Frequently Asked (and mostly planted) Questions

Well how does it work?

Come to our Soup event, pay £5 entry and, if you can, bring some food to share. Once settled we all listen to 4 people each give a a short pitch for a community project they are passionate about. You get to ask a few questions, then we all eat, chat, discuss the projects, socialise, meet new people listen to some music and then vote on which project we liked best, The winner gets all the ticket money. Might not be much, but hopefully enough to get something started or keep something going.

Are kids allowed?

Yep, the whole family is welcome. If they can make a decision for themselves, they can vote.

How much does it cost?

£5 entry for anyone over 12 years old. £3 if younger. Free if they’re under 2.

Can I pay more?

Okay, we planted this question, but we wanted to let you know the entry fee is simply a minimum. You can donate more if you wish. If we haven’t mentioned it before, all the ticket money goes directly to the winning project.

Does all the ticket money really go to the project?

Yes it does, that’s the whole point. To make sure of this we all have to pay for the venue hire and provide the food and drinks ourselves. Local business contribute money, food and raffle prizes.

We have an open books so policy which means all the income and outgoings will be published here on our website. It will also be available at events.

If I help out do I still need a ticket?

Yes, everyone needs a ticket – it gets you soup, entertainment and a vote. All the organisers, volunteers, people pitching. Well, except for kids under 2. Even if they’re helping out. Or pitching. You never know.

Do we listen to a lot of pitches?

Not at all! There are only 4 proposals lasting 4 minutes each with a few questions from the audience. This section shouldn’t take long. Then we can eat 🙂

When do we eat?

Right after the pitches. This is when we all get a chance to talk about the ideas and meet others before we vote. You can also find out more about BrightonSoup and maybe get inspired and think of your own idea!

Is it just soup?

Who doesn’t love soup? Okay, but it is a really cheap way of feeding a lot of people.

So it’s mainly soup, but it’s a pot luck event where people bring food to share. So you never know what you’re going to get – though we expect it to be delicious. 🙂 It’s not compulsory to bring something, but If you can, please do. Bake something or buy something, it’s all good. Especially things that don’t need to be stored in the fridge like bread, cake and biscuits.

Remember though, it’s less about the menu and more about everyone getting involved.

Will there be alcohol?

There will be no bar, buy you can bring your own to drink. Otherwise we will be offering soft drinks, teas and coffees.

What kind of community projects?

All ideas are welcome: a business, free service, workshop or some way of making your local environment better, nicer, cleaner. It could be educational, artistic, inspirational, purely functional or just desperately needed. We don’t limit, we just pick four of the best ones. As long as it is charitable and benefits the local people in some way, we consider it.

I have a great idea, how do I submit?

Right here.

When do I have to submit by?

The closing date for submitting projects is 3 weeks before the event date. Enough time for us to look over the projects, chat to the potential presenters and then decide. And enough time for you to then prepare.

Who decides which projects?

We have a small diverse committee that decide which 4 projects pitch at our events. They don’t meet the presenters and work off the written submissions and supplementary info provided at interview.

How many proposals are you taking?

We need 4 for the event. Just enough to discuss before eating – and we all have really short attention spans. If your project doesn’t get selected first time you can re-submit for following events.

How do I present?

You just stand up for 4 minutes and explain what the project is, how it benefits people and how the money will help. Then answer a few follow-up questions. If you’re passionate about the project then there’s a good chance we will be too.

Can I use a video or slide show?

Nope, we like it old school. You just stand up and talk. Or if you’re really shy, get someone to do it for you. You can bring some posters and leaflets to put out, but for your presentation no electronics. You can bring a prop, artwork or costume if it helps.

What if my project uses technology?

Let us know and we’ll talk about it.

I am a local artist/performer and I would love to share my work, can I?

We like to have acoustic musical entertainment so that would be great. We also want the place to look nice so you’re welcome to come along and hang your art up. You may even sell something. Get in touch here if you want to get involved.

Can I donate money to Brighton SOUP?

Yes please! To ensure all the ticket money goes to the winning project, we have to cover everything else ourselves. We’re all volunteers so any donations would be gladly received to help cover our costs. Please register your interest here .

Can I help you do this?

Absolutely! This is a new venture for us so every pair of hands is welcome! You can register your interest here, just let us know what skills or time you have to donate.

Can I take photos and/or video?

Of course, it’s a public event, and the more people see or hear about it the better. Blog, Instagram, vine, facebook, youtube, vimeo, tweet, tap dance, party page it, whatever, just help spread the soup. I think you get it!

But please be mindful of anyone who doesn’t want to be filmed or photographed. Not everyone embraces the new digital age.

Why should I get involved?

Have you not been reading? How are you not excited about attending, submitting or helping out? Did you just jump straight to this question? Now go back and do it properly.

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