BrightonSoup ONLINE – Thursday 17th June 2021

For our latest BrightonSoup event we went online for the second time.

The success and feedback from our first online Soup in March meant we decided to go online again, rather than wait longer for a real life Soup. Even though many are now hitting ‘peak Zoom’ a Zoom Soup is way better than most video meetings :), and we had a lovely turnout for a June evening.

We raised £445.75 from ticket sales and prize fund donations and 100% of Zoom Soupers gave the evening 4 or 5 stars. We had some people brand new to BrightonSoup as well as some who have been at every Soup since our very first one. So a really wonderful mix of people all contributing and quizzing the projects on their pitches before hitting the online voting.

Sue Hunter from The HIV Hour delivered the winning pitch and received £445.75 which will enable Sue and the team of volunteers to rent studio space so they can continue with their weekly broadcast on Radio Reverb.

So a massive thank you to everyone who bought tickets, pitched and helped in numerous ways, we will be holding another Soup soon!

Meanwhile, read on for details of all the pitches, and watch the videos if you missed them. You can also donate to BrightonSoup or any of the projects using the Donate button below.

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Previous Winner

To set the scene and show how previous winners of BrightonSoup funding have used the money and support from Soupers, we heard from Jacob Berkson of Thousand 4 £1000 who won in March for his project Broadband for Asylum Seekers.

The Projects & Pitchers

A huge thanks to all the pitchers taking part on the night, especially for pitching over zoom, we couldn’t do it without you!

Read on for info and contact details of all the projects. You can also rewatch all the pitches. As always, these projects are still looking for support. Not just money, but time, equipment and hands on help. If you can assist in any way, then please get in touch with them directly (details below), donate via Paypal or use our contact form.

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A unique Community Radio Show run by volunteers who are HIV themselves. 

The show is for people living with or affected by HIV. Sue, Josh, Tony and Stephen deliver a vital service to the local community and further afield. 

Being a great resource for information and the promotion of local HIV organisations  and charities also tackling stigma and giving essential support for people living with HIV. We encourage listeners to talk about their own experiences to help with isolation and prejudice.  Keeping listeners updated on the latest HIV treatment advancements. 

Watch the pitch

Contacts: Sue Hunter, Josh Sharples

Email: The HIV Hour 


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Trauma Sensitive Yoga Class for Women

A weekly trauma informed yoga class for all who identify as women. A safe  space and supportive yoga class run on a donations basis at Brighton Natural Health Centre.   

Sarah is a 500 + hour certified yoga teacher and senior teacher with the Vajrasati yoga school in Brighton.  She has completed a Trauma Sensitive teaching course and is qualified to teach in high security environments after completing training with the Prison Phoenix Trust. She has taught people from all different backgrounds and abilities. Before teaching full time Sarah was a support worker for many years, helping people with complex support needs. 

Watch the pitch

Contact: Sarah Pailthorpe



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Being of Sound Health 

Being of Sound Health is a holistic intervention for schools that uses the therapeutic sound of singing bowls, gong, percussion, and voice, alongside breath and body movements.  It is particularly useful for children with Special Educational Needs as it is sensory based.   

Using sound therapeutically is very calming to the automatic nervous system, lowering cortisol levels and slowing the heart rate. The harmonics of the Himalayan bowls, the steady rhythm of a drum, and singing gentle, repetitive songs, has the ability to lower brain wave activity and synchronise the left and right hemispheres of the brain. The resulting harmonizing of the body’s energy system allows for increased focus, creativity, and emotional connection and regulation, reduced anxiety, and a softening of tension in the body – following the same response meditators experience. Sound Meditation is particularly beneficial for people with SEN as they receive the benefits of meditating without the need for following instructions. 

Watch the pitch

Contact: Joanna McEwen


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Flock Theatre Makers – There’s a Tiger In The Garden: Theatre For Children and Families 

This Summer, Flock Theatre presents THERE’S A TIGER IN THE GARDEN, a theatrical adaptation of Lizzy Stewart’s prizewinning Children’s Book for young audiences on the Sussex coast. Created by four Brighton theatre-makers, the work is targeted at families and children age 3-8 who, for the past year, have had no access to the creative events typical of the early years landscape. The performance aims to benefit families by providing playful and safe ways to engage in high quality artistic activity and bond beyond the stress of the pandemic. We are actively targeting families who may experience marginalisation providing free tickets to shows in their community. Using puppetry, imaginative design and music – audiences will be invited to join Nora to discover dragonflies as big as her head, plants that can eat you (and your toy giraffe) whole, a polar bear that likes fishing and maybe, just possibly, a tiger in the garden.  

Watch the pitch

Contact: Freya Wynn-Jones



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Music – Phil Wake

A brilliant set from Phil Wake kept us all entertained after the pitches and gave the added benefit of a proper professional drum roll for announcing the winner. Thanks Phil for playing to a laptop full of faces rather than a room full of people.

Soup & Bread

We normally have a choice of soups to choose on the night, but as we can’t dispense soup over the internet we sent out a delicious Soup recipe from Tom Chadd and a flat bread recipe from Simon Cobb, both illustrated by Darren Menezes.

You can watch the video again or just download the recipes below.

Raffle Donations

We normally have a raffle on the evening, which helps raise money for the running of BrightonSoup, but that just isn’t possible online (yet!).

So if you would like to support us direct to help ensure we can have real-life Soups in the future you can donate to us here

Donate Button

The money raised would helps us cover the cost of hosting our events so that all the ticket income and donations can go to the winner.


A big thanks to: 

  • Lynne Lester-George, Ellie Birch, Tom Chadd and Simon Cobb for being the project selection committee.
  • Tom Chadd for creating the soup and self filming in the confines of his Soup Department van!
  • Simon Cobb of The Stoneham Bakehouse for his easy flat bread recipe.
  • Darren Menezes for illustrating the soup and bread recipes.
  • Jacob Berkson at Thousand 4 £1000 for sharing the impact of winning Soup funding.
  • Phil Wake for the brilliant music, and live drum roll.
  • Everyone else who helped, with technical set up, advice and moral support!

Forgive us if we missed anyone out. Just let us know so we can update the page.

Team Soup

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