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Shauna Pentony!

Well we’re running on a skeleton crew at the moment so not much in the way of posts and mailshots lately, but we do have a some cool news to share:

We’re very pleased to announce that the very talented Shauna Pentony will be performing at our upcoming BrightonSoup @ St Luke’s on the 29th.

Shauna is a 20 year old singer/songwriter with an angelic, captivating voice. Originally from Northern Ireland, she’s been living in Brighton for a couple of years studying English literature and creative writing and is just about to start a degree course at the Brighton BIMM (British & Irish Modern Music Institute).

In her own words: “I have always had a keen interest in music from when I was a young age and so played the violin for just over 10 years. I began playing the guitar aged 15 and started writing my own songs not long after. I have loved every moment since and getting the opportunity to support something as amazing as Brighton SOUP and getting to perform some original songs and covers is amazing! So I hope everyone enjoys and I can’t wait to see everyone there!!”

Shauna is being nice about us, but then she’s been a guest at our soup events – so she knows. And when I say guest, I mean she helped move tables, put up signs and be useful. So it’s a special treat for us as having her play.

If you’re already coming along on the 29th you can catch her performance on the night, if you’re not then get a ticket :).

In the meantime you can learn more about Shauna at ShaunaPentonyMusic.

We’re really looking forward to next week!

Team Soup

School’s Out!

You probably noticed we’ve taken a little break, then again it seems everyone else did too. Just saying. Well schools out and the weather’s just been too good.

We can’t stay away for too long though, so we’re pleased to let you know our next event will be on Friday 29th September @ St Luke’s Church, Brighton – near Seven Dials. If you haven’t been it’s a lovely place and currently undergoing renovations to make it even nicer for us. Well, not specifically for us, but we shall benefit from them :).

So if you interested in attending you can get tickets as usual, and we’re open for project submissions until Wed 6th Sept.

Hope to see you there!

Team Soup


A Fun filled May!

We are all excited for our upcoming Soup at One Church on the 26th May and being part of the Any Other Business week of events, bringing together social and charitable organisations across our city. There’s plenty of fun community events – most of them free – so we thought we’d mention a couple.

Florence Road Farmer’s Market

The AOB week kicks off at 10 am on Saturday 20th May with the Florence Road Farmer’s Market, hosted by our friends at One Church. With a variety of delicious local foods to get stuck into: from fresh, ethical fish to sourdough breads, farm-direct meat and olive oil – as well as street food and speciality coffee.

The market helps build strong local relationships with weekly shoppers that keep the market going, and vulnerable people served by One Church Brighton who work within the market. This sounds right up our street, combining yummy food with community togetherness! A great way to start the AOB week.

Funding and Fundraising

If you’re interested in fund-raising advice, then Funding and Fundraising – hosted by Brighton Dome & Brighton Festival – could be perfect for you.

Can you think of one great piece of fundraising advice you’ve been given? Something that has really helped your cause. Or would you like to hear tips from others fundraisers? Well Chris Llewellyn of the CriSeren Foundation and Stephen Chamberlain from the Sussex Community Foundation will be there talking about working with supporters, raising money for the local community and working in partnership.

This sounds like a great event to gain knowledge and share experience in fundraising! Its at the The Basement, Kensington Street from 5pm – 6:30 pm. So come along, get some advice, give some advice and get connected.

For details and tickets to these and other AOB events visit AOB EventBrite. And you can get tickets for ours here.

We hope to see you at some of these wonderful events in May,  and at our next Soup!

Team Soup

We took it to The Bridge

Wow, I think we had another great Soup. The run up is always nerve-wracking; will all the guests turn up, how much will we raise, will any of the projects drop out, will the entertainer make it, will we run out of soup? We always worry, but it always seems to turn out well. It must be down to the ingredients.  Firstly the passionate people who pitch great projects, to the wonderfully enthusiastic people volunteering, and then topped with the awesome warm and generous people who attend our events.

Like Matt Brabner, who persuaded his boss and colleagues at Natural Balances to dedicate their Bright10 run to  previous pitchers, Rhythmix. How great is that, and completely in the spirit of BrightonSoup. It’s always such a great crowd at our events, all wanting to be part of something bigger and to support each other. It was great to see that two thirds of you were attending your first Soup!

