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All our feedback, good and bad, OnRequest.

Just before our next soup event, we thought we’d share the feedback from our last event – good and bad. We wanted to open it up so anyone could add to it. Maybe you didn’t get time on the night. Or you couldn’t make it, but still have something to say.

So we’re trying out a funky new social app called OnRequest that’s being developed right here in Brighton. It’s about ideas instead of people and it can take a little time to get your bearing, but worth the effort, One of the cool things is that as it’s in development you can get a hands on Skype tutorial from the OnRequest team, right here in Brighton. As you use it you can pass suggestions to them that could be added – if they’re good ones :).

If you want to try it our, go to OnRequest.org and use the browser version or download it to your phone. Then search for BrightonSoup @ Portslade and check out all the feedback. And add any ideas of your own. It’s worth trying out.

Hope to see you Friday.

Team Soup

And the venue is…

South Portslade Community Centre on Church Road will be the venue for our inaugural Soup event on 19th June. The venue is confirmed, the event has been set up on Facebook and Streetlife. Now all we need to do is get organised 🙂

Next item on the list is projects! This first event is about projects in Portslade and nearby, but you’re still welcome even if you’re not a local. We hope to take BrightonSoup around our city and maybe you could help us make it happen. Why not come along and get involved?

So if you have an idea for a project in Portslade, or you know someone who does, and you’d like a small cash injection to help get things started. Then apply right now and you could be one of the projects on our opening night.

It can be a business, a free service, a workshop. Something to make Portslade look nicer like tidying up one of our parks or planting flowers, or offering free haircuts to local care homes. The only rule is that it has to benefit the Portslade community in some way.

I know it’s been said before by cooler people, but what are you waiting for?

The BrightonSoup Team