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A look back on 2016

Happy New Year everyone!

2016 was yet another fantastic year for BrightonSoup, and now with over 50 Soups in the UK a fantastic year for the Soup movement. So what did we get up to last year..?

  • We held 5 Soups; in Portslade, Moulsecoomb, Kemp Town and Central Brighton
  • We were donated an incredible amount of raffle contributions from local business
  • We had donations from 6 supermarkets and local food organisations (including projects that had pitched)
  • 8 local chefs prepared a selection of 24 delicious soups, of which the majority were gluten free, and vegan 🙂 And Papa Johns donated more large tasty pizzas as well as all the mountains of pot luck yummy food that people brought along too
  • 4 talented and diverse musicians entertained us with some of their original music and some cool covers, and to make it a bit different we even had a guest speaker!
  • We had 20 people pitch their projects and ultimately 8 winners (as at one Soups the winner shared their pot!) who received £3,281.80 from the tickets paid by the 473 attendees, this also included the 3 extra prize donations from a local business and fans of the BrightonSoup movement

It was a great year for us and we ended it with a brilliant last soup full of so much energy, and compassion. And we’re totally looking forward to seeing SpeakOut’s documentary later this year!

We record everything that happens from our BrightonSoup events in an archive, so if you want to see what went down at any previous events you missed, or you’ve been thinking about contacting one of the previous pitchers you connected with to offer your support in some way, then check it out here.


So now onto 2017, and there’s a lot to look forward to. But we like to keep you on your toes, so all will be revealed in due course.. For now though we can wet your soup appetite, so save the date as our next soup is going to be at St Georges Church in Hangleton on 24th February.

We wish everyone a successful 2017, and look forward to continuously supporting each other and our fantastic community, lets make changes!

Team Soup

3 Projects still needing Help

Only a week to go until our next soup and we wanted to remind you of 3 great projects from our last soup still needing help. You can donate or pledge a skill – however you can help will be greatly appreciated.Take a look and if you can help then please get in touch with them below.

If you can only help one, then it’s a tough choice. They’re all good projects.

mASCot ~ Knowledge Box Library

mASCot Knowledge Box LibrarymASCot is a parent led support group for families with kids on the Autistic spectrum. They support over 180 families and more weekly. They provide workshops, coffee mornings, talks, training and therapies and are always looking to provide new and necessary support for their families. They’re looking for help and funds to create a Knowledge Box Library for families with books, leaflets, information and aids to help parents and children understand Autism better. Telling your child about Autism is a big worry for many parents and mASCot want to help make this part of their journey easier.

Sam Bayley
07943 346 055 / 01273 414 609

Website: asc-mascot.com
Facebook: facebook/ascmascot
Twitter: @mascotsupport

A Helping Hand ~ Training Resources


A Helping Hand help support and educate people about nutrition and how it affects the way we feel, or as Shalina says “food & mood”. It’s not simply knowing what to eat to feel good, these discussions are about friendships, self confidence, self esteem, weight concerns and their relationship to food, drugs, alcohol, bullying, peer pressure and difficult home lives. For young people, women experiencing PND, those recovering from drug and alcohol misuse.  These talks are a great way to learn how to take back control of your health, ask questions, and be supported in a safe environment. The funding is to buy and create educational props to improve the learning experience and capture different learning styles.

Shalina Sheikh
07990 973 558

Website: www.salubrious-living.co.uk

Mymarc CIC ~ Art Supplies


Mymarc run Make Your Mark art workshops for disabled young people in Brighton and Hove. Youngsters up to the age of 25 are given an opportunity to express themselves creatively, experiment and explore printing, painting and sculpture as well as having fun. Mymarc also provide volunteering opportunities for local artists and young people to help the kids find new ways to connect to the world around them. They need funds to buy a projector and art supplies.

Sue Winter 07400 963 087

Website: www.mymarc.weebly.com

Thanks for getting involved.

Team Soup