As usual it was really hard to decide on who to vote for. We had great impassioned pitches from Debbie for Cook and Creche, helping people eat healthy on a budget – with child care 2016-09-23-213025-088-sla-copyincluded; Xavier with republic, helping the hardest to reach young people learn a skill, gain confidence and get work – all through coffee; Duncan from Brighton Bike Hub about his DIY community workshop cycle repair project, where volunteers and users help each other. In the end it was Elaine from The Hummingbird Project – who plans to encourage local folk to foster unaccompanied children from the Calais refugee camps – who got the vote and takes £462 in door money and donations.

You can find out more about each of the projects ad how to contact them here.

Julian from Free Uni Brighton, winner of our last event at Emmaus, came back to tell us how they’ve gotten on since then and how the money you gave them has helped them to continue giving free education for all regardless of your ability to pay. If you want to do some learning of your own, Forensic Crime or Latin maybe, then get in touch.

2016-09-23-210302-1279-wca-copyAs always we like you to be entertained with some musical genius, and we had the talented Harry Osborne performing some of his songs. Some deep, jazzy and some funky, I think we speak for everyone when we say it was superb. Thanks Harry!

We also met the guys from Middlesbrough Soup hope4boro! It’s always great to meet fellow Soupers and share our learning and experiences – we picked up some great suggestions. Obviously we we’re super busy on the night but it was good to have you there so thanks for coming, 2016-09-23-185125-026-sla-copyWe hope to be up your way soon. We visited Ely Soup a while back and we’re definitely keen to get out more and attend other soups. Soup Love!

And speaking of soup love, a big thanks to our awesome soup makers; we had another 5 tasty soups to try out. Tom from The Soup Dept couldn’t be there again, but gave us soup anyway. Lizzie and Sam came back again and we had a BrightonSoup newcomer Connie, who works at The Bridge Kitchen. All were souper amazing, so check out what deliciousness they made us here.

2016-09-23-204522-0424-cda-copySo many people helped contribute to this event, whether it was people bringing along food to share or local businesses donating raffle prizes, so lets have a little appreciation and check out our contributors section for details.

A special mention has to go to Sam and her team at The Bridge – who invited us over, let us use their lovely space and and made us feel really, really welcome. And they gave us two delicious soups too. Thanks!

2016-09-23-213327-0510-cda-copyAmong the many first timers at Friday’s Soup was Pete West, Mayor of Brighton & Hove. It was great he took the time to join us and had some very lovely heartfelt words to say at the end of the night. Supporting what we try to achieve at BrightonSoup and to all the projects and people that are involved. He’s already asked to be kept in the loop for our next events, so he can join us again. Is BrightonSoup addictive?

Next up we’re back at Community Base in central Brighton on the 2nd December, so save the date and more details will follow. But to finish up, we’d like to say again a big thank you to everyone involved. Without you all we wouldn’t be able to keep going.

Till next time you souperstars,

  • To see the full details on the event, who the contributors were and how you can get involved with any of the projects check out the event archive page.
  • You can check out the event photos on facebook album, so get tagging 🙂

Team Soup


BrightonSoup @ Emmaus

BS6 Event Poster @ Emmaus 01.07.2016In June of last year we held our very first BrightonSoup event in Portslade. So it’s the perfect place for us to celebrate our 1st Birthday.

This time we’re hosting it BrightonSoup @ Emmaus! They helped us from the start, cooking up a tasty soup for us and and offering to host a future event. Having spent many hours there we knew it should be a summer bash, so after having hosted events around our city, we’re delighted to be back in Portslade on Friday 1st July.

If you haven’t visited Emmaus then you really should, it’s more than a huge charity shop: it’s got the Revival Cafe, outside seating, lush grounds to explore, places to chill and relax, friendly people and a really nice vibe running through it. A beautiful place to spend time on a summer evening. Eating soup and doing good :).

If you want to join us (and we really think you should) tickets are now available. It’s only £4 and all the ticket money goes to the winning pitch. It’s a smaller venue than our recent ones so spaces will be limited.

Hope to see you there.

Team Soup

Ditzy & Tickets

Well this time next week the excitement will be over and we’ll all know how the pitchers did. Who did you vote for?

If you’ve already got a ticket we’ll be sending out some handy info to you later this week, good things to know before you come along. Especially if this is your first soup event or first time at this lovely venue.

We’re expecting a bumper crowd so if you haven’t got a ticket yet we do hope to have some on the door Friday. However we won’t know for sure until the online ticket office closes Thursday – so if you don’t want to risk missing out, please book your ticket Thursday latest.

