup. It’s always such a great crowd at our events, all wanting to be part of something bigger and to support each other. It was great to see that two thirds of you were attending your first Soup!

As usual it was really hard to decide on who to vote for. We had great impassioned pitches from Debbie for Cook and Creche, helping people eat healthy on a budget – with child care 2016-09-23-213025-088-sla-copyincluded; Xavier with republic, helping the hardest to reach young people learn a skill, gain confidence and get work – all through coffee; Duncan from Brighton Bike Hub about his DIY community workshop cycle repair project, where volunteers and users help each other. In the end it was Elaine from The Hummingbird Project – who plans to encourage local folk to foster unaccompanied children from the Calais refugee camps – who got the vote and takes £462 in door money and donations.

You can find out more about each of the projects ad how to contact them here.

Julian from Free Uni Brighton, winner of our last event at Emmaus, came back to tell us how they’ve gotten on since then and how the money you gave them has helped them to continue giving free education for all regardless of your ability to pay. If you want to do some learning of your own, Forensic Crime or Latin maybe, then get in touch.

2016-09-23-210302-1279-wca-copyAs always we like you to be entertained with some musical genius, and we had the talented Harry Osborne performing some of his songs. Some deep, jazzy and some funky, I think we speak for everyone when we say it was superb. Thanks Harry!

We also met the guys from Middlesbrough Soup hope4boro! It’s always great to meet fellow Soupers and share our learning and experiences – we picked up some great suggestions. Obviously we we’re super busy on the night but it was good to have you there so thanks for coming, 2016-09-23-185125-026-sla-copyWe hope to be up your way soon. We visited Ely Soup a while back and we’re definitely keen to get out more and attend other soups. Soup Love!

And speaking of soup love, a big thanks to our awesome soup makers; we had another 5 tasty soups to try out. Tom from The Soup Dept couldn’t be there again, but gave us soup anyway. Lizzie and Sam came back again and we had a BrightonSoup newcomer Connie, who works at The Bridge Kitchen. All were souper amazing, so check out what deliciousness they made us here.

2016-09-23-204522-0424-cda-copySo many people helped contribute to this event, whether it was people bringing along food to share or local businesses donating raffle prizes, so lets have a little appreciation and check out our contributors section for details.

A special mention has to go to Sam and her team at The Bridge – who invited us over, let us use their lovely space and and made us feel really, really welcome. And they gave us two delicious soups too. Thanks!

2016-09-23-213327-0510-cda-copyAmong the many first timers at Friday’s Soup was Pete West, Mayor of Brighton & Hove. It was great he took the time to join us and had some very lovely heartfelt words to say at the end of the night. Supporting what we try to achieve at BrightonSoup and to all the projects and people that are involved. He’s already asked to be kept in the loop for our next events, so he can join us again. Is BrightonSoup addictive?

Next up we’re back at Community Base in central Brighton on the 2nd December, so save the date and more details will follow. But to finish up, we’d like to say again a big thank you to everyone involved. Without you all we wouldn’t be able to keep going.

Till next time you souperstars,

  • To see the full details on the event, who the contributors were and how you can get involved with any of the projects check out the event archive page.
  • You can check out the event photos on facebook album, so get tagging 🙂

Team Soup


An Interview with WOFFF – Nuala O’Sullivan

Salutations Soupateers!

This past week I had the pleasure of speaking with one of Brighton Soups past projects; Nuala O’Sullivan, founder of WOFFF – Women’s Over Fifty Film Festival, now in its second year. I wanted to find out how her experience with BrightonSoup had been and to learn a little more about her exciting Brighton Film Festival…

So tell me Nuala, how did you discover BrightonSoup?

I was introduced to London Soup by a friend of mine who knew I was starting up WOFFF, so I submitted an application even though I was pushing it; you know being a Brighton based film festival although I live in London. A year or so later I came across BrightonSoup and got in contact and it seemed like a much better fit and I got further than I did with the London application. I met Will and Karin and as soon as I did I thought “OK this is something I want to be involved with”.

I totally agree with you there, and what would you say inspired you to pitch?

Yes, again I have to put it back to Will and Karin; they made it clear that from the minute you get involved with BrightonSoup you’re one of the family. The biggest attraction to me was when they said you would get pitch training; because I think it’s really hard to sum #2016-07-01-191545-#3023-RBOLLup succinctly well and engagingly, what you’re about. I mean I certainly don’t have any trouble talking, I can talk the hind legs off a donkey and that’s fine sometimes, but other times less is more. So even when you imagine the worst case scenario where you make your pitch and you might not win on the night you still come away having had the training, so I could not see a downside.

Well quite, pitch training can be instrumental to a number of other opportunities right?

Yes exactly, and you know that’s the other thing; everything that happened at BrightonSoup was not contained within BrightonSoup. I mean its a life skill really; it’s all about connections.

