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BrightonSoup @ Emmaus

BS6 Event Poster @ Emmaus 01.07.2016In June of last year we held our very first BrightonSoup event in Portslade. So it’s the perfect place for us to celebrate our 1st Birthday.

This time we’re hosting it BrightonSoup @ Emmaus! They helped us from the start, cooking up a tasty soup for us and and offering to host a future event. Having spent many hours there we knew it should be a summer bash, so after having hosted events around our city, we’re delighted to be back in Portslade on Friday 1st July.

If you haven’t visited Emmaus then you really should, it’s more than a huge charity shop: it’s got the Revival Cafe, outside seating, lush grounds to explore, places to chill and relax, friendly people and a really nice vibe running through it. A beautiful place to spend time on a summer evening. Eating soup and doing good :).

If you want to join us (and we really think you should) tickets are now available. It’s only £4 and all the ticket money goes to the winning pitch. It’s a smaller venue than our recent ones so spaces will be limited.

Hope to see you there.

Team Soup

Now that was 2015

Happy New Year everyone!

2015 was a great year for BrightonSoup, our very first, so we thought we’d share our calendar year in numbers:

  • We held 3 Soups in 3 venues in Portslade, Hangleton and central Brighton.
  • We donations from 4 supermarkets and a staggering amount of raffle contributions from local business.
  • 5 local chefs prepared a selection of 15 delicious soups, 13 of them were vegan – the soups 🙂 – and all were gluten free. We also had 5 very large pizzas and lashings of other yummy stuff that people brought along, for too much to actually count.
  • 5 talented musicians entertained us with original music, traditional folk songs and some great Beatles covers – using guitars, a double bass, a flute and a lovely accordion.
  • We had 13 people pitch 11 projects and ultimately 3 winners who received a £1,308.80 from the tickets paid by the 213 attendees and 1 prize matching donation from an awesome local business.

It was a great year for us and we ended it with a listening to one of the winning projects singing beautiful forgotten Christmas carols at St Bartholomew’s Church in Brighton.


So now we look forward to 2016 and there’s lots to look forward to. Our next soup is going to be at community base on Friday 19th February. But first we have a couple of other events that may be on interest:

Mothers Uncovered pitched at our last event and though they didn’t win they had a lot of love for their SoulFood project. Well on Tue 19th Jan they’re holding a SoulFood Party at the Synergy Centre, Brighton to celebrate all things tasty. It looks to be a lot of fun.

Funding is a big issue for community projects, especially small ones – it’s why we exist. We’ve had a lot of help from people and one of them, Caz o’Kane, is holding a workshop on funding applications advice in central Brighton on Wed 13th Jan. She could be just the help you need.

So, here’s hoping to a great 2016 all round, with lots more souping and fun and people getting together to make good things happen!

Team Soup

BrightonSoup @ Portslade – 19th June 2015

Our first soup and we think it went really well.

There were 4 projects pitched on the night and Ann from the Purple People Plot won the vote and took £304.50 for their Secret Garden for the Food Bank users. We had some good connections made and skills pledged.

This is the info on the people who pitched, the project that won, those that provided the food, entertainment, decorations, everyone that helped us make it happen:

The Venue

South Portslade Community Centre
Church Road
BN41 1LB

Attendance: 61

Thanks to Siobhan and Brunwin for their help.

The Projects

Thank you to all the projects for being part of our BrightonSoup event. Although we had a winner these projects still need help. So if you can do anything to help, donate, give your time, pledge a skill, then get in touch directly or use our contact form.

1 – Knowledge Box Library

mASCot Knowledge Box LibrarymASCot is a parent led support group for families with a child/children on the Autistic spectrum. We now have over 180 families that we support and we are growing weekly. We arrange many things in mASCot including workshops, coffee mornings, talks, training and therapies and we are always looking to provide new and necessary support for our families.

One of our new projects is our Knowledge Box Library where we provide a box of books, leaflets and information to help parents and children understand Autism better by reading some wonderful books and resources. Telling your child about Autism is a big worry for many parents and we hope we can provide the right information and guidance to make this part of their journey easier.

DSCF8333Presenters: Paula Donovan & Mimi Banks

Sam Bayley
07943 346 055 / 01273 414 609

Website: asc-mascot.com
Facebook: facebook/ascmascot
Twitter: @mascotsupport


2 – A Helping Hand


A Helping Hand helps educate and support young people and their families in the community, women experiencing PND and people recovering from drug and alcohol misuse. The basis of the talks is about nutrition and how it affects the way we feel or as I like to say, food & mood. However things aren’t always as simple as knowing what to eat to feel good, the discussions are broader and cover friendships, self confidence, self esteem, weight concerns and their relationship to food, drugs, alcohol, bullying, peer pressure and difficult home lives.

