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If everyone who has said they’re coming turns up, it’s going to be a packed house – with one happy project getting a cash boost. Though it isn’t just about the money. We hope to bring together those starting projects with those wanting to get involved. Maybe those with some spare time and lots of energy. Or those with bigger pockets. And let’s face it, those that just love soup.

That’s the beauty, you don’t just get to vote for a project you like, you could find yourself getting involved in one. Utilising your own skills or learning new ones. Doesn’t even have to be the winning project, you could help one of the other projects that interested you. Inspiration could hit you with an idea of your own or get together with another Souper to start something. Limitless possibilities, just for turning up.

And speaking of projects, we’ve had another submission and some enquiries so it looks like we’ll have no trouble filling the four slots. We’ve also had a really kind offer from Alan the Printer for some free posters, how cool is that! We’ll be out and about putting them up somewhere near you later this week.

BrightonSoup @ Portslade, an opportunity for all to get involved. Eating good food, bumping into friends and neighbours, meeting new people and maybe having some fun along the way.  Who wouldn’t want to be there?

The BrightonSoup Team