Once the soup comes out everyone starts talking and that’s when it gets really exciting


What kind of connections did you make?

So we got tonnes of stuff; I mean we told a room full of people about our festival and got a lot of interest, people signed up to our monthly newsletter so now they’re part of our family, some even signed up as volunteers which we desperately needed.


And what about with the other projects; did you make any connections there?

You may remember our night was a very exciting night actually, as the overall donations pot was already sitting at around the £300 mark and then more and more kept getting added until we reached about £1,200 at the end. Ali from Free University Brighton had said, and I must stress this was before the results even got announced, that we should split the money four ways amongst all the projects. Lo and behold Free Uni Brighton came up and we had all said don’t be daft as we were already getting a share in £300 of that £1,200 total but she wouldn’t hear it. So in the end everybody that night got £300 which is kind of what everyone was wishing for. I mean I was happy already just with the pitch training, getting to speak to a room full of people and get those volunteers, but to walk away with £300 was truly amazing.

I think it really is wonderful, its got a sort of Dragons Den format but its really all about recognising your neighbours which we don’t do enough of.

Well yes, but that’s the thing, if it really was a Dragons Den I would get up, pitch and then somebody would ask me a few questions and then that would be the end of it. But the magical bit of this happens after that when you go round the room and talk to people; I mean the pitch can be a bit of a lecture situation but once the soup comes out everyone starts talking and that’s when it gets really exciting.

Its a very infectious atmosphere! Now I wanted to ask you more about WOFFF; I gather you have a festival coming up in October, can you tell us a little about that?

So Saturday the 1st and Sunday the 2nd of October we’re going to be showcasing 44 short films, an all female panel event and a workshop all within the BMECP (Black and Minority Ethnic Community Partnership) building situated just 5 minutes from Brighton station, so really central. The 44 films were chosen from over 100 submissions and the premise of WOFFF is that each short film must either have a woman over 50 at the heart of the piece on screen; they must really be driving the action, or have a woman behind the camera in one of the core roles of writer, director or producer. So what that means is that its a really open medium; you as a young man could make a movie with a story centred around an older woman or indeed that older woman could make a documentary about you for example.

And what kind of submissions have you had?

screen-shot-2016-09-15-at-11-39-19These films have come from all around the world too from places as far away as New Zealand, Bangladesh, Canada, Hong Kong, Nigeria just to name a few, and we created four categories: drama, documentary, animation and experimental. So within those genres we have films about flying dinosaurs, films about dancing, topics like life after death and in one, some talking furniture.

I’m sure I’ve seen that one before… Certainly something for everyone! It really does emphasise the point I think you’re making here that its all about giving those women over 50 a chance.

Exactly, women over 50 in the film industry are really poorly represented and under appreciated as both film makers and film protagonists. The reason I started WOFFF was because I wrote a short film myself and entered it into a lot of film festivals before anyone took any notice of it. I had always had a keen interest in film festivals and after entering a piece I started to view them in a different light and noticed that a lot of the people who ran and entered these festivals were younger men; after doing a bit of digging I found that there was only one that actually focused on the work of older women, held in Japan. It’s called the Senior Women’s Film Festival. I got in contact with them and it turned out that the woman who run it was previously a student here at Brighton university, such a small world; so naturally we like to think of ourselves as sister festivals.

Wow, that’s amazing! Now I’m sorry to say but I have to wrap things up but I’d like to ask you one last question; if you could be any soup, what soup would you be?

I think I would be something like borscht; quite small and sturdy, hearty yes. Definitely borscht, haha.

An excellent choice; thank you Nuala. 


They say that good soup is one of the prime ingredients of good living, well I say it seems that a good BrightonSoup certainly makes all the difference.

Now if you want to attend the upcoming WOFFF festival on the 1st and 2nd of October details can be found at wofff.co.uk and tickets can be bought from billetto.co.uk/wofff. You can also follow them on twitter @WO50FF, FaceBook Instagram.

Of course the next BrightonSoup event is soon upon us coming this Friday on the 23rd of September at The Bridge in Moulscoomb! So see you there!

Well that’s all from me this entry, hope you;re having a great week everyone and don’t forget to stay hearty Brighton!

(Leek & Potato)

Team Soup



Harry Osborne

Always one of our fave moments at BrightonSoup, is when we announce who will be providing the all important entertainment on the night (whilst we count the votes).

Well this time we’re very pleased to announce Harry Osborne will be playing for us. You can catch Harry playing round Brighton and Hastings with his 3 piece band, but next week at The Bridge he will be treating us to a solo performance. An excellent guitarist and songwriter, performing his own material, we’re hoping you’ll love it as much as we do. Our very own Mike Willis said “keep an eye on Harry, he will go far”. We’re hoping not too far, we like him 🙂

So check out Harry’s facebook page or listen to his latest track here.