All these things effect our overall health & wellbeing and young people can need extra support dealing with them. These talks are a great way for them to learn how to take back control of their health, ask questions, be supported and talk openly in a safe environment. The funding will enable me to buy and create educational props to make the learning experience more interactive and visual, to capture different learning styles. DSCF8354

Miss Shalina Sheikh
07990 973 558

Website: www.salubrious-living.co.uk


3 – Mymarc Community Interest Company


Mymarc is a Community Interest Company that runs Make Your Mark art workshops for disabled young people up to the age of 25 in Brighton and Hove. The workshops are an opportunity for disabled young people to express themselves creatively, experiment and explore a wide-range of media – printing, painting and sculpture as well as getting together and having some fun.

Mymarc also provides volunteering opportunities for local artists and young people. We help them open up new parts of their lives and find new ways to connect to the world around them. We would like the funds to buy a projector and art supplies.

DSCF8388Presenter: Lizzie Batten

Sue Winter 07400 963 087

Website: www.mymarc.weebly.com


4 – Purple People Plot (Winner)

purple-people-plotBehind Portslade Town Hall is a secret garden, just waiting for care and attention. With your help we can make it into a very special place for displaced, disengaged, depressed, desperate people to dig their way back to mental and physical fitness. It will be for a sheltered vulnerable group of people who may not have a framework to their day or a purpose in life. Designed to encourage interaction, team work, relaxation and co-operation.

It will enable stressed parents to play and work with their children in a safe and natural environment. Everyone will benefit by enjoying the satisfaction and sense of achievement. An added bonus will be the food we produce, which we will share on site or use in our Food Bank kitchen. We area spin off from the Purple People Kitchen Food Bank which is held at the Portslade Town Hall every Friday, and the Council have allocated the plot to become a community garden. The funding will enable us to buy kids gardening tools for them to be an active part of it.

Ann Menhinick
07789 765 933 / 01273 412 952

Website: www.portslade.webeden.co.uk/#/purple-people-kitchen-food-ban/4585265150


Everyone that helped

Soup & Food

These stars provided 4 delicious soups and bread, free of charge, to all of our guests. And Tom and Shona spent the evening at the event helping out.

the-soup-deptTom Chadd @ The Soup Dept
Brocolli & Stilton Soup
Thai Red Curried Lentil Soup

cactusAsh (Chef) & Shona @ The Cactus Cafe (Opening Soon)
Mexican Lentil Bean Soup


Joel & Ian (Chef) @ emmaus Brighton
Leek & Potato Soup

A special mention to Hilary & Richard for the allotment veg that went into the soups. And to all the guests that brought food and drink of their own to share.


DSCF8465The delightful Georgia Lewis, a young local folk singer and avid accordionist offered to play solo when the rest of her band couldn’t make it.

And a special mention to Paul & Helen @ OnRequest for loan of the the mike stand.

The Boundary Road Souper-Stars!

Helping to fund the night and everything that made us look good, from balloons and table decorations, to some great raffle prizes, these are the local business that helped us out and you can find most of them on the Facebook Buzz on Boundary page.

Angel @ Angel Art
Nima @ Best Wishes
Mike @ Sparkles
Sally @ Tesco Boundary Road
George @ George’s Gems
Debbie @ Sweet Treats
Shaadi @ Hair Station
Douglas @ The Coffee Station
Faye @ Phase Photography
Gail @ Fairydust Flowers

And it wasn’t just boundary road;

Emma @ Sainsburys West Hove
Alan @ AlanThePrinter.co.uk in Southwick
All @ Stock in Trade Ltd in London

The Volunteers

The Project Committee: Scott, Peter, Michael, Charlie & Angel.

Donna for putting up posters and handing out leaflets, Julian for offering free business and patent advice to our projects and Alex for offering coaching help to the projects.

And finally all those that helped on the night setting up, checking people in, serving food, doing the raffle, taking photos and making sure it didn’t all go horribly wrong: Alex, Angel, Carol, Charlie, Karin, Michael, Peter, Scott, Shona, Steph (x2) & Tom,

Karin, Georgia, Nikki, Scott, Angel, Tom, Peter, Will, Charlie, Steph, Michael, Shona, Hilary

A big thanks to everyone for getting involved!

Read our review, see photos or watch Georgia singing.

Will & Nikki Anjos

Good to Go

A quick update.

First we’ve got to mention Buzz on Boundary. We posted up for help and had immediate offers from Purnima @ Best Wishes and Sally @ Tesco. It’s a great little online community with all the shops helping each other and giving out special offers. Worth checking out.

This weekend emmaus Brighton offered to make soup for us! We already have soup contributors (thanks Tom and Ash), but now, even with a full house (and we’re hoping to get one) nobody’s going hungry. If that wasn’t enough, Joel, the manager, offered emmaus Brighton as a venue for a future event. How great is that! If you haven’t been to emmaus do, it’s more than a huge charity shop: it’s got a great cafe, outside seating, grounds to explore, places to chill and relax, friendly people and a really nice vibe running through it. A beautiful place to spend time on a summer evening. Eating soup 🙂

We also had Emma @ Sainsburys West Hove helping us and Hilary arranging for allotment vegetables. That and with the goodies people are bringing with them, we really are sorted for food. In fact we’re pretty much good to go with food, drink & entertainment. Now time to decide on the projects. So we finished the week meeting Proposers (Entrepreneurs? Pitchers? What do we call them? Suggestions?). Really nice people with great projects and more to meet with this week. We’re closing for submissions soon, but still time if you’re interested – Just be quick!

