BrightonSoup ONLINE – Friday 05th March 2021

For our 21st BrightonSoup event we went online for the very first time.

Our last in-person Soup was in December 2019, and the pandemic meant we could not hold a Soup for the whole of 2020. However, we had heard that some fellow Soups (there are many across the UK and internationally) had held online versions of a Soup evening, so we thought we would give it a go…

Team Soup embarked on getting to know how Zoom worked for large groups and seeing how we could recreate as much of one of our evenings as possible. We couldn’t do it all – but on Friday 05th March a quite nervous Team Soup went live with over 100 people joining us to hear four fantastic pitches, see some soup being made and listen to live music.

Zoom can never recreate the same feeling of being together, but we raised a record amount (over £550) and 95% of everyone who attended said the evening was fabulous or good! So a massive thank you everyone who bought tickets, pitched and helped in numerous ways, we will be holding another virtual Soup soon!

Meanwhile, read on for details of the pitches, and watch the videos if you missed them. You can also donate to BrightonSoup or any of the projects using the Donate button below.

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To keep in touch and hear about the next events you can join our mailing list.

Previous Winners

To set the scene and show how previous winners of BrightonSoup funding have used the money and support from Soupers, we heard from Chris de Banks of We are Not Saints.

Established in 2018, We Are Not Saints is a platform for musicians in recovery from addiction, to re-discover their creativity and find their way to be active in music, without having to face the dangers presented to them in conventional music scenes.

Chris shared his story and what has happened since he won the Soup funding in 2019.

The Projects & Pitchers

A huge thanks to all the pitchers taking part on the night, especially for pitching over zoom, we couldn’t do it without you!

Jacob Berkson delivered a passionate pitch and won £551.88 in donations for the Broadband for Asylum Seekers project to provide much needed broadband in houses in Brighton used to accommodate asylum seekers.

Read on for info and contact details of all the projects. As always, these projects are still looking for support. Not just money, but time, equipment and hands on help. If you can assist in any way, then please get in touch with them directly (details below), donate via Paypal or use our contact form.

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THE WINNER – Broadband for Asylum Seekers 

We are a small local charity, seeking funds to provide broadband for the rented houses used by the Home Office to accommodate asylum seekers in Brighton & Hove. Until recently, there were no asylum seekers placed here, but at the end of 2019, four rented houses were set up, shared by 29 people. We hear that there will soon be seven more houses, bringing the number of people placed here to around 70. Without internet access, it is very difficult for people to contact their lawyers, friends, family, or anyone they need to talk to. As one of the residents put it, “all my life is online and I can’t afford credit. The little money [£37.50/week] only buys food”. 

Watch the pitch

Contact: Jacob Berkson



Donate Button

Hear the humour, passions and creativity of learning disabled people. 

In 2021 the show will feature sci-fi radio dramas by learning disabled writers, trips to imaginary sound forest Foley Woods, and surreal, funny and hard-hitting work from our poets.  At a challenging time for society, Carousel Radio will introduce and reconnect audiences, artists and communities through the sharing of diverse voices and stories. 

Carousel Radio challenges prejudices which lead to bullying, discrimination and inequality. To support Carousel Radio is to stand up for a fairer world, where society treats disabled people as equals.  

Watch the pitch

Contact: Dave Lavis



Donate Button

Survivors’ Network Homeopathy Project 

This project delivers homeopathic treatment to adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse, rape and sexual assault. The project has been running at Survivors’ Network, the rape crisis centre for Sussex, since 2018. There are 3 x three hour clinics with nine to 10 consultations a month. All appointments have continued throughout the lockdowns and currently take place online. It is a donation only project therefore it is accessible to people who many not usually be able to afford treatment or who need long term treatment. Homeopathy is used to support survivors through various mental, emotional and physical health issues that are caused or triggered by their abuse.  The types of ailments that people want help with range from insomnia & panic attacks to fibromyalgia & ME. 

Watch the pitch

Contact: Tara Lavelle



Donate Button

Making in the City

Making in The City is a 12-week art project partnering with Antifreeze, a Brighton based homeless charity. The project will explore new ways to make art more accessible and to support homeless people through creativity. The project will focus on making art in small groups, in environments chosen with the participants. This will allow an opportunity to give the participants a voice to collaborate, design and create a bespoke project, a chance to discover and experiment with creative ideas, whilst being supported in a safer space.  

Watch the pitch

Contact: Lucy Mytton 



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Music – HUNI

The wonderful HUNI, who all live together, were able to perform live from their front room, even with a slightly shaky broadband, and keep us all wonderfully entertained whilst the voting took place.

You can hear more of HUNI here and here


We normally have a choice of soups to choose on the night, but as we can’t dispense soup over the internet we sent out a delicious Soup recipe from Joe Gray, and illustrated by Darren Menezes.

It was great to see many people tucking in, as is tradition, whilst the voting was taking place.

You can watch the video again or just download the recipe below.

Raffle Donations

We normally have a raffle on the evening, which helps raise money for the running of BrightonSoup, but that just wasn’t technically possible on this occasion.

So if you would like to support us direct to help ensure we can have real-life Soups in the future you can donate to us here

Donate Button

The money raised would helps us cover the cost of hosting our events so that all the ticket income and donations can go to the winner.


A big thanks to: 

  • Olivia Canham, Theresa Gomersall, Jes Bailey, Joe Gray, Nicola Keene for being the project selection committee.
  • Joe Gray for creating the soup and managing to video it in lockdown!
  • Darren Menezes for illustrating the soup recipe.
  • Jes Bailey for doing a brilliant live tweet along.
  • Chris de Banks at We Are Not Saints for sharing the impact of winning Soup funding.
  • Charlie and HUNI for the fab music, sound checks and moving equipment closer to the router.
  • Caroline and the team at Bradford Soup and Louisa at Liverpool Soup for advice and inspiration to help us go online.
  • Everyone else who helped, with technical set up, advice and moral support!

Forgive us if we missed anyone out. Just let us know so we can update the page.

Team Soup

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