It should be a good night, hope you can make it!

Team Soup


Soup Pot Share

Whilst every soup event is special, there was definitely something in the air (sorry, Phil) at our last event. And not simply because it was our 1st birthday :).

#2016-07-01-194638-#3190-RBOLLRegular Soup attendees and recent converts know our nights are about bringing people together to listen, eat and vote for one of the groups pitching and effect change in some way for our communities.

But on Friday 1st July, Ali Ghanimi from Free University Brighton – who won the vote on the night – stood up, thanked everybody for their support and announced their intention to share the £876.25 Soup pot with their fellow pitchers from Esteem, Brighton Oasis Project and Women Over 50 Film Festival!


This truly embodies the spirit of BrightonSoup and the ethos of community partnering. Rock on!

And this happened before they knew Ahmed el Dessouki of Papa John’s Pizza Brighton had just offered £300 to be split amongst the runners up. He only dropped by with his family for some soup and a vote, but maybe that was whatever was in the air again.

So everyone who pitched not only went home with some useful new contacts but also £294 to help with their community projects!

“I’m honestly amazed at what a group of people who come together can achieve. The soup was tremendous, I’m coming back.”

#2016-07-01-194717-#3194-RBOLLMaybe it was the venue. The Revive Cafe is warm friendly space on the Emmaus grounds, and the people who live and work at Emmaus give out a beautiful helpful vibe.

This was the perfect place for soup, to sit and hear pitches delivered with passion and humour, where each had a story to bring to life what the funding would mean to their project.

And the perfect place to enjoy the delicious soups provided once again by our generous chefs – Tom, Lizzie, Sam and Matteo. Along with a few Papa John’s Pizzas and all the food guests brought along to share.#2016-07-01-194805-#3204-RBOLL

“Food (soup & pizzas) very tasty, very sociable atmosphere, everyone very friendly. Learned a lot about what good projects are going on locally.”

All that was missing was some entertainment, and it very nearly was missing. Our scheduled artist failed to appear (thanks) so we had to find an alternative at very short notice. Fortunately Charlie Anjos stepped up to provide some brilliant entertainment, giving us acoustic versions of some of his fave songs. I can’t get Perfect Skin by Peace out of my head now.

Well, he does keep playing it around the house :).

So a magic night and a great way to end our first year. Thank you all for coming along to help us celebrate. A very big thanks to Joel, Andy, Ian and all at Emmaus for providing us with a great venue and putting up with our reorganising their community cafe and kitchen for the evening! We hope it was worth it – we met a lot of lovely people who thought it was.

  • For full details on who pitched, contributed and helped check out the event archive.
  • Or check out the event photos here.

See you at the next one!

Team Soup











Thank You , Richard!

Thank you everyone for making BrightonSoup @ Emmaus such a great night, we really enjoyed it. We’re all very knackered now and taking a short break this week, but when we return we’ll post up all the details of the event and how it went. In the meantime we thought you’d like to have a look at the photos.

The photographs are courtesy of the very nice Richard Boll. He came down from London to spend the evening taking photos for us and did a brilliant job. We also forgot to thank him at our closing speech, so Richard, thank you so much for giving us your time and the fantastic job you did of capturing the vibe and fun of our event. You should start a business or something 🙂

BrightonSoup @ Emmaus Photos

Have a great week and see you when we get back

Team Soup

Jennie & The Agoraphobic Cat

If you were listening to Under The Influence with Mike Willis back in March (every other Thursday on 1BrightonFM 🙂 you may have heard a young local singer-songwriter performing a fantastic live track about an agoraphobic cat. Well we’re so very pleased to tell you that super talented songstress, Jennie Moloney, has agreed to come and play for us in July!

Jennie’s musical style has progressed from the folky acoustic variety, when she first begun writing at fourteen, to some weird and wonderful eclectic mix of whatever happens to float past her fancy at the time. From rap, to jazz, to comedy to theatre, she is on an ever-expanding musical journey to the centre of the earth to discover what the orange bit in jaffa cakes is really made out of and write a song about it (her words).

You can listen to some of her work on SoundCloud. Or drop in to the open mic night she hosts every Monday at the Dorset Bar & Kitchen in Brighton. Better still, come along to BrightonSoup @ Emmaus on Friday 1st July and be entertained along with the rest of us. And you may get to hear more about the agoraphobic cat…

Have a great weekend!

Team Soup

Those awesome bearded dudes…

If you came along to our last event at Community Base back in February, you may have noticed a couple of pleasant bearded gentleman with video cameras. Gareth and Mark from @therealmediaco generously offered to come film our event and make a video for us, all in their spare time.

The video isn’t ready yet, but they put together this little teaser video for us. We really like it. We’re hoping you will too :), let us know what you think.