Not everyone gets a mention, but a big thanks to everyone helping us out.

Team Soup

…and then there was music!

We’re so gob-smackingly delighted to announce that young folk singer Georgia Lewis will be playing for us at our inaugural Soup on the 19th. Georgia has offered to play solo as her fiddler, Rowan Piggott, won’t be back from playing in Ireland on time. What a star 🙂

We hope they can – and guitarist Felix Miller – can join us next time. In the meantime you can check them out at Georgia Lewis & Friends. Hope to see you on the 19th.

A Very Pleased Team Soup


If everyone who has said they’re coming turns up, it’s going to be a packed house – with one happy project getting a cash boost. Though it isn’t just about the money. We hope to bring together those starting projects with those wanting to get involved. Maybe those with some spare time and lots of energy. Or those with bigger pockets. And let’s face it, those that just love soup.

That’s the beauty, you don’t just get to vote for a project you like, you could find yourself getting involved in one. Utilising your own skills or learning new ones. Doesn’t even have to be the winning project, you could help one of the other projects that interested you. Inspiration could hit you with an idea of your own or get together with another Souper to start something. Limitless possibilities, just for turning up.

And speaking of projects, we’ve had another submission and some enquiries so it looks like we’ll have no trouble filling the four slots. We’ve also had a really kind offer from Alan the Printer for some free posters, how cool is that! We’ll be out and about putting them up somewhere near you later this week.

BrightonSoup @ Portslade, an opportunity for all to get involved. Eating good food, bumping into friends and neighbours, meeting new people and maybe having some fun along the way.  Who wouldn’t want to be there?

The BrightonSoup Team

A busy week

Well last week was a busy one, but a good one too.

We confirmed the venue/date and let the ticket site go live. We sold our first tickets, a great relief as it won’t be just us eating soup and pitching ideas to each other in a big empty room. We had a glitch when someone tried to buy a ticket and it wouldn’t accept cards – only PayPal. We ticked the “Paypal” option to give people more choice, but it seems Eventbrite doesn’t work that way. Most annoying.

Well we’re new to this and we knew it wouldn’t all go perfectly – we’ve learnt something for next time. So we’ve added options to pay by bank transfer or cheque. And you can always call and we’ll sort something out.

We’ve managed to get some major soup help too: Tom, who runs the awesome Soup Dept is making us a huge pot of soup on the night – you know it will be delicious :). We’re also talking to a local chef who may be helping too, with something hot and spicy. We’ve also had confirmation of attendees bringing some of their own food to share so we just might end up with variety of food for all different tastes. Fantastic!

And if that wasn’t enough to qualify for a good week, we’ve also received our first project submissions – and they are exactly the kind of ideas we want. We’re tempted to tell you about them now, but it’s probably best we wait until nearer the time if not the night itself.

So a really good week and only 6 more to go.

The BrightonSoup Team

And the venue is…

South Portslade Community Centre on Church Road will be the venue for our inaugural Soup event on 19th June. The venue is confirmed, the event has been set up on Facebook and Streetlife. Now all we need to do is get organised 🙂

Next item on the list is projects! This first event is about projects in Portslade and nearby, but you’re still welcome even if you’re not a local. We hope to take BrightonSoup around our city and maybe you could help us make it happen. Why not come along and get involved?

So if you have an idea for a project in Portslade, or you know someone who does, and you’d like a small cash injection to help get things started. Then apply right now and you could be one of the projects on our opening night.

It can be a business, a free service, a workshop. Something to make Portslade look nicer like tidying up one of our parks or planting flowers, or offering free haircuts to local care homes. The only rule is that it has to benefit the Portslade community in some way.

I know it’s been said before by cooler people, but what are you waiting for?

The BrightonSoup Team



Almost there…

We’ve been checking out venues in Portslade this week and designing our first leaflet – and both are almost ready. As all the donations taken on the door will go to the winning project, we must raise funds separately to cover other costs such as venue hire, so we need to be thrifty. 

We had our sights set on the Portslade Village Centre. Our kids have attended youth clubs there over the years and we used it for charity fund raising a long time ago. Its a lovely venue, but they’re unable to host new events there at the moment so we have to look elsewhere.

Portslade Town Hall is big with lots of character, but it’s out of our price range. You also pay extra for the kitchen – and we want warm food don’t we? It’s a really nice place, though.

We also looked at the Mile Oak Community Centre which is smaller, but with lots of windows. Be great for a daytime event. Its more affordable and they don’t charge for the kitchen. It does have a lot of very small chairs though. 🙂

So far the favourite is South Portslade Community Centre. It’s the least expensive of all with no kitchen charge – a real plus – and it’s a really nice building. Our first corporate donation will probably cover the rental. It’s available most Fridays so all we need to do is decide on a date.

As for the leaflet, we like it. We’ll put a copy up in the next couple of days and you can lets us know if you do.

More soon.

The BrightonSoup Team