Before we go though, we’d like to introduce you to Ditzy, the latest member of Team Soup. Technically she’s Angel’s, but she’s also our new unofficial mascot (and yeah, missed a trick not calling her Buffy). Ditzy is cute and and very small, but in the photo it’s a very big teacup. She’s already disrupted the pitch training session, but she’s still too little to come to a big noisy soup event.

We’re hoping she can come along to the next one. And that you can make it to this one.

Team Soup

There probably won’t be a Dr in the house!

Well the pitchers for our Crypt event have been selected and will soon be getting themselves psyched and ready to take you on! Well, more likely wondering what they’re going to say to get you interested in voting for them, but that doesn’t sound so enthusiastic. 🙂 Help will be at hand though as our favourite Community Organisers will again be giving our hopefuls some valuable presentation training.

So pitchers sorted, chef’s lined up, everything is falling into place. We just need to tell you about the entertainment. We said we were changing it up this time and we are, but we hope in a good way. This time we are delighted to announce that the multi award winning, local legend, Dr David Bramwell, creator and host of Brighton’s famous Catalyst Club (now in its 12th year), will be amusing us.

Performer, radio presenter, author, freelance writer, podcaster, lecturer, ex-teacher and musician:  is there nothing this man cannot do? Well, medical stuff, he’s not a real doctor. Apart from that it’s insane how much this one man does. You can find out more about the man and the legend here, but please be aware that he may have written some of the things there himself.

So if you want to see what projects we have this time, taste the delicious food and catch the entertainment, here’s the bit where gently remind you to get a ticket. Or nag you – depends on you’re mood today. We really hope you can make it.

DSCF8465And finally, if you were lucky enough to catch Georgia Lewis when she performed at our very first soup last year, then you know what a delightful voice she has. Well she’ll be guesting on this weeks radio spot and bringing her fiddle player Rowan along with her to perform a couple of tracks and chat. Tune in to 1BrightonFM on Thursday @ 1pm.

So not long now, have a fun week.

Team Soup

One more sleep…

With one more sleep before our big BrightonSoup event at Community Base, there was a hive of activity here at Soup HQ! And we’re all very tired. Posters, signs, badges, flowers, bowls, spoons, it’s all ready to go now.

Across Brighton our contributors are no doubt doing their own stuff. Chefs are preparing their soups (with several gluten free and vegan choices). Pitchers are practising their pitches with last minute tweaks, And the musicians are, we can only assume, harmonising. 🙂

All in preparation for what’s looking to be our biggest turnout yet. We still have tickets left, but not many. They’re available online until midday tomorrow and any remaining after that will be on the door in the evening. If you haven’t done so already and you don’t want to risk missing out, then book your ticket.

If you’re worried about parking, don’t be. There’s an NCP car park right by the venue and it’s only £4 for the night after 5pm. So it looks like the only thing left to worry about is bracing yourself for a fun evening tomorrow.

Doors open 6pm, pitches start 7pm.

See you there!

Team Soup

#TEDxBrighton & Deliberations

Well a busy end to October! We spent Friday at #TEDxBrighton, and if you’ve never been we recomend it. Inspiring speakers, lovely people to chat to and some great music. Add delicious food and a public vote and it could be a BrightonSoup event 🙂

We were busy at our Ideas Lab stand telling people about BrightonSoup and what we do. Some joined our mailing list or bought tickets. Quite a few played our silly Name the Soup game. Impressed how many got them all right – without guessing! We’ve put a photo up in case you want to try it yourself (the hard to read ones are Mulligatawny & Pumpkin Soup).

And Friday was also project deadline day, so first thing Saturday we met to decide which 4 projects would be pitching at our next soup event? Not an easy task as they’re all worth funding. We had help though, we invited previous winners to be part of the committe.

The deliberations took place at the emmaus cafe in Portslade. And with very little fighting the committee decided on the final projects to present at @ Community Base on the Nov 20th. Thanks for the help, especially those who took time out from carving pumpkins, and in one case their birthday. objects-0207

With projects, chefs and musicians at the ready and less than 3 weeks to go, it might be time to get yourself a ticket.

Team Soup


September 26, 2015

community base logoWe’ve got our next soup planned and it’s going to be held @ Community Base on Friday 20th November 2015.

For those of you that don’t know, Community Base is a “truly multicultural community centre” in the heart of Brighton, and they provide a home for voluntary groups across the city. So we’re chuffed to be holding an event there, up on the 5th floor with great views across the city.

Now, who wants a ticket?

Team Soup