So a big thanks to the awesome bearded dudes at The Real Media Company.

Team Soup

St George & The Community Soup Dragons!

Friday night was BrightonSoup night and my oh my, last Friday was epic. Thank you to everyone who joined us at St Georges Church in Kemptown, all you soup dragons made this event truly special.

From the faces we know well, delivering their tantalising soups and serving everyone with a smile, to those who were out for a different kind of Friday night, bringing friends and work colleagues.  To the couples, the families and even the odd first date…thank you for coming and playing a vital part in your community through supporting these amazing projects.

Pitches galore!

We had a mix of pitches on the evening with the ultimate winner being Sam Hart from Sussex 2016-04-29-214045-#997-CDAPrisoners’ Families. The win allows them to train more volunteers to offer independent advice and support to the children and families of those facing prison. We were delighted to be able to hand over a very large ceremonial cheque for £893.00! This amount was achieved through all the ticket donations paid in advance and taken at the door on the night, and the  wonderful Ahmed from Papa John’s Pizza Brighton who kindly matched it to double the pot!

Every pitch was impassioned and delivered eloquently making the decision for everyone on the night particularly challenging.  First Dan, from Goodmoney CIC , a Brighton based social enterprise that provides alternative ways of exchanging value within the community, wanted 2016-04-29-185203-#823-CDA #editedsupport to develop a voucher wallet that would be sent with every voucher bought. Nick, from St. John’s School & College, who provide education, care and medical therapy to young people aged 7 to 25, wanted help to run the first Glastonbury-style festival for all of their pupils. And Lucy from Rhythmix, a music and social welfare charity providing opportunities for music making to people in challenging circumstances, who desperately need new computer equipment.

You can find out more about each of the projects that pitched here and how else you can help.

“What inspired me tonight is that it is not just about who wins the pitch, it is the constant offers of support or ideas that I’ve witnessed that embodies what community spirit is all about – Thanks Brighton Soup.” – Greg, first time Souper

2016-04-29-212939-#963-CDA#editedThere was a welcome return from Simon Cobb from Stoneham Bakehouse who won £352.50 at our last event to help purchase a really rather beautiful Elephant Bike to help share the benefits of baking as therapy for the community.  Simon and his team were also featured on BBC South East Today last  Friday talking about how baking can help commnuities. Follow them for details of their next baking session……and GET INVOLVED!

Nice one, Dave!

For those of you who don’t know Dr David Bramwell, we were lucky enough to be taken, if only for a short while, on an entertaining and engaging tour of his journey to some of the most extraordinary communities across the world. Peppered with funny anecdotes and insights, David’s talk reminded us of the importance of connections through conversation and to the people in our community.

“Creating dialogue across a diverse community” Colin

You can get a taste of David’s journey by watching episode 1 from his The No.9 Bus to Utopia web series. Or catch him at the Catalyst Club every 2nd Thursday of the month.

Soupers Delight

2016-04-29-194655-#912-CDA #edited

Thank you to our soup contributors! Once again 5 delicious soups catering for all tastes. Lizzie Batten brought a crowd favourite and was once again found in the kitchen helping out. And although BrightonSoup stalwarts Tom Chadd and Ash Sharma  couldn’t make it, they sent their deliciousness along for us to enjoy.

Newcomer, Matteo  Watkins, enjoyed our last event so much he came back and made soup for us, and what a soup it was!

2016-04-29-204837-#946-CDA #edited

Sam Redfern returned with another lovely soup, but this time also offered himself up as a raffle prize – cooking a meal for 4 at the winners home – including wine! Here he is with the lucky winner. Not sure who does the washing up though :).

And let’s not forget all the people who brought food along to share. Check out our contributors section for more details.


All the event photos are on our facebook album.

Next Up

Well that was BrightonSoup @ The Crypt, or St Georges if you prefer :). We had a great time and are now looking ahead to our anniversary soup in Portslade on 1st July. Details to follow.

In the meantime, thanks, love and laughter.

Team Soup

If you’re thinking of coming along tomorrow…

Well less than 24 hours to go and it’s looking to be a good night. We still have some spaces and we will put them on the door tomorrow night.

If you are thinking of coming along then here’s a few things we wanted to let you know;

  1. Although we called it BrightonSoup @ The Crypt, we’re actually in the church itself and not downstairs. It was just too cool a name not to use.
  2. Doors open 6pm for refreshments. The pitches start at 7pm – try not to be late as it can disturb them mid-flow.
  3. We’re not serving alcohol, but you can bring your own or pop out and get some locally.
  4. We’re providing 5 delicious soups, but it’s also a Pot Luck evening where people bring along food to share. If you do so then please avoid anything that needs heating up as we’re short on space.

Hope to see you tomorrow!

